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Hello, Do you admire feminine grace with toned lithe muscles to boot? Are you curious about mixing elements into your session.. Oil wrestling, sensual domination, bodywork? If so- we may be a good fit!

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Competitive Wrestling
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Competitive Boxing
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Pillow Fights
Tickle Wrestling
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I just had a wrestling match with Charlie recently. It was honestly one of the best experiences I've had in this industry. She replied immediately to my email and seemed genuinely excited by my match. When I met Charlie she was exactly as advertised, beautiful with that cute British accent.

I like to go all out and consider myself a fairly athletic guy. I'm much taller than her but she said that wouldn't be an issue. We went at it and when I reached to grab her, she was gone. She had my back before I even knew what happened. I was honestly shocked. I didn't think it was a big deal though because of my height and weight advantage but somehow she maneuvered me into her headscissors. I do not like tapping because of course I prefer to win rather than lose. But I couldn't help it and had to finally tap. I was shocked how strong she was.

We kept going at it for the hour and she never needed a break, but I did a few times. she was easy to talk to, fun, and was generally thrilled she won, as she let me know countless times she made me submit. At the end of the session I gave a big hug. [b]There will be a rematch.[/b]


I had a fantastic session with Charli, who is a very tiny girl with an adorable English accent but is so much stronger than you would imagine looking at her. I wasn't able to move her at all when she got on top of me, which she managed to do very quickly in each of our falls. I could tell that she was taking it easy on me after a while and I asked her to go harder to see how quickly she could get a submission and I was very impressed with how quick and aggressive she became, making me tap twice in a minute to her headscissors. The hour I had with her flew by, I left wishing that I had more time with her, but it's all the more reason to go back and schedule another session with her!

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