Location: Tampa, Florida


Height: 5'4 - 163 cm
Weight: 175 lbs - 79.4 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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About Me

Hello everyone!  Im most well known for my lift and carries but I enjoy many types of sessions.  If you would like the opportunity to worship and adore some truly magnificent muscles, or if you want to be picked up and thrown around like a rag doll, look no further. If you would like to be stuck between some absolutely massive legs, look no further. If you are interested in role-play, another area of expertise, please email me your ideas for approval.

Also, realize I will require a deposit, ALWAYS.   I prefer Paypal for deposits but can also do bitcoin and western union. 

When you do email me, please put the city in the subject line, and provide your preferred day and time when I am visiting your area.  Emails just asking a question about rates will not be returned. 

I treat every client with courtesy and respect and I expect the same treatment.

I love to travel and meet fans from all over the world and I excel at providing xxtra special treatment.  I look forward to meeting you.




Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
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Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Tickle Wrestling
Feats of Strength
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
In-Gym Training


Country City State Date Begins Date Ends
United States Manhattan New York 04-19-2018 04-19-2018
United States Philadelphia Pennsylvania 05-15-2018 05-15-2018
United States Baltimore Maryland 05-17-2018 05-17-2018
United States Arlington Virginia 05-18-2018 05-19-2018


I saw Musclefoxx and OMG, what a strong & sexy lady! She greated me at her hotel room door and took a firm hold of my hand & led me back to the bed. She forcefully pushed me onto the bed and the total domination began. We wrestled some & I tried arm wrestling this strong woman but lost every strength challenge. Musclefoxx is one strong woman! A few times during the session she would pull me off the bed & pick me up. I weigh 235 pounds but she had no problem lifting me! One time she held me with one arm in a front lift & gave a big bicep flex with her other arm which I felt & admired. She teased me of how weak I am compared to her. If you like strong, sexy fbb who is excellent at trash talk, then this lady is for you. Musclefoxx was the best session I ever had! And I saw many fbbs over the years. If you can she is a MUST for you to see.
Musclefoxx has set the standard by which all other session ladies will be judged!


My session with Jennifer was one of the best sessions that I have ever experienced in awhile. I would rate her in my top 5 for best sessions ever! :cheer:

First, I would like to say this lady is a must for all of you to see. She's so much fun, super sweet and truly seems to enjoy what she does! I'm truly looking forward to seeing her again soon. Jennifer has one of the most powerful scissors that I have ever felt, but I could tell she wasn't really giving me her all, but more like toying with me. And I'm not sure if I could have taken those massive quads scissoring me at full power!! She seems to enjoy watching you struggle and suffering as she toys with you and doing this all with a big smile her face. And trust me if you don't tap out from her scissor or sleeper hold, it'll be lights out. It almost happen to me a few times thinking I could take more and trying to hold on as long as I could. She seems to enjoy trash talking as she dominates you, but no matter what you do there isn't much you can do about it. She just simply too strong, and will overpower you. She's surprisingly quick for someone her size combined with her strength and knowing how to wrestle...well it's pretty much a mismatch for almost anyone. She gave me exactly what I asked for and gave me all I could handle while seeming to make it look easy. :laugh: This lady is someone I will see again and again! If you're looking for someone Big, buff and beautiful! Jennifer is your lady!

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