Location: London, United Kingdom
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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 139 lbs - 63 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 27

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About Me

Come join me on the mats.
You won’t know what’s hit you.

I am extremely fit, quick, agile, fucking flexible & energetic. On top of all that I am jolly good fun!

Check my wrestling testimonials here;

If you think can take me on, you are wrong, but of course, you should come find out for yourself.

My private central London studio is fitted with high quality mats so we can really go all out.
I love to travel. If you are not from UK, don't cry. Just cover my flights & expenses & I will have you in a rear naked choke in no time. Simple!

I love to get a sweat on, I love to feel you wiggle & squirm, I love to hear you shriek as I bend your body into ways it shouldn’t, I love to see you tremble when you realise you are on a loosing streak, with no place to go but trapped in-between my thighs.

I am an expert in role-play. No role is too outlandish pour moi! I will lead you into a new world, & there is no going back. I love a weird & whacky unexplored role-play scenario. This is your chance to get creative. Send me your outrageously kinky ideas for a role-play wrestling session with me.

Through my technique, flexibility, strength & natural ability, I will remove your desire to fight back.

I do not wrestle topless or nude. Any reasonable wardrobe requests will be considered.

NO sexual activities. That means NO sex, NO BJ, NO hand relief. NO intimate body worship. kNOw your place.

Ciao losers!

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Ana is an amazing combination of your favorite supermodel, the girl next door that you could never get enough time with and the best session wrestler you can think of. She looks stunning. In a black mini dress and heels, her legs looked long and powerful. Once wrapped around your body, those same legs are wickedly strong and Ana seriously knows how to use them. As wonderful as it is to be trapped between them, tapping is essential. She has amazing energy and an attitude that is fun yet a bit evil all at the same time. Her body is amazing - long limbs with shocking strength. The session was semi-competitive with many submissions from her stunning scissors, deadly chokes and painful arm bars. She’s incredibly intelligent and articulate, easy to arrange a session with and truly gorgeous. Find a way to get to London and have a session with her! You won’t regret it.


This was my second session in a few months with Goddess Anastaxia. She has grown stronger, more confident and more skilled. Our session was all based on wrestling with me trying very, very hard to resist her moves and prevent myself from submitting to her. That was, of course, the plan. Plans don’t work with Anastaxia. Within seconds of starting, I found myself trapped in her rock hard thighs as they tightened and my world began to go black. Tap! The first of many.

Her space in London is superb and I couldn’t believe how much space she had to play. She’s re-arranged her studio and it’s fantastic. She has wonderfully thick, dense mats so there is no reason to fear you’ll be hurt as she takes you down before anialating you. The mats also are quire forgiving as you find your head pressed harder and harder into them.

I asked her to ‘play hard’ with me. She smiled and complied. What I didn’t realize was how hard she can actually play. She told me once “I’m always cautious about using my leg’s full strength”. I didn’t know what she meant then - but I quickly found out and after our session, my neck and ribs are quite aware of the damage those beautiful, long and STRONG legs can do.

Her ability to control you in ways you never could imagine is spectacular. Whether a classic scissor executed with more power than anyone else in London or a choke that barely gives you time to tap as your brain realizes there’s absolutely no more oxygen - Anastaxia delivers a session that is as rough and brutal as she is beautiful and enchanting.

I travel thousands of miles to see her and she doesn’t disappoint. Absolutely in the top wrestlers in the world and certainly in London.

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