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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 170 lbs - 77.1 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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 INTRO: I started offering sessions related to muscle and female power back in the 90s. After a break from the session world I have decided to reestablish myself focusing on sensual domination and muscle worship. 

ABOUT ME: I am a business woman, former competitive professional bodybuilder and equestrian. I am mature, naturally dominant and physically strong. I tend to be more Sensually dominant rather than Sadistic however I will gladly administer corporal punishment to naughty and bratty boys;)  I enjoy playing with and being in the company of men.  I especially enjoy witnessing the control a males own sexuality has over his mind; I find it both amusing and arousing.   

SESSION INFO: I am available in the Atlanta area by advance appointment only as I live outside of the city. I am also available for double sessions with Goddess Samantha in Atlanta and some travel cities. 

In my travel cities and at my home outside of Atlanta My tribute is generally $300 for one hour and $200 for 1/2 hr.  Extended sessions are $300 for the first hour and then $200 per hour thereafter. 

My outcall tribute in Atlanta is $400 for an hour since It takes me an hour to drive to the city.

I require deposits for all session bookings via PayPal to  My deposit is $100 and please use the send money to family and friends option.

I welcome enthusiasts of female muscle to session with me however they should understand that what I am offering is strictly a Muscle Worship, Fantasy Roleplay and/or Domination session. I am NOT offering any HARD competitive wrestling or escort services.

Fun/fantasy/very light wrestling/pins/holds/ head scissors, sexy/sensual muscle worship is all good as is fantasy role play and most forms of Domination. I LOVE foot sessions of ALL kinds and especially enjoy Mommy/boy and Cougar/cub dynamics.


Here is a list of my personal interests: 

MUSCLE/STRENGTH DISPLAYS: Flexing and muscle worship, body lifting/carrying, boxing, belly punching, light wrestling. 

ROLE PLAY: mommy/boy, cougar/cub, dr/patient, medical examinations, teacher/student, schoolyard bully, bisexual fantasies. 

HUMILIATION: forced feminization , verbal emasculation, public humiliation. 

FEET and LEGS: foot worship, boot/shoe worship, leg worship, ass worship. 

PHYSICAL CONTROL: face sitting/smothering, head scissors, trampling, bondage, wrestling holds. 

MANHOOD CONTROL: strap-on training, cbt, ballbusting, tease and denial. 

CORPORAL: spanking/paddling, otk, bare handed spanking, face slapping, riding crop punishment.

Services Offered

Fantasy Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Tickle Wrestling
Feats of Strength
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
In-Gym Training



Annie is amazing. A very attractive lady in her photos but in person she's even more beautiful!! Her physique is out of this world!! I would recommend a session with her every single chance you get!!


Let me start off by saying that this lady has always been one of my all time favorite Female bodybuilders. I've followed her since she the first time I saw her in WPW Magazine. Annie is one of the most beautiful ladies on the planet. Not​ just​ physically, but also because she is a real person not fake like so many others are. It was not only a dream come true to meet her, but to have this amazing amazon live and up close ​was ​a true treat ​in and of ​it self.

Now that being said. I would like to tell you all about the BEST session that I have ever had. Hands down this will be one of the most memorable too. I got what I asked for and more. By more I mean more then I could actually handle. I've been doing sessions since 94 and ​have nev​e​r​ met anyone that made me tap as many times or panic out of fear like Annie did. I've always done on​e​ sided sessions where the ladies can punch, kick and knee me. Even stomp me...but none have ever hit me with the power that she did. She hits harder then most men I have had hit me back when I use to be a bouncer. I know that she caught me twice where I was seeing stars and she kept coming at me. I still have the bruises on my stomach to prove the power ​that she ​has. The best part is she did it with this evil little smile on her face and seem​ed​ to truly enjoy what she was doing. Right from the get go Annie grabbed my neck and got me from behind in a sleeper. I never tapped out and before I knew it, I was on the ground dazed and confused on the verge of passing out, but she let up just enough and started punching me in the stomach I was trying to cover up, but she was having none of that. She placed a knee on my throat and another on my legs and just started pounding away at my stomach. When I would try to block the blows with my hand she would use one ha​n​d to hold​ me​ down and​ one to keep punching​ me. She got up just long enough for me to get to all 4's when out of no where I feel her kick me and then come knee me to the side and a couple caught me in the face. THOSE HURT like hell! This woman hit and it's like getting kicked by a mule. NO JOKE!! After awhile we took a break, but I never knew we were starting up again till she walked over to me and BAM! She shoved my head down and jumped on the back of my head and leaned over me and was scissoring me. I tapped instantly but she wasn't letting up. I was telling her I give, but still no letting up...Then she let up and said did you forget your safe word. I was like yeah! She told me what it was, but then all I was doing was using the safe word. I have never been so scared in all my life from scissors, but DAMN this ladies scissors are INSANE! Some of the most devastating that I have ever felt. Either that or I have become a wimp. She was amazing. The sad part for me was she would just flex holding me in a scissors a​s I ​was tapping out, she said a couple times all she did was stretched out her legs and never got to squeeze me and I was tapping out. I had such a great time I wrote her back that night and asked her if she had anyone cancel please let me know. I would love to see her again. She wrote me back that night and told me she did and if I wanted it it was mine, so I took it. I am telling you. If you miss out on this lady you are NUTS!! She is my new #1 and do not see anyone taking her spot. I said if I could find one lady like this I would see no other ladies other then her. Well Annie was/is everything I look in a woman to session with. Friendly, strong, and beautiful! You could not ask for more from this lady!! So don't miss out next time she is in your area....If you do you​'​r​e​ a total fool!!

I can not thank you enough Annie for making 2 of my dreams come true, the first is meeting you and the second was having you totally dominate me and make me submit to you over and over again with eas​e​. Can not wait to see you again :)

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