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Bella Rush

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Bella Rush is a trained session wrestler. Currently training Jiu jitsu and pro wrestling. With a boxing and dancing background. She possess raw technical strength, outstanding cardio and a burning passion for contact sport. Wrestled men in vast weight classes. Tapped out countless opponents. Stats : Height : 5 9 Weight : 200 lbs Quads : 30 Calves : 18 Biceps : 16 Neck : 17

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Country City Date Begins Date Ends
Canada Calgary 11-03-2016 11-17-2016
Lebanon Jouneih 02-13-2017 02-19-2017



The complete package, raw strength, astonishing beauty & very skillfull, I did several semi competitive session and it was each time marvellous, a lot of sweat & fun, so don't hesitate to wrestle this wonderful human being you will not be disappointed, I bet on it! Oss! Eliah


We met at her location in Calgary. It is a good sized space with good mats. Her pictures are accurate. She is very strong and does not tire very easily. She will go pretty much as hard as you as you want to go. I think she could give a lot of guys a lot of trouble. I popped a couple of ribs during our session from her gut wrench. Her headlock is pretty mean too. I really enjoyed my time with her and i am looking forward to seeing her again.

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