Jc Simpson

Jc Simpson


Location: Orlando, Florida
E-mail: wrestlejcs@gmail.com

Member for over 5 years
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Height: 5'11 - 180 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Age: 26

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I recently had an exciting adventure meeting and wrestling a semi-competitive match with JC Simpson. Her pictures had me expecting a young, attractive, tall, toned female, and the pictures told the true story, she is a beauty. Combined with her open-minded, friendly, and bright personality (understandably cautious at first) she is a pleasure to meet for any occasion. I've had many wrestling sessions over the past 20 years and JC Simpsons was definitely one of the best.
Like I said, meeting her alone was a pleasure, the wrestling was fantastic. We used a quilt in her living room. I love getting held in Schoolgirl pins, hadn't mentioned it to JC in our correspondence, so hoped it was a hold she would use. Happily, she asked me what I liked as we faced each other on our knees, her wearing a two piece swim suit, on the quilt. A few seconds after I said Schoolgirl pin, I was looking up from my back at JC who had me in one. She let me gaze at her long, toned legs, and firm tummy for a bit. After I didn't put up much resistance she let me up for another round.
JC also put me in scissors and choke holds during our session. I feel like she had an excellent feel for my limitations on these potentially dangerous holds. I mostly use defense in sessions and usually keep out of holds I cant reverse, but JC slipped in a couple of choke holds that she could have actually hurt me with. Long before I had any reason to panic she released her boa constrictor like hold.
I sincerely recommend JC Simpson for semi-competitive wrestling and plan to meet with her again myself the next time I can get back to Tampa.
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Saw JC on a recent trip to Orlando and all I can say is I cannot wait to see her again. She is beautiful with a wonderful smile. She is crazy strong with deadly scissors and fast on the mats. She can cater to your level and is definitely having a great time while making you submit, over and over again. She looked incredible in a string bikini and amazed me with her ability to control me within minutes. Will repeat.

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