Blowtorch Barbie

Blowtorch Barbie


Location: Dayton, Ohio

Member for about 1 year
Last logged in: 12/12/2016


Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 37

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About Me

I am sorry to say that I am not currently booking sessions.

I am in contest prep so my focus is on training and diet. Please pardon my absence.

I am competing in The Kentucky Open August 13th.

After that, I am off to The North American Championship and competing on Friday the 2nd.


I want to say thank you all so very much.

Your support has been and is always greatly appreciated.

I am looking forward to working with you all again very soon.

All my best,

Natalie Nicole  ~xo~



......................................................................... Please visit my website. Pre booking is required for all sessions. Last minute bookings are difficult to arrange but I will make every effort to accommodate your session request. I have high quality wrestling mats measuring 8x10x2". xox, Natalie Nicole

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Fantasy Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Lift and Carry
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 I am sorry to say that I am not booking sessions currently.

Please do keep an eye out for me though as I will be booking sessions again soon.

I no longer live in Boston, MA.

I have moved to Dayton, OH.

I will be doing my first figure competition August 13th in Kentucky if all goes well.

I need to focus on training and diet so please pardon my absence.

I can be found online though so, please do feel free to email me for info or details.

I am on Skype and on HBC.

I have enjoyed sessioning with you all and I am looking forward to returning.

All my best,

Natalie Nicole




This was my first session and I was real nervous.... She put me at ease right away. She had incredible power she was extremely quick and I'm pretty sure she was going easy on me. I am a 5'10 200 pound construction worker and she threw me all over the place. alot of playful taunting and let me tell you she is the furthest thing from a clock watcher we talked for 20 minutes after the session was over and that is a testiment as to how comfortable she makes you feel. Check her out you won't be disappointed just be careful of those legs she could have cut me in half if she wanted to.


Blowtorch Barbie was as much fun as a session can get! We squared off and she had made me blush with a staredown. Her beauty is undeniable. When we started to grapple she is very flirty and an even better technician with wrestling holds. She had me tied in knots and like a pretzel using her well defined arms and legs all the while mezmorized by her beauty. She loves to smother with her victims as well ;)I was so distracted that I could barely battle back, not like I even wanted to...I did not want the match to end. After every submission, she made me worship her muscles and her long super toned legs. The highlight of the match was when she caught me in this choke hold with her legs that I had never seen before and she arched her back and almost made me go into the bridge pose! WOW!! Her bodyscissors are lethal as well and had me gasping for air which is rare, because I NEVER tap out to a bodyscissors. All in all, Blowtorch Barbie is the best up and coming session girl out there and will be for a super long time. She is sweet, very intelligent and a very cool woman. When I say cool, I mean someone you would want to hang out with all the time!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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