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Had a great session with Arekah in November 2013. If you like her pictures, they do NOT do justice to her beauty or strength. Even better in person. She also really loves to dominate!


I arrived for the session with great expectations since I’d challenged Arekah to keep me completely in her control for the entire session. I arrived and she was in a sports bra and impossibly short shorts. Her thighs looked bigger than I remembered. After I changed she immediately threw me up against a wall and held my neck tightly in one hand – feet nearly pulled up off the floor. As I tried helplessly to pry her hand away, she explained her rules. It was Arekah’s leg jail and I was an inmate. While I could tap, she would only back off – not let me go. There would be no breaks. I could try and escape, but that would be punished. As she said this, she tightened her grip and punched me in the stomach so hard I cried out in pain. She smiled and threw me onto the bed.

For the next hour, she held me in more scissors and chokes than I knew existed. She loved playing with me in a body scissor as she would tighten so I couldn’t breathe, watch me struggle to inhale eventually tapping. She could control every breath I took – she is amazing. She combined holds with her arms and legs that made it impossible for me to move. Once when I tried to go for the door as it was way too real, she grabbed me in a rear naked choke (which she held tight – but not choking me – she was just controlling me), dragged me back to the bed, fell backward onto it pulling me down on top of her as she locked her ankles in front of me and applied a devastating scissor. “I warned you” she whispered in my ear as she tightened even more with her legs and arms.

I remember glancing at the clock while locked in a triangle choke hoping the hour was nearly over as I didn’t know how much more I could take. We were only 12 minutes in.

It’s scary how strong she is and how she is able to totally control me. I must have tapped over a hundred times. I pleaded for her to let me go and she would simply smile and reply “Nope. No parole from Arekah’s jail today”. She was having an incredible amount of fun. She loved it as I started to cry when she wouldn’t release me. “You shouldn’t have challenged me to keep you in my clutches for the hour. Too late now, inmate! Don’t cry – it won’t help your situation.” Once more – an instantaneous jolt of pain shot through my ribs. She laughed. This was the first time I felt true fear in a session – I couldn’t escape, and I couldn’t stop her.

With a minute to go, she caught me in a body scissor and held my arms in as well. She explained that she was going to start squeezing a little harder throughout the minute. I could see the clock and at about 30 seconds to go, I couldn’t inhale. She tightened more. My hands were trapped. I couldn’t tap. She counted down the last 10 seconds and I though I was going to pass out – the pain and pressure was unreal. When she let go, I collapsed and couldn’t do anything but catch my breath and handle the pain in my body.

So – be careful what you wish for – she can take any fantasy and make it a painful reality. For the next week, my ribs neck and arms all were constant reminders of the dangers of Arekah’s leg jail.

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