Ashley Wildcat

Ashley Wildcat


Location: Jacksonville (spend half the year in Chicago), Florida
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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 31

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France Paris 10-16-2017 10-19-2017
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Just met up with & sessioned with Ashley Wildcat for the very first time... All I can say is WOW!!!.... What a babe!!!... Super pretty, super sweet & a damn good wrestler to boot... she can do it all!!.. Headlocks, rear naked chokes, sleeperholds, & just about any grappling hold, you name, she will try & accommodate it, tailored to your liking!!!.... And I haven't even gotten to her super long sexy legs yet... My GOD, if you love being scissored then, with her, you're gonna be in Scissor Heaven... That is if she doesn't break your ribs from a tight body scissors or knock you out with a figure four or reverse head scissors, if you decide to try & not tap out which I foolishly ALMOST did!!!...And like someone has already said, it's her technique that makes her scissorholds SO brutal... Hell, her legs R just SO DAMN AMAZING PERIOD!!!... That's why besides being choked out, smothered & facesat, my favorite part of our session was when she used those incredible LONG limbs of hers to stretch me out in a devastating long drawn out grapevine to make me cry uncle... We did a double SHOOT with her camera as well as mine....She is SO funny & playful & more fun than I could ever imagine...She IS definitely a MUST see person if you like the idea of a lovely lady whuppin' YO ass-lol.... Can't wait to have another encounter with this GODDESS..... LT (crown)....


Just finished my 2hr session with Ashley and her friend Vanessa about an hour ago, and now that the adrenaline has worn off, I am starting to feel the stiffness in my neck and shoulders from all the chokes and scissors they applied. I will need a neck brace by morning.

Vanessa arrived first by about 30 minutes and had me in a brutal sleeperhold when Ashley knocked on the door. Foolishly, I quickly stood up, and attempted to walk to the door. But due to a lack of bloodflow to my brain from Vanessa's chokehold, I was staggering, and my speech was slurred when I opened the door. I am sure Ashley's first impression was that I was drunk or high on something until I explained.

There are plenty of reviews of Ashley in this thread that I can repeat, such as "she is strong for her size,extremely pretty,super fun, a great trash talker, great wrestler etc...etc....etc... And all of those are indeed true, (especially the part about her being SUPER HOT!!! But the one thing that impressed me most, and something that I have not read in her reviews, is her technique when applying her holds.

She can place you in a scissor or choke hold, and with very little effort, get you to tap just from the angle/location she positions her legs/arms.
For example, part of the session was each girl putting me into a specific scissor hold and keeping a stop watch to see how long I could last before tapping out. Vanessa went first, and I lasted for about 15 seconds before tapping. Ashley then applied the same scissor, and had me tapping almost instantly. She then showed Vanessa how to position her scissorhold on me in the same way. This time, instead of taking about 15 seconds to tap out from Vanessa's scissors, I only lasted about 3 seconds. All because of the slightly different technique used when she positioned her legs around my head/neck.

And even though Ashley has plenty of strength, she is the perfect example of technique being more important than brute strength.
Her scissors were very precise, almost like a surgeon, and her rear naked choke was lethal. but absolutely painless. We did not do any full knockouts (my choice) but Ashley did put me into her rear naked choke several times and would have me in tunnel vision mode right on the edge of darkness for about 60 seconds. When my legs started having involuntary spasms and began to quiver, she knew to lighten the hold. And then my vision would start to open back up to normal, only to have her apply it again. By far, one of the best rear naked chokes in the business.
If you ever find yourself in Jacksonville, or any of the cities she is travelling in, you owe it to yourself to schedule a session with this "Wildcat"

PS--If you don't want her to keep squeezing you in a chokehold or scissors after you tap out, make sure you do not tell her that she looks like Taylor Swift.

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