Ashley Wildcat

Ashley Wildcat


Location: Jacksonville (spend half the year in Chicago), Georgia
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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 30

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Country City Date Begins Date Ends
United States Raleigh 02-10-2017 02-12-2017
United States myrtle beach 02-10-2017 02-12-2017
United States savannah 02-10-2017 02-10-2017
United States charleston 02-10-2017 02-12-2017
United States Columbia 02-12-2017 02-12-2017
United States Tampa 02-24-2017 02-25-2017
United States Atlanta 03-03-2017 03-05-2017
United States Chatanooga 03-03-2017 03-05-2017
United States Newark 03-10-2017 03-12-2017
United Kingdom London 03-18-2017 03-27-2017
United States Pittsburgh 04-28-2017 04-30-2017
United States Baltimore 05-05-2017 05-07-2017



Ashley is the best!!! I had so much fun with her. Not only is she super pretty but she really does know how to wrestle. So don't sleep on her BJJ credentials or you will be forced to tap and/or pinned repeatedly. And along with that aggressive tenacity on the mat she has a silly carefree way about her that was refreshing and just pleasant to be around overall. Very much a charmer and a free spirit. And In the beginning of the session she gave me a tutorial of some different holds so I got to be her rag doll which I gotta say was pretty fun. It sucks because I really don't feel like any words I could say could do her skills/personality any real justice, you just have to see it for yourself. So just book a session with her so you know what I mean. She is simply the best.


I've had the privilege to have several sessions with Ashley Wildcat over the past several months and each one keeps getting better.. There aren't many ladies anywhere as beautiful as Ashley and one of the only things more amazing than her looks is her personality. She is smart, funny and totally lights up a room. It's hard to stay focused on wrestling after you meet her but that's when the Wildcat attacks. That's also when the aggressive and evil part of her personality appears.

First time I met her she had me in almost every hold imaginable bent, twisted, stretched, squeezed, smothered and tapping for an entire hour. The next time I thought I knew what to expect but she wiped the mat with me again using some new holds. Every time since then she always breaks out a couple new holds during the session. You are never sure what to expect.

Here is what you can expect. She will win. She will dominate you. Her signature holds are her chokes. She will choke you with her arms, legs, standing on your throat or with her feet wrapped around your neck while looking, laughing and taunting you the entire time. Her smothers will have you tapping and begging for mercy but nothing compares to her scissors. There are pitchers and quarterbacks with really strong arms but aren't as effective pitching or passing because they don't have the right technique. That's the difference between Ashley and other wrestlers with bigger & much more muscular legs. Other ladies have strong scissors but with Ashley's strength of her legs and her technique her scissor holds are on another level then others.

Ashley is drop dead gorgeous, fun, smart, lightning fast, tough, strong. (Can't forget part evil). Simply put she is the best! If you have doubts book a session with Ashley and she will change your mind. But then if you don't, it will just leave more time for me to book sessions with her.

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