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I really enjoy what I do! Matches Defined: Fantasy Wrestling: Just what it implies, light wrestling/fantasy role play. Semi-Competitive: A sporty, fun, safe match with mutual respect for one another. ( *No Macho Men*) Fantasy Boxing: A boxing match, with fantasy scripted rounds, light body punches. No punches to the head. Scripted "fake" KOs and punches. Fantasy Boxing: One sided boxing ( me hitting you).Foot Worship :  Scissor Matches: Primarily involving scissors and scissor submissions. Pin Wrestling: Primarily involves wrestling for submission by pin. Domination: I enjoy being dominant using a variety of wrestling holds including but not limited to headlocks, scissors both head and body, sleeper holds, pins, grapevine and grapevine smother combination pins, taunting, etc. Custom Video Orders: I offer custom videos ( 15-30 min. footage). Fee is based on content. No sexual content-do not ask.* Contact me via text: 443-528-5896 email me: raslingal@aol.com ** Will travel if expenses are paid ( air/hotel/session fee)**

Are you a fan? Love female fighting, wrestling,  catfighting, boxing?  Check out my store at the link below 


Services Offered

Phone Chat
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Pro Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Tag Team Matches
Foxy Boxing
Female vs Female
Tickle Wrestling
Belly Punching


Country City Date Begins Date Ends
United States Philadelphia 03-07-2016 12-24-2016
United States Chicago 11-12-2016 11-13-2016
United States Boston 12-03-2016 12-04-2016


I am available via text message/email with at least a 24-48 hour notice :

Baltimore- Available Daily with 48 hour notice.

Philadelphia-Available Daily with 48 hour notice.

Northern VA/DC- Available Daily with 48 hour notice.

South Jersey (New Jersey) -Available Daily with 48 hour notice.

Delaware (Newark, Wilmington)- Available Daily with 48 hour notice. 

* I will require a $100 deposit when traveling/touring in order to book a slot ( unless I know you)*


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