Miss Untamed

Miss Untamed


Location: Los Angeles, Southern California
E-mail: miss.untamed@yahoo.com
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Height: 5'8” - 173 cm
Weight: 175 lbs - 79.4 kg
Physique: Athletic

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About Me

I am a unique blend of dominance and physical power. Confident, Playful, Sadistic, is My nature.

From a very young age I have always been attracted to female empowerment and muscle. Growing up as an athlete I competed in bodybuilding for 8 years. The gym was My outlet. It still is today but as I have matured and transitioned into a career of FemDom, I find nothing more satisfying than using My athletic stature and dominant nature to see you struggle, to beg for mercy, to submit.

Once having a position as a Correctional Officer I learned very fast that holding a career of control was in My path. Too many rules and regulations working for the State, I decided to carve My own path. My own rules.

Starting in the scene professionally of 2009 as a wrestler & muscle domination fetishist. I grew to enjoy many forms of FemDom and power play. My style of domination is physical, taunting and aggressive. Occasionally if the situation provides I can be sensual and tender.

A few of my personal favorite fetishes/activities include boots, leather, latex, pantyhose, corporal punishment, ballbusting, face slapping, foot worship and WRESTLING!!!

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I had a terrific match with her today. We're about the same size and I have much more wrestling experience but she pretty much fought me to a draw on sheer strength and determination. The woman is flat out STRONG...all muscle, arms like girders. Trying to move her on the mat is like trying to pull a fire hydrant out of the pavement.


Miss Untamed and I shot a boxing video for Hit the Mat Productions last summer. Basically, it's a one-sided fight with a main-event-like setting.

When she showed up for the shoot, she was very chill and outgoing, wearing a t-shirt and jeans. After some friendly chit-chat, she went to the back to suit up and when she came out... DAMN. An absolutely awesome physical specimen. Great body, pretty face and impressive muscles (which she rightfully flexed on multiple occasions.)

The shoot went great! She was amazing in all facets of the game... attitude, power, charisma... and her in-ring boxing was pretty sharp. She can land some serious hits. (Note: She'll pummel you into oblivion if you so desire.)

I wholeheartedly recommend her, even for just private 1-on-1 sessions. You can't go wrong.

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