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Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 2015

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Will Be attending FetishCon in St. Petersburg Florida for sessions on August 8th & 9th but Also wanting to do video/photo shoots as well on Aug 10th thru 12th Email me at my regular email to set any of these things up and for rates for both things:) 


Hey there;) Just want to say I LOVE my job;)and I love making fantasy/fetish wishes come true;) So please feel free to email me for a session:) Please put your location in the subject so I know where your from. I travel often to NYC, Boston, Washington DC, Ohio, & always open for other cities;) I am not your average national fit chick, I am very strong for my size, my legs & back are the strongest. The guys are always surprised about how strong I AM! I am a southern belle, and love to show you my southern charm;) and dont let my smile fool you....I will Dominate you! I can give you my cell phone when we establish a session in our one on one emails. Please check out my websites/media for what all I offer, if there is something your wanting that is not listed...just ask;) I do have wrestle mats when I session in GA.I also have a full equipted dungeon space for fetish/dommination sessions along with a dungeon in Atlanta/Buckhead area as well. I have many costumes/outfits if your wanting something specific. I love to dress up so just let me know;) Looking forward to hearing from you and having a great session!


xoxo Goddess Samantha Muscle

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PLEASE READ BEFORE INQUIRING WITH ME THE ONLY WAY TO SECURE AN APPOINTMENT WITH ME IS WITH A DEPOSIT. I WILL NOT TRAVEL TO A CITY TO BOOK SESSIONS THAT CANCEL AND NO SHOW. PLEASE INQUIRE WITH TYPE OF SESSION YOU WOULD LIKE w/an ESTIMATED DAY - TIME YOU WISH TO MEET. ALSO PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR FIRST NAME AND CITY IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR E-MAIL. THE DEPOSIT IS 100 VIA PAYPAL TO SAMANTHAMUSCLE7@AOL.COM  MY FEES ARE GENERALLY 300 for One Hour and then 200 per hour thereafter for extended sessions. Half hr. sessions are 200. Also note I do not entertain back and forth e-mails that do not lead to an appointment set with a deposit. I do not do phone calls unless we have met in person before. Photos are here in this profile please do not ask me for photos via e-mail or text. Thank you!  Doubles with ANNIE  in Atlanta always available.

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Country City State Date Begins Date Ends
United States St Petersburg - FetCon Florida 08-08-2017 08-12-2017
2017 TOUR SCHEDULE August 8th thru 12th St. Petersburg Florida for FetCon FLORIDA for FetishCon Looking for paid photovideo shoots Also doing In person Sessions please email me at my regular email for a quicker reply on a session appt. along with which city - date - time range - session details so this will go easier please let me know you came from here so i know that as well. offering doubles with Annie in our hometown Atlanta GA email for info thanks and cya soon..xoxoo Samantha



My first and only session so far.

After the first time looking at her website and reviews I decided she is the one. She seemed sexy, strong and confident. I was traveling to Atlanta so I emailed her ahead of time, established communication and told her my likes and dislikes. My dislikes included foot fetish, spanking and strap on.

So I arrived in town and through emails we setup a night to meet. She emailed me her phone number two hours prior to the appointment and there she gave me directions to get to her. It was quite a drive from where I stayed but definitely worth it. As I get closer to her, I got more nervious cuz it's my first time to meet anyone like that.

At last I arrive at her doorstep and come to the front door where she opened wearing short silky black rope. Awww she looked sexy as ever. My heart starting beating faster due to combination of nerviousness and anxiousness. In fact my heart is beating the same now as I'm writing this Ufffff.

So I step in and she hugs me, and squeezed Briefly. I felt her strength around my chest and back and felt her strong back muscles. I tell you I melted emotionally right then and there. Then as we were having conversations she showed me her dungeon and wrestling rooms. For some reason after feeling her dominant hug and seeing the dungeon room I wanted to be in there immediately. However I asked that we proceed to wrestling.

I changed into my boxer briefs. She asked me to step ahead of her into the room. As I did, she took a slight squeeze of my left bun and said hmmm I like that underwear and laughed. Awweeee.

Anyway, we started with some wrestling, which was fairly competitive as I am pretty fit myself. Fun and Sweaty!. I have a scent fetish so there was my wish. As we wrestled she often asked me to stop and sample her body and armpit scents. It was amazing. She doesn't stink at all. She smells awesome just a nice body smell to her so intoxicating. Indescribable.

After, she showed different poses of scissors. She can knock you out with a smile on her face no matter who you are. They are inescapable.

We then proceeded to my favorite request, Facesitting. School girl pin frontward backward you name it. I felt so dominated until I gathered my strength and asked for some Spanking and she obliged. She even incorporated dirtier talking. Oh my. I'm glad I did that with her. I regret not asking for some foot play even though I'm so not into that but I wish I did it with her I don't know why but I wanted it. Well at least I got the spanking part.

She is so strong, dominating, fun, good spirited, elegant, intelligent, classy and with a beautiful smile. My kind of woman. And yes, SEXYYY.

I wish I had more time in Atlanta to do more sessions with her. For sure wouldn't miss another chance with her. I hope at least one more time in the future we get together.

I miss you already, strong squeezy HUGS....from you of course :p lol



I had an amazing session with Samantha she is top notch all the way. It starts with prompt and professional communications while we set up the session and it is always nice to have confirmation the day before to make sure there are no issues.
I was lucky enough to be able to session at her location in the Atlanta area and it is terrific a beautiful, clean setup with a well padded session room. It really sets the tone for the session.
Samantha greeted me at the door and she is absolutely amazing looking a fantastic body and a wicked little smile, which she keeps using often during the session. After a few minutes to talk to get comfortable and to change we move into the room. Samantha was outstanding at guiding the session to meet my desires and really made the session amazing.
We did boxing and wrestling and she was great at each I will tell you if she gets you in a scissors you will tap! She just flexes and relaxes the scissors and they are very powerful. She is a fast puncher and cornered me on several occasions just wailed away putting me down. She kept up a great banter of trash talk the entire time and when you are on the ground she gets this look of a predator in her eyes and it is amazing!
Samantha is a true Southern Belle and amazing hostess and I highly recommend you to set up a session when she is available. I know I am fortunate that she is local to me so I will be having other sessions in the future.

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