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Services Offered

Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Boxing


Country City Date Begins Date Ends
United States Seattle 10-21-2016 10-26-2016



I have wrestled with Julie several times. She is one of the most amazing out there, strong, beautiful and extremely cool, just a fun person to hang out for an hour. And an excellent wrestler, you won't beleive you can be submitted by someone so pretty.


Julie might be one of the coolest girls I have ever met, period. And my session with her was the most fun I have ever had wrestling. Julie is tall, beautiful and STRONG! Once she had her thighs over my mid section, I knew it was only a matter of time before it was over. Her core is so strong, it is almost impossible to move her from that position when she is on top of you. Any way you move, she has a way to use that to her advantage to trap you. It’s obvious when you match up with Julie where she gets her “Julie Squeeze” nickname from…I have never been a fan of scissors before Julie, because I usually see no skill in it, and don’t like the feeling of your head splitting open…but with Julie it is very different, I told her she is like a python…she latches her legs on (to your head or body) and uses them to control you, and if she so chooses will use them to slowly squeeze until you are left breathless. If she’s feeling nice during that fall, she’ll let you breathe until she positions you for one of her other multiple ways to make you tap! The other crazy thing about Julie, is that she seems to get stronger as the match goes on! Julie proved why she has always been at the top of my must see list, and should be on yours as well.

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