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Hey there;) Just want to say I LOVE my job;)and I love making fantasy/fetish wishes come true;) So please feel free to email me for a session:) Please put your location in the subject so I know where your from. I travel often to NYC, Boston, Washington DC, Ohio, & always open for other cities;) I am not your average national fit chick, I am very strong for my size, my legs & back are the strongest. The guys are always surprised about how strong I AM! I am a southern belle, and love to show you my southern charm;) and dont let my smile fool you....I will Dominate you! I can give you my cell phone when we establish a session in our one on one emails. Please check out my websites/media for what all I offer, if there is something your wanting that is not listed...just ask;) I do have wrestle mats when I session in GA.I also have a full equipted dungeon space for fetish/dommination sessions along with a dungeon in Atlanta/Buckhead area as well. I have many costumes/outfits if your wanting something specific. I love to dress up so just let me know;) Looking forward to hearing from you and having a great session!


xoxo Goddess Samantha Muscle

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PLEASE READ BEFORE INQUIRING WITH ME THE ONLY WAY TO SECURE AN APPOINTMENT WITH ME IS WITH A DEPOSIT. I WILL NOT TRAVEL TO A CITY TO BOOK SESSIONS THAT CANCEL AND NO SHOW. PLEASE INQUIRE WITH TYPE OF SESSION YOU WOULD LIKE w/an ESTIMATED DAY - TIME YOU WISH TO MEET. ALSO PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FIRST NAME AND CITY IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR E-MAIL. THE DEPOSIT IS 100 VIA PAYPAL TO SAMANTHAMUSCLE7@AOL.COM  MY FEES ARE GENERALLY 300 for One Hour and then 200 per hour thereafter for extended sessions. Half hr. sessions are 200. Also note I do not entertain back and forth e-mails that do not lead to an appointment set with a deposit. I do not do phone calls unless we have met in person before. Photos are here in this profile please do not ask me for photos via e-mail or text. Thank you!  Doubles with ANNIE  in Atlanta always available.

Services Offered

Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
Phone Chat
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Boxing
Fantasy Boxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
Foxy Boxing
Female vs Female
Pillow Fights
Tickle Wrestling
Feats of Strength
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching
In-Gym Training


Country City Date Begins Date Ends
United States Columbus 10-25-2016 10-27-2016
United States crystal city area 11-01-2016 11-03-2016
United States Midtown Manhattan area 11-14-2016 11-17-2016
FALL WINTER TOUR SCHEDULE Ohio - Oct 25th thru 27th DC - Nov 1st thru 3rd NYC - Nov 14th thru 17th also offering double wAnnie please email me at my regular email for a quicker reply on a session appt. along with which city - date - time range - session details so this will go easier please let me know you came from here so i know that as well. offering doubles with Annie in our hometown Atlanta GA email for info thanks and cya soon..xoxoo Samantha



I had a session with Samantha from Atlanta today...she is BEAUTIFUL! It says on the WB that she was born in 73, but could swear she was actually born in 83! The only thing that led me to believe she was actually that age was that she still uses AOL. :) But yea...she looks GOOD!

She is a very strong girl too! We started off with some lift and carry type stuff, I'm about 175 lbs, and she was able to lift me just about every way we could think of. Some of the highlights were she was able to do a few push ups while I was laying flat on her back...I taught her how to body slam me, which she did amazingly at...during one of the body slams I told her I was impressed how she was able to hold me up there before slamming me down and she was like "oh, well I can hold you up there for MUCH longer than that." So she proceeded to show me, and WOW, yea she did! She held me up there in the body slam position for a good couple minutes and then slammed me down with a great follow through landing on top of me! She had me put my legs around her waist and lifted me from her front...then had me do the same thing from her back, where she did squats and was even able to do "good mornings" with me on her back!

I then had her get me in a few pins and holds to test her strength on that level. She got me into a grapevine, that even if I had WANTED to get out of, I wouldn't have been able to...I did try, just to see if I could, but she could have held me there for as long as she wanted...and who would I have been to complain about having a girl this beautiful on top of me. She then got me into a cross body pin, where she used her legs to scissor down my one forearm while she layed across my upper body...she anticipated that I was going to try to use my hips to leverage an escape, so she rolled her hips into my throat making it impossible for me to move my upper back. I was able to get my way out of the school girl pin...but granted I can bench press 215 lbs. She also got me into an awesome sleeper hold, where I wanted to see how long I could hold out...I told her I saw one star and I tapped...if I would have been able to withstand the pain, she would have put me out for sure!

I am a big, strong, athletic personal trainer, so she wasn't able to tap me when we moved on to the semi-comp portion of the session...but it was still a lot of fun to feel her strength and roll around with her...she was still very difficult to get down...if you are not athletic or trained, you won't stand the same chance that I did. If she does decide she wants to beat someone like me, I'm sure in as little as a year of BJJ training she would be able to do it with no problem, because she is very strong and has a good grasp on the basics, just needs to learn how to transition into the moves.

Overall though, she is an awesome girl and I had a great time with her...and this was even 2 days after her figure I'm sure she is EVEN stronger when not this close to a contest!


As beautiful as she appears in photographs, Samantha is even more stunning in person with a ready (if somewhat mischievous) smile who is all about making sure that you have a great session experience. Do not underestimate her strength! Do so at your own peril. Her scissors are punishing and there is absolutely no hope for escape.

She really and truly enjoys the session and you will too. She's not a clock watcher and in fact is generous with her time. She is accommodating and easy to communicate with on the setup. If you are in Atlanta or in one of the cities to which she frequently travels, you really do need to session with her. It will be an unforgettably awesome experience.

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