Location: Sacramento, Northern California
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Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Text is preferred when contacting me by phone.

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Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Boxing


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United States Phoenix Arizona 03-07-2017 06-07-2017
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First of all let me apologize for this extended review :), ugh. I had a session with Jules back in 08, I think. She was just starting out and had to drive to Kristie Etzold's place. When she got there she was reserved, then I gave her a big hug and all the tension was gone. We rolled for over an hour and her attitude was great. She told me that I was the first guy that actually knew how to wrestle, that she had tussled with. After we finished, I taught how to use her upper body and submission holds. She texted me 2 months later and said thanks, they worked!!!!!!.... Finally the go fund me page. If you do not want to donate then don't. Posting degrading remarks on other sites is Bullshit. Just read and move on. Clowns that call her names are hiding behind a computer and probably have little to no contact with beautiful ladies, except for sessions.

Sorry so long, Jules is and will always be a sweetheart.


I was recently in Oregon on business travel and on my last night there, happened to come across JulieSqueeze on this site. In somewhat of an impulsive decision, I contacted her and we set up a session. When Julie walked through the door of my hotel room, I was absolutely floored by how beautiful she was. Before starting, we talked for a little while to get to know each other, and it became clear that Julie is extremely kind, caring, genuine, passionate, and simply emanates consistent positive vibes. In short, Julie is just an awesome person, through and through.

As for the wrestling - the nickname JulieSqueeze isn't just to be cute - her legs are unbelievably strong (and beautiful). I bragged a little at the beginning about having a high tolerance for pain and an unwillingness to tap. Well, needless to say, I was tapping within 15 seconds of the first scissor hold.... and then the next.. and the next. I've never tapped so quickly. Julie has the strength of a bodybuilder in the frame of a sexy, athletic, and tone/fit woman. The only bad part about our session was that it had to end! Thank you, Julie for an amazing time. It was an absolute pleasure to get to know you. I highly recommend Julie's services to anyone that has the opportunity to meet her - you will not regret it - just be prepared for a sore neck and an aching desire for another session the next day ;)

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