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Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 175 lbs - 79.4 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 32

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9/11/2013- I had a wrestling match with Megan. She is an absolutely gorgeous, friendly and powerful young lady. Her legs are very strong and devastating, her holds are inescapable. It is the best session Ive ever had. I highly recommend her to you mixed wrestling fans. She is definitely worth seeing.

 9/2013: Megan was very professional and attentive in setting up the session; right down to the details on her boxing attire.  Her model features and sexy curves are dangerous distractions when boxing with Megan.  She has already mastered the art of being playfully aggressive during a session.  She is a solidly built athlete with excellent strength.  Her overhand rights to my head and left/right hooks to my body found their marks many, many times during each round.  She is also working very hard to perfect her technique for vicious upper-cuts to the jaw.  Megans verbal jabs and taunting between rounds are more than enough motivation to get you to box one more round with her.  Her smile is infectious and I know she was enjoying our session together as much as I was.  I highly recommend her for fantasy and light mixed boxing sessions.

9/2013: I just knew she would be a lot of fun.  First of all, she is gorgeous (and I don’t use that word lightly) and has a very curvy, feminine body but it is very obvious she is athletic and very fit.  We both changed into our wrestling attire and cleared some furniture and soon were wrestling.  My session was semi-comp and she definitely had some skills.  She isn’t the most technical wrestler I have faced but is very enthusiastic, not afraid to be aggressive even against a much larger guy, and loves to do a little trash talking during the match which I love.  She is not a small girl at 5’9” and an athletic but curvy build but I had a big size advantage over her.  She definitely made it interesting and held her own with me despite my big size advantage.  Her head scissors were very powerful and once she captured me, I had no choice but to submit.  It’s been 4 days since my session and my neck and jaw are still a little sore even today. 

9/2013: Megan Jones is an amazing addition to the wrestling scene in the Southwest area. She is pretty new but I would have never guessed by how strong she was. She loves to trash talk and really puts you in your place after beating you. Shes one of the best looking girls Ive ever sessioned with.

11/2013: From scheduling to the session itself, MJ was pleasant, professional and easy to communicate with.  She genuinely wanted to make the session a great experience for me.  During breaks between falls she would ask me how I was enjoying myself and what my favorite holds were.  My session was semi-competitive, and once she got the advantage in a round, there was nothing I could do.  As if her looks werent distracting enough, MJ is 59 with powerful legs.  When she wrapped her thighs around my head and squeezed, it was a very quick submission.  By the end of the session I was exhausted and breathing hard, but MJ was still going strong.  At that point she was able to pin me down, smother me, and submit me at will.  Throughout the session she would playfully trash talk and tease me as she dominated the match.  I would definitely recommend her for semi-comp wrestling.

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SARASOTA TAMPA CHICAGO AND ST.LOUIS DATES I WILL BE TRAVELING WITH A BRAND NEW PERFORMER AND SESSION WRESTLER NAMED MIA ANNABELLA Pictures and information can be provided upon request. OFFICIALLY IN REMISSION AND AVAILABLE TO TRAVEL httpdm2.gofund.meMEDHELP FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM FOR TRAVEL UPDATES AND TO SEE BEHIND THE SCENES OF MY SHOOTS AND EVERYDAY LIFE...ENJOY!!! @8gypsy_soul Email and Payment Instructions PLEASE READ- When contacting me please be prepared. I am not here to convince you of getting a session or to negotiate my rates. This a luxury so plan accordingly. In email subject specify your city and state because it makes it easier on me and faster to respond and get booking complete. I accept payment via PayPal or I can invoice you and you pay however you prefer. Thats it. DO NOT ask me to inconvenience myself due to personal issues. Figure it out. For those of you with anonymous issues just buy a prepaid card for invoice option. As for PayPal option- ALWAYS send as a gift so I DO NOT get charged the website fee. Also DO NOT write anything in the notes because that website flags accounts for anything they deem suspicious. If you want to save me some time send me your session experience and any references of other session wrestlers you may have. I will ask and I will check. If you are new thats fine too just message for review.



Just has a session with Megan Jones and her friend Mia Annabella. Wow! What a great session! For starters, she's gourgeous in person. She got me in a headlock right away, then proceeded to get me in a reverse head scissors, then a front, etc. tight as you know what! Then as I'm kind of dazed, 15 min in, her friend Mia Annabella takes her turn on me. She gets me in a headlock, and then proceeds to front and reverse head scissors me, as Megan is "coaching" her in the background. Sort of a "breaking her into the field". Then after 10-15 min or so, they both were pummeling me, I was in heaven. Definitely would recommend


I had this chance wrestling with Megan and it was amazing! This was my first wrestling session and I was nervous about it before. But Megan was so professional and thorough. The best thing I like about her is she always puts your best interest at heart. She knows exactly how much you can take and always tries to make the clients happy. I promise you wrestling her definitely worth your money and time.

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