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Height: 6' - 183 cm
Weight: 195 lbs - 88.5 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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I DO NOT DO WEBCAM/OR VIDEOS AND I DO NOT SESSION IN MY HOME STATE. SORRY. I am a one of a kind "true Amazon" with long flowing hair, standing 6 feet tall without heels and currently weighing 199lbs. My arms are a little over 16 inches, calves 17.5 inches, and thighs 26 inches. I love to wear heels and to tower over you and make you fully understand and appreciate my presence. I am versatile with most types of sessions, I DO NOT do competitive OR even semi-competitive wrestling simply because I dont want to risk any unnecessary injuries that would derail my training and general well being. My apologies in advance. With that being said, my strength is real. And our Session can be as intense as youd like it to be, but my personality will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable with me. I have been sharing my statuesque physique with fans for years and tantalizing them with my distinctive skills and fun loving personality. Unfortunately my day to day routine does not allow for a lot of traveling so definitely take advantage of any travel opportunities you see posted. I DO NOT session in my home state and I DO NOT travel to Europe. I began training at an early age which led to a career in health and wellness and obtaining my masters in Kinesiology and degree in nutrition. Today I take pride in helping others obtain their goals of health and wellness. When I do have a break from my rigorous work and training schedule I generally relax by sitting in front of my computer with yet another meal while returning emails to my friends and fans, or personally interacting with them via web cam. I honestly find it relaxing and borderline therapeutic to interact with you all. -- PLEASE REFRAIN FROM EMAILING ME TO CHAT. I ONLY RESPOND IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT BOOKING A SESSION AND LET ME KNOW THE PLACE, DAY AND TIME YOU ARE INTERESTED IN. THANK YOU Note: Please Read All Disclaimers Anyone who is contacting me is paying me solely for my TIME as an entertainer in your company and nothing more. At no point am I excepting payments of any kind for sexual acts, or solicitation of sex, or anything else illegal. Thank you. I have a 50% deposit rate when traveling from out of town due to trips costing a great deal from flight, hotel, transportation to food. The bottom line is the more someone has on the line to lose the less likelihood there will be a cancellation. Please understand that this is my past experience and if someone does need to cancel for a legitimate reason I will not be left not making money AND losing money due to the travel and expenses affiliated with traveling. Thank you. Please note, I DO NOT DO SEMI COMPETITIVE OR COMPETITIVE WRESTLING. This means when we wrestle and someone is pinned, taken down etc. we stop and start over. We DO NOT continue to fight. If you do not respect my rules I do reserve the right to end the session at any time at your expense; there will be no reimbursement.

Size 12 feet

195 pounds 

6 feet without heels

Around 13% body fat year round

Services Offered

Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pillow Fights
Tickle Wrestling
Belly Punching
In-Gym Training


LA - near LAX



Here's the real truth. She's tall and she's ok looking but she was no where near the shape these pictures portray. I really love tall women and so I was super excited to see her when she came to my city. For me, it was the biggest let down ever. Totally changed the way I view this whole thing. I may never see another person for this sort of thing again. Did she do what I wanted? Yes, the bare minimum. Again, total let down. Maybe she's been having a hard time I don't know, but I left there feeling as though I just wasted A LOT of time thinking about it before it happened and then not to mention that could have gone toward another hobby ;o) Before her I had seen someone that I was quite surprised at the turn out so I know what a good session is and someone that tries to understand you and totally doesn't make you feel like you wasted too much energy in something. If you are looking for someone that has six pack abs, it's not this one. Far from it!


Predator is unlike anyone I ever met. Not only is she stunningly beautiful (these photos here do her no justice and can't imagine why she used them other than to create demand for her under control), she is strong beyond comprehension as as feminine as sny woman can be. Best of all, at least for me, I could communicate so little to her and she not only read my mind but gave it ideas I couldn't fathom. Sweet as can be and affectionate but one of the strongest people you meet.

If you only see one person see her.

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