Muscle Beauty X

Muscle Beauty X


Location: Phoenix, Arizona


Height: 5'4 - 163 cm
Weight: 158 lbs - 71.7 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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I am a bodybuilder muscle goddess! I reside in the Phoenix area. I have experience in many muscle fetish interests. I have an attractive combination..femininity, sensual, athletic, intelligence, & sense of humor. I am creative and adaptive to my environment and I easily adjust to personality types (if you are easily angered or aggressive do not contact me). Ask me what you are into and we can discuss it. I travel on occasion inside and outside the U.S.

bench 155, squat 225, leg press 700, and curl 90 lbs on barbell
Measurements: Thighs 26", Biceps 16", Calves 16"

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Country City State Date Begins Date Ends
United Kingdom London 05-01-2018 05-03-2018
United States New York New York 05-08-2018 05-10-2018
United States Chicago Illinois 05-23-2018 05-25-2018
United States Los Angeles California 06-06-2018 06-08-2018
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I should have done this immediately while it was still fresh in my mind but here goes. 'Beware the Ides of March', is what I should have told myself that day. It was a great time and, as I told MBX, I have done a session with another female bodybuilder in the past. I won't say who it was so as not to bad mouth anybody but MBX was definitely the better experience. She's very sweet but a bit sadistic at the same time. It was almost like she read my mind and knew what to do with me in order to put me in my place before she would allow me to worship her muscles. Overall, her physique is mind-blowing but even more so were her quads which she did use on me. Through a series of submission holds she was able to make me tap or say a safe word when it was becoming too much for me. In fact, a few times she laughed at and mocked me for tapping out so easily when she wasn't even applying much pressure. Whatever you do, do not underestimate or antagonize this woman. For example, she did ask me who I did a session with two years prior to our session and I tried to play hard to get and pretend I wasn't at liberty to discuss it. In fact, I foolishly dared her to try and torture that information out of me, huge mistake. She was able to get me to talk pretty quickly and I was disappointed in myself for how easily I gave in thinking I would have lasted a little longer. Let's just say that my neck was still a little sore the next day and I did notice a subconjunctival hemorrhage in my left eye. It's not a big deal but it still hasn't vanished as of today (4/7/2018) and it has caused friends and/or family to ask questions about what caused it so I had to come up with a cover story.
Anyway, it was a great experience doing a session with MBX and I hope to do it again, at some point.


MuscleBeautyX walked into my hotel room looking like a heroine from the pages of an X-Men comic book. In offseason form, she carried massive quads and biceps; her pumped hardness and vascularity gave the appearance that she had arrived straight from the gym. As a guy who likes to keep in shape, standing beside her in a mirror was a slight blow to my ego: my 205lbs seemed to be dwarfed by her outlandish proportions. As impressive as MBX’s striking presence was, I was in greater shock when we started grappling. The fact that I bench press 315lbs for reps mattered very little to MBX, who controlled me in wrestling through superior speed, functional strength and endurance. Her background in mixed martial arts was quite apparent through her facile use of judo chokes and jiu-jitsu holds that were very hard to escape. Not only does MBX know how to fight, she loves to fight and dominate. She has a goddess persona that better be taken seriously if you care about things like oxygen or the blood supply to your extremities. What was even scarier is that she was just as strong and relentless 30 minutes into combat. Only after the bloodlust of the goddess was quenched did she permit me to partake of a more sensual part of the session. It was well worth taking the time to get her to warm up to me. A naturally dominant woman, MBX enjoys forcing her subjects to praise and admire her. She can sense the effect the vascular arms on her muscular body has on her subjects. To top it off, she is an excellent conversationalist and is VERY generous with her time. I will certainly be seeing this beautiful goddess again as she is reason enough to visit Phoenix.

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