Gaining Gabi

Gaining Gabi

About Me

I only wrestle people 200LBS or less.

I am a big fluffy girl but dont let that catch you off guard, I got into pin competitive wresting in
December 2011, for the longest time, about two years I had a friend who kept trying to convince to try it I told him to keep posting an ad on craigslist he said no one ever answers his ad. So finally one day I felt bad for him, so we agreed we would meet one day in December, you must know I was a little frightened as he is much taller then I am, he is a professional body builder, all muscle and he has done matches in the past, the day he arrived, I was thinking what did I get myself into I was actually scared that I was going to hurt myself or hurt him. We had decided it would be best of two out of three matches, in the beginning I was really nervous about wrestling and before I had met him I had no experience whatsoever. Let me tell you this, ever my first experience with him, I am hooked. We now competitive wrestle on a monthly basis and I can't get enough of it.
What I Offer: Semi/ Competitive PIN Wrestling onlyIs #1 for me, domination and if you like pain, human furniture, posing, fetish.

**I will only do competitive pin wrestling with individuals who have experience with wrestling and under 200lbs** This is for the safety of both of us.

I am located in Denver, Colorado. When writing me please tell me where you would like to meet me, in Denver or another location so I am not guessing.

I have long straight blond hair, blue eyes that I have blue told go from light to dark, I have a very complection and have been told that my skin is really pretty, I get that a lot actually. Most of actually all of my weight is in my belly, it's heart shaped, upside down. Wonder if that makes me extra sweet? My weight is also in my butt and thighs. From my knees to feet, I have skinny girl legs and my arms are the same, my head does fit the shape of my body either. I actually have large breast 46DDD but you can't tell it as my stomach and belly are so large and just takes everything else up. I come from a Swedish/German heritage, you can tell I come from a Swedish heritage, blond hair blue eyes give it away, but sadly I do not speak either language. My age, really, well I am almost 32, I just tell you that, I will get there eventually, anyways I just think age is merely a number don't you?

Services Offered

Pin Wrestling
Pillow Fights



I had a 3 match competitive pin wrestling session with Gabi on Thursday (5/12), the setup went without a hitch, very ease and professional, for myself i am 5'8" 200 lbs and i have wrestled in school before and have done some judo . Against Gabi though that meant nothing, first off she is a SSBBW not a BBW , she did a weigh in for me and weighed in at a massive 558 lbs !!!. I tired everything in the book to take her down but she did budge a inch.. for her side she completely overpowered me and could take me down at will. Then she squashed me flat and that was it... She beat me each time in under 30 seconds.A total mismatch to say the least.

She did not have that much skill but she did not need any, and all of my skill was useless against her, she did complement on my ability but when I asked her how easy it was for her she did admit it was very easy to win and she had not broke a sweat, i on the other hand was sweating, breathing hard and light headed and i am still sore now ! So if you are under 300 lbs or less don't plan on winning , because you won't !!


i had a rematch against Gabi (9/13/16) she came prepared and bigger ,she is now 580 lbs, i thought i could not be more overwhelmed and dominated like i was last time, Boy i was wrong,... she beat all three matches even easier this tume , she took me down at will and was in control through every stage of the session. she knows how to use her weight perfectly and completely squashed me..nothing i did had any affect on her, she was not even breathing hard, i have never been physically overpowered more by anyone (man or woman) in my life and i have spared with football players,wrestlers and black belt martial artists, none of them have anything on Gabi, she is by fair the toughest person i have competed against bar none

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