Location: Atlanta, Georgia
E-mail: SamanthaMuscle7@aol.com
Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 2016


I recently had a semi-competitve session with Samantha, and this woman absolutely does not disappoint. I don't have a single bad thing to say about the session: setting it up was quick and simple; her place is very well set-up for a wrestling match; she nailed the attire request; she's a great wrestler without being too hard on you (unless you want her to be), and she's an extremely charming lady to boot. I heartily recommend her for any services she offers.


My first and only session so far.

After the first time looking at her website and reviews I decided she is the one. She seemed sexy, strong and confident. I was traveling to Atlanta so I emailed her ahead of time, established communication and told her my likes and dislikes. My dislikes included foot fetish, spanking and strap on.

So I arrived in town and through emails we setup a night to meet. She emailed me her phone number two hours prior to the appointment and there she gave me directions to get to her. It was quite a drive from where I stayed but definitely worth it. As I get closer to her, I got more nervious cuz it's my first time to meet anyone like that.

At last I arrive at her doorstep and come to the front door where she opened wearing short silky black rope. Awww she looked sexy as ever. My heart starting beating faster due to combination of nerviousness and anxiousness. In fact my heart is beating the same now as I'm writing this Ufffff.

So I step in and she hugs me, and squeezed Briefly. I felt her strength around my chest and back and felt her strong back muscles. I tell you I melted emotionally right then and there. Then as we were having conversations she showed me her dungeon and wrestling rooms. For some reason after feeling her dominant hug and seeing the dungeon room I wanted to be in there immediately. However I asked that we proceed to wrestling.

I changed into my boxer briefs. She asked me to step ahead of her into the room. As I did, she took a slight squeeze of my left bun and said hmmm I like that underwear and laughed. Awweeee.

Anyway, we started with some wrestling, which was fairly competitive as I am pretty fit myself. Fun and Sweaty!. I have a scent fetish so there was my wish. As we wrestled she often asked me to stop and sample her body and armpit scents. It was amazing. She doesn't stink at all. She smells awesome just a nice body smell to her so intoxicating. Indescribable.

After, she showed different poses of scissors. She can knock you out with a smile on her face no matter who you are. They are inescapable.

We then proceeded to my favorite request, Facesitting. School girl pin frontward backward you name it. I felt so dominated until I gathered my strength and asked for some Spanking and she obliged. She even incorporated dirtier talking. Oh my. I'm glad I did that with her. I regret not asking for some foot play even though I'm so not into that but I wish I did it with her I don't know why but I wanted it. Well at least I got the spanking part.

She is so strong, dominating, fun, good spirited, elegant, intelligent, classy and with a beautiful smile. My kind of woman. And yes, SEXYYY.

I wish I had more time in Atlanta to do more sessions with her. For sure wouldn't miss another chance with her. I hope at least one more time in the future we get together.

I miss you already, strong squeezy HUGS....from you of course :p lol



I had an amazing session with Samantha she is top notch all the way. It starts with prompt and professional communications while we set up the session and it is always nice to have confirmation the day before to make sure there are no issues.
I was lucky enough to be able to session at her location in the Atlanta area and it is terrific a beautiful, clean setup with a well padded session room. It really sets the tone for the session.
Samantha greeted me at the door and she is absolutely amazing looking a fantastic body and a wicked little smile, which she keeps using often during the session. After a few minutes to talk to get comfortable and to change we move into the room. Samantha was outstanding at guiding the session to meet my desires and really made the session amazing.
We did boxing and wrestling and she was great at each I will tell you if she gets you in a scissors you will tap! She just flexes and relaxes the scissors and they are very powerful. She is a fast puncher and cornered me on several occasions just wailed away putting me down. She kept up a great banter of trash talk the entire time and when you are on the ground she gets this look of a predator in her eyes and it is amazing!
Samantha is a true Southern Belle and amazing hostess and I highly recommend you to set up a session when she is available. I know I am fortunate that she is local to me so I will be having other sessions in the future.


This is my review of my 20th session with Goddess Samantha.

I used to say that Julie Newmar was my favorite Catwoman. That was until I saw Goddess Samantha play the role! Goddess Samantha will now always be my all time favorite Catwoman! We have had several sessions with the Batman-Catwoman theme.

In prior sessions, Catwoman was able to clearly establish her dominance and conquer the submission of Batman. She would often rough up, tease, whip, and play with her "Bat toy", while the chemistry between the two was always evident. curiously, almost every session done with the Catwoman-Batman theme had been done in the dungeon, and this session was taking place in her residence. It was a good time for the two to secretly seal their union in marriage!

