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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

Hello my next potential victim!


I have been a full time professional fetish and fighting session provider for 7 years now!

I LOVE my job!  If your visiting Atlanta I am the girl you will be so happy you didnt miss out on!!

I happily answer emails quickly and thouroughly!  Provided your serious and not trying to waist my 

time of course, I will always know!  I live in Kennessaw which is north of Atlanta, right off 75

and I can be anywhere in Atlanta in 25 mins!  


   My personal favorites in sessions are varied, but what can I say, I have alot of kinky interests, lol.

Leg and foot fetish is always wonderful of course.  I have a bit of a fetish for breath play.

I just love to control a mans breathing, whether its from breast smothering, face sitting, or knocking you out 

with my legs or arms.  I have incredable control, I love to get my victim in a hold and keep them there to drawl

out the humiliation!  I know just how to keep the hold just tight enough to withould escape but not so tight it hurts

the victim.  That way we both get to enjoy the process more.  I also love to roleplay and dress up, a theme is always

fun!   I love fetish as well, tickle fetish, belly fetish any fetish-try me ... I love them!  Your fetish is never as different as

you think it is and after 7 years I have experience in most every fetish.  So if your insecure about your fetish, and want a 

beautiful girl that understands you to make you feel comfortable and make your fetish fantasies come to life I am your



I also offer email sessions, skype sessions, text sessions, and call sessions for paypal as well.  


Just email me @


I really look forward to hearing from you and hopefully be having some fun with you soon!!


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Flying in and staying near the airport!



Darnell, Detroit just had a recent session with baby blake still so good looks and moves when she had to re schedule,she communicated on time so for any saying she don't respond need to stop that with her looks and the legs, are one of the best 5 stars all the way her scissors will have you locked in I was trying to get out I was stuck over all cool person to be with


Baby Blake here again to defend myself from the post below; the SAME guy that posted on 3-20-17 and who is continuing to harass me.
#1) I have not been to Detroit in over 2 years. Although I do have a trip to Detroit coming up in April :)
#2) I have paypal statements to verify I have not returned any ones paypal deposit in years if ever.
#3) If references are provided and verified, no paypal deposit is even required.
#4) No first time session guy is provided with my full address prior to the day of the session, only after texting confirmation the day of the session, is my complete address provided. Therefore, if you dont hear from me the day of, it is impossible to come where I live.
#5) Lastly, and this one bothers me the most, I do not live in a "not so business neighborhood", as any one that has actually come to my home can verify. I live in a high end and expensive apartment complex in Kennesaw Ga, one of the wealthiest suburbs of Atlanta with one of the lowest crime rates in the country.
This section is for reviews from my session guys, please dont post here if you have never even met me. xoxo!!

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