About Me

Hi - Im Aston and I am here to make your wrestling fantasies come true!


Im an athletic All-American girl from sunny Florida.

I have long blonde hair, green eyes and a sexy summer tan!


I especially enjoy Light/Fantasy to Semi-competititive wrestling, all types of Role-play, foot and body worship, trampling, Face-sitting, Ball Busting, Catfights, Sensual Domination and Lifts & Carries. (up to 175lbs.) I also do oil wrestling and some more esoteric fantasies.  


For the foot lovers, my shoe size is: 9


I am available for travel *anywhere* in the United States, but please be aware that I am not doing tours in any specific cities.


My travel rates are based on where you are located and how long it will take for me to get there. I have a career outside of wrestling that keeps me pretty busy, so my travel rates will, of course, be higher than those in my city. I am especially open to traveling to the following places: Florida - (especially Fort Lauderdale), Washington D.C., Philly, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Chicago and San Francisco.

Also, Los Angeles and Seattle, too!!


If you are looking to get a fast reply from me, be sure that your email includes your name, contact phone number and a reference from someone you have wrestled recently.


A photo of you is a plus! It is also helpful to know your age, height and weight....especially for Lift & Carry sessions. ;-)


I cant wait to meet you!!   


I am in NYC on Monday, October 24th - available all day and evening.   Book now for best availability!!

Services Offered

Phone Chat
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Tag Team Matches
Foxy Boxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching


Country City Date Begins Date Ends
United States New York 10-24-2016 10-24-2016
United States Chicago 10-28-2016 10-28-2016
United States New York 10-31-2016 10-31-2016
I will be in NYC Manhattan on Monday October 24th. I am available all day and evening. Book now for best availability. I can host in my fully matted space or I can come to your home or hotel in Manhattan. Id love to meet you! I can host in Midtown Manhattan or come to you - all outcalls excluding NYC and Ft. Lauderdale require a deposit which can be done completely anonymously. I cant wait to meet you!!!



I got to wrestle with Aston here in NYC at Tempest. I had been anticipating this encounter for weeks! Seeing pictures of this stunning blonde beauty and knowing I was going to be lucky enough to get to tangle with her on the mats. Finally the day comes and we are introduced to eachother. She walks into the room and OMG she's a hottie. Every bit as gorgeous as she is in her pictures. Her personality is sweet and bubbly. She's really easy to talk to because she's very intelligent and personable.

As we oiled up for our match we chatted about how we got into wrestling and already I can get the sense that she is and into this as I am. Aston really loves to wrestle! I mean Loves it!!

All of a sudden she tackles me and the match is on! Aston is quite strong, and is able to pin me down for several seconds despite being a little smaller than me. Her legs are powerful too and could grapevine me really tight even from below hard enough to twist my legs in a way that would make me groan out in pain.

When I was able to get her in holds she would put up a good fight and often could struggle free! We both managed to tap eachother out a few times but the overall tone of the match was very playful.

Aston likes to tease you when she knows she has the advantage! And that sweet voice you hear when you meet her is even sexier when she's got you trapped in a hold and you hear the playful confidence in her tone... ;)

Aston travels a lot. So if you're lucky enough to see her near you you should run, not walk, for the chance to meet this smart sexy blonde bombshell. As someone who is equally as capable in a competitive or a sensual setting, you're in for an amazing experience.


I recently had my first wrestling session in a few years with the lovely Aston from the Wb270 and Session Girls. I am picky about who I session with. since I am not into bodybuilders, or petite women, where the weight differential is too large. I am a personal trainer and am in great shape and was looking for someone naturally athletic with no extensive martial arts experience (since I have no formal wrestling training). I almost passed on Aston, since she only wanted a light semi competitive match. Suffice to say NOW her idea of light differs from what I thought. She was ready to compete right from the start.She is fairly tall and as beautiful as her pictures paint with a past athletic background. We met at a pre disclosed location for a 1hr, session. She greeted me with a big hug and impressed me with her easy demeanor. After that it was all business, . SHE not only held her own, but was able to submit me on a few occasions. Only 1 women I wrestled was able to do that. She also was able to take me down from the standing position with her hard headlock. Her legs, both long and strong meant a devastating body and head scissors which Had me in agony more than once. We fought to a draw and I was totally spent by the end of the match, I still, a week later had the bruises to show. THIS WOMEN IS A 5 STAR WRESTLER AND I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS LETHAL WOMEN TO ANYONE! SHE IS BOTH GORGEOUS AND PLEASANT TO BE WITH. FOR U FOOT LOVERS, THEY ARE SPECTACULAR!

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