Batman arrived at the home of his Catwoman bride, expecting to consummate their union. Catwoman, however, had other plans! She wanted to make sure her Bat-hubby understood that she would still be the absolute boss of the household, even if they were now married! She ordered her hubby to strip down, and she started to lecture him on his need to be obedient. She even put him across her strong feline lap for a spanking meant to warn him as to what he could expect should he ever disobey or displease her.

Once Batman was allowed to stand back up, he was ready to kiss his bride. Catwoman, however, gagged him with a ball. She knew what a strong fetish he had for her lips, and did a tremendous time of tease and denial, as she licked and kissed the ball that was gagging Batman! How he wished his lips were free to enjoy her divine lips!

Still gagged, Batman was ordered to the ground to be hog tied, or should I say "cat tied"?! As he squirmed on the floor, his bride was just a few feet away on the bed, teasing him to try to come and get her! Of course he was immobilized, so she continued her kitty teasing by slowly removing her cat suit to reveal sculptured body in a black leather bikini! Wow! Though it was not previously planned, the music that was playing was perfect for these moments of "strip tease"!

Once she untied and ungagged him, Catwoman Goddess put her Bat hubby in a trance as she held him from behind (both of us were sitting) and purred out the order for him to talk about the moments that were most engraved in his mind in the 19 prior sessions. Yes! I remembered every session! This was a rather prolonged time, as the combination of re-living the memories with the hypnotic purrs and occasional cheek kisses of Catwoman's approval sent me into frequent shouts of sub-space. This was quite an exciting moment for me as the Goddess-slave bond was very evident! I took advantage of these moments to muscle worship the powerful arms and legs of my Goddess!

Catwoman once again needed to demonstrate her ownership by marking her Batman! This was done a bit with her cat whip, but mostly by her cat nails scratching all over my back! For those with access to Twitter, you can check out some of the images here:
- https://twitter.com/mikewillet1/status/734540439894790146
- https://twitter.com/mikewillet1/status/734541153077473280
- https://twitter.com/mikewillet1/status/734541569966104576

The session came to a close with a few ecstatic Goddess-slave interactions. Once I am in sub-space, my Goddess becomes even more stunningly beautiful, and she continued to tease me with her irresistibly divine lips and smile. The way she conducted the whole session had me literally quivering in intense sub-space! Then that special end of session embrace! What an unforgettable session! It seems that each session with Goddess Samantha is more intensely pleasurable than the previous session!

Have you ever been curious about serving a very strong, yet sensually feminine woman? You have to enter into contact with Goddess Samantha! She is highly professional and extremely discreet. She not only enjoys what she does, she also cares deeply for the submissives who allow her to demonstrate her dominance. Likewise, as her slave, I am crazy about the Goddess that allows me to explore and celebrate my submissive tendencies! I urge you to get the ball rolling by sending her an email at samanthamuscle7@aol.com. You won't be sorry!

Want to know more about my ravishing Goddess? Check out her sites below:
Goddess Samantha - sites
follow the blog of Goddess Samantha


This is the review of my 19th session with Goddess Samantha! It is a pleasure to serve and obey my ravishing Goddess! Our sessions always involve role plays, and Goddess Samantha has role played everything from the bratty teenage school girl bully, to the very mature school principal, and even roles with similar age frames.
One role play theme that has been repeated often is the pre-teen school boy and his wrestling Goddess Ann Casey. I recall my first teen crush, when I observed the beauty and maturity of Ann Casey in magazines. It is a crush which has endured, and Goddess Samantha does a stunning blond version of the eternal wrestling diva!
In our most recent role play, I was picking up the wrestling Goddess Ann Casey from the airport, where she was returning from Columbus, Ohio, after challenging the Fabulous Moolah for the women’s title. Though Goddess Ann Casey had dominated the match in every way, when she was on the verge of finishing the match, and winning the title, Moolah’s pesky ring boy interfered in the match. Though Moolah was disqualified, and Ann Casey won the match, the title does not change hands on a disqualification! Ann Casey was not pleased! She just had to give someone a beating to vent her frustration. Being she was too fond of me, her slave of several years, she was not at all fond of Moolah’s ring boy. Therefore, I was ordered to assume the role of the ring boy so she could give him the beating he so deserved!
To please my Goddess, I assumed the role of Moolah’s ring boy, who happened to be about my same age anyway. On the mats, he was taught a lesson with devastating head scissors, and a wide variety of painful holds! The ring boy was twisted like a pretzel, and had to endure several knees and kicks to the ribs.

My Goddess arrived back in Atlanta a bit banged up from some intense mixed wrestling matches she had on her trip (of course she won all her matches, but was still quite sore!), so she ordered a worshipful rub down, which was intensely pleasurable to obey! I gave some deep tissