Bella Rush

Bella Rush


Location: montreal, Canada

Member for almost 3 years
Last logged in: 01/16/2018


Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 200 lbs - 90.7 kg
Physique: BBW
Age: 31

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About Me

Bella Rush is a trained session wrestler. Currently training Jiu jitsu and pro wrestling. With a boxing and dancing background. She possess raw technical strength, outstanding cardio and a burning passion for contact sport. Wrestled men in vast weight classes. Tapped out countless opponents. Stats : Height : 5 9 Weight : 200 lbs Quads : 30 Calves : 18 Biceps : 16 Neck : 17 


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United States Philadelphia Pennsylvania 01-22-2018 01-23-2018
United States Baltimore Maryland 01-23-2018 01-24-2018
United States Washington DC District of Columbia 01-24-2018 01-25-2018
United States Richmond Virginia 01-25-2018 01-26-2018
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United States Miami Florida 02-02-2018 02-03-2018
United States Sarasota Florida 02-03-2018 02-04-2018
United States Tampa Florida 02-04-2018 02-05-2018
United States Atlanta Georgia 02-06-2018 02-08-2018


Not sure Bella "Rushes" to the occasion, as her email communication skills are far from spot on. Learn to address your potential client base and you'll earn higher marks in return.


She's one of the most open-minded wrestler I have ever met. I was an only child, raised on some backwards parental morals. So the fact that we she was so open to all of my ideas made for one of the most lovely experiences of my life. She does this amazing performance with Doritos and high heels. She even agreed to doing a mock wedding that was interrupted by a villain session girl and Bella stood in for me to represent the fight of good vs evil. She never said Yes but the fight for Good in this world remains in good hands.

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