Location: Tampa, Florida

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Height: 5'4” - 163 cm
Weight: 175 lbs - 79.4 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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I thought I would provide a little information here for anyone who would like to schedule a session with me. 1. Please email me to set up a session, I prefer that to phone calls. I do not always have a lot of time to be on the phone but I can do all my emails at once daily. 2. When sending an email please put the city/state in the subject line so I know where you are requesting session information. 3. Please email me what type of session you are interested in, as well as the day and time that you prefer. 4. If I have not seen you before I will require a deposit. There are several ways you can get this to me and I will give you more information when you contact me for a session. Session women almost always are footing the entire bill to travel. Airfare, hotel, car rental,taxis, food, gym memberships. It gets expensive. I simply will not travel without deposits. 5. If you are interested in role play or have a specific session request please email it to me so that we can work it out. I enjoy being a big strong woman and providing sessions to my fans. I also appreciate the money you spend on your session time with me. I will always be courteous, discreet,respectful and do my very best to provide you with an excellent session experience. Hope to meet you soon!

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I live just a few miles from Musclefoxx Jenni and have wanted to session with her for years. We have exchanged emails on alot of different occasions but it seems like every time we're about to set something up.....she seems to disappear.


I saw Musclefoxx and OMG, what a strong & sexy lady! She greated me at her hotel room door and took a firm hold of my hand & led me back to the bed. She forcefully pushed me onto the bed and the total domination began. We wrestled some & I tried arm wrestling this strong woman but lost every strength challenge. Musclefoxx is one strong woman! A few times during the session she would pull me off the bed & pick me up. I weigh 235 pounds but she had no problem lifting me! One time she held me with one arm in a front lift & gave a big bicep flex with her other arm which I felt & admired. She teased me of how weak I am compared to her. If you like strong, sexy fbb who is excellent at trash talk, then this lady is for you. Musclefoxx was the best session I ever had! And I saw many fbbs over the years. If you can she is a MUST for you to see.
Musclefoxx has set the standard by which all other session ladies will be judged!

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