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I thought I would provide a little information here for anyone who would like to schedule a session with me.

1. Please email me to set up a session, I prefer that to phone calls. I do not always have a lot of time to be on the phone but I can do all my emails at once daily.

2. When sending an email please put the city/state in the subject line so I know where you are requesting session information.

3. Please email me what type of session you are interested in, as well as the day and time that you prefer.

4. If I have not seen you before I will require a deposit. There are several ways you can get this to me and I will give you more information when you contact me for a session. Session women almost always are footing the entire bill to travel. Airfare, hotel, car rental,taxis, food, gym memberships. It gets expensive. I simply will not travel without deposits.

5. If you are interested in role play or have a specific session request please email it to me so that we can work it out.

I enjoy being a big strong woman and providing sessions to my fans. I also appreciate the money you spend on your session time with me. I will always be courteous, discreet,respectful and do my very best to provide you with an excellent session experience.

Hope to meet you soon!


Services Offered

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I had the privilege of sessioning with the winner of the NPC USA heavyweight bodybuilding title, Jennifer K., a couple of days after her victory. Her rate is very reasonable considering that she ranks among the highest caliber bodybuilders in the nation. In the days leading up to the session Jennifer was always very professional and she accommodated my request for a session after midnight even though she had an early morning obligation. At the time of the session she continued to be accommodating. Not to mention she was well-groomed, sweet smelling and well-manicured. Her body was a phenomenon in and of itself, as the rarity of a woman 5’4” in height with 16+” veiny biceps is a testament to the rarity of the discipline required to eat the same six meals a day for six months. As a man who weighs around 200lbs and bench presses around 350lbs, I left with a newfound respect for fbb ing after learning how she could eat twice as much as me and still manage to slip her strong legs into posing trunks the size of a rubber band. What distinguishes Jenni even among the best sessioners is the great head on her shoulders. Brains, beauty, brawn— in my book a perfect session.


My session with Jennifer was one of the best sessions that I have ever experienced in awhile. I would rate her in my top 5 for best sessions ever! :cheer:

First, I would like to say this lady is a must for all of you to see. She's so much fun, super sweet and truly seems to enjoy what she does! I'm truly looking forward to seeing her again soon. Jennifer has one of the most powerful scissors that I have ever felt, but I could tell she wasn't really giving me her all, but more like toying with me. And I'm not sure if I could have taken those massive quads scissoring me at full power!! She seems to enjoy watching you struggle and suffering as she toys with you and doing this all with a big smile her face. And trust me if you don't tap out from her scissor or sleeper hold, it'll be lights out. It almost happen to me a few times thinking I could take more and trying to hold on as long as I could. She seems to enjoy trash talking as she dominates you, but no matter what you do there isn't much you can do about it. She just simply too strong, and will overpower you. She's surprisingly quick for someone her size combined with her strength and knowing how to wrestle...well it's pretty much a mismatch for almost anyone. She gave me exactly what I asked for and gave me all I could handle while seeming to make it look easy. :laugh: This lady is someone I will see again and again! If you're looking for someone Big, buff and beautiful! Jennifer is your lady!

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