Miss Daniels

Miss Daniels


Location: Toronto, Canada
E-mail: lexidaniels4u@gmail.com
Skype: lovendahouse
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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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About Me

Unique and in charge. My layout within a session is driven from ample experience from travelling across the world as an entertainer / professional dancer/artist on stages internationally...fetish events, private parties, circuit parties, burlesque events and festivals, raves etc. ...So without an audience of thousands of people watching me perform acts of all sorts on stage...as of now, I am getting used to one on one time :) I am here to accommodate to your desires...get ready to experience a true powerhouse lady like myself... I am known for my creative spunk when it comes to performing and role playing. I love acting out your script but feel free to let me have the floor if your wanting a unique and exciting session. I have many costumes/ unique fantasy looks that I like to whip out and display or should I say show off to you. Let yourself be putty in my hands...as I am not a typical role play artist (ie. nurse, school girl...typically nothing corny like this)...I am a master at fantasy/ out-of-the-ordinary characterism. Anywhere from mythical Viking goddess to sleek catwoman to old century neo-Victorian burlesque...to leather biker boi/butch girl. Hey...I could even just be my good ol normal self in a string bikini tossing your sorry ass around and ravishing you with my strong, sleek muscles...playing flirty with you by showcasing my scissor holds....I will grant you your wish of letting you touch my smooth, silky skin...squeezing my flexed muscles....Im devoted to taking you on a journey and stealing your mind away from reality...but dont worry Ill let you have a pee break if you need one lol...dont be too scared Im actually a really down-to-earth, cool chick :). ...Im easy lol. Check me out on http://wb270.com/ind/missDan.htm Just an f.y.i gentlemen...before considering to book an appointment...I will have you know that I require a deposit via paypal to secure your date/time. This lets me know you are serious. As well, for first timers, I will ask for some info from you to do a light screening... for my safety, of course. :) I dont take many sessions and find myself picky...I have good intuition. So your style /approach is very important to me. I respect an easy-going, non- aggressive, mature and respective man to come fourth. Im a busy lady...so the earlier we arrange our session, the better, of course. I dont take last minute inquiries. As with all the ladies on here...respect our time and we will respect yours....meaning you will get 100% of our genuine attention which will make for a great session for both of us! :) Also, I am adding a new and exciting option to my services...BDSM forced fitness/bootcamp sessions! I am a qualified personal trainer that instructs a private forced fitness bootcamp sessions where I take through a circuit of exercises including bodyweight/agility/plyometric/cardio/conditioning and strength exercises with an erotic twist. I have stations/circuit set up in a cozy, private domestic setting.  A great way to get fit and have fun!

Now... let the fun begin! Miss Lexi Daniels


Of course I have a amazon wishlist...I knew you were wondering that :) http://a.co/1u3m4CI

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Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Fantasy Wrestling
Pillow Fights
Tickle Wrestling
Feats of Strength
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching


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United States Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 09-01-2017 09-03-2017



Had an amazing time with Miss Lexi Daniels. She's super fun and makes the session very enjoyable. She's definitely not a clock watcher and adds her own bits into the session based on your reactions. She did things I wasn't even expecting, but enjoyed a whole lot. Great Great session with her!!


Finally met with Miss Daniels...wow, great lady! Stronger than I expected and was actually shocked by her beauty and down-to-earth personality...I ended up prolonging our session...her pictures don't do her justice. Highly recommended. Thank you!

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