Jolene Hexx the Valkyrie

Jolene Hexx the Valkyrie


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Member for almost 3 years
Last logged in: 11/05/2017


Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Muay Thai
Semi-Competitive Boxing
Fantasy Boxing
Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Muscle Admiration
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
In-Gym Training



As you know Jolene in most of the videos that she has on-line show her as punching and kicking the hell out of some poor guy. I had a fantasy session with Jolene, and she toned down that aspect of a session. So, if that was a concern you don't need to worry. In setting up a session with Jolene took about two hours, just had to wait till my references checked out. After the references checked out, set up for the session took maybe four E-mails tops. The day before the session Jolene reached out asking what type of attire I wanted for her to wear, and see if their were any other request for the session.

The day of the session came, and Jolene was right on time, and showed up with a big smile in her face. After she changed we chatted for a little bit going over what I was looking for. Then her smile changed to a look of determination. At that point you know she would make you her bitch. Jolene said this to me. and for the next hour, she did just that. Overpowering me at everything, and giving out a bunch of trash talking. To tell the truth their is nothing I could have done to stop Jolene to have her way with me. Honestly you feel as if you are one foot tall once Jolene is done with you. If you like being carried around, Jolene is a most. She carried me around like a feather. I highly recommended Jolene to have a session with, at least during my session we both were laughing our heads off throughout.


Jolene is deceptively strong and very competitive. Don't let the centerfold/model looks make you think she can't wrestle. Her scissors and headlocks are STRONG, and she seems to get great delight in attempting to use them to separate your head from your shoulders. She's an incredibly sweet, smiling lady until you start wrestling when her competitive streak comes out. She's lately been getting more MMA training so the skills are being added to her strength and competitive drive. Totally fun and you'll be wishing the session could never end.

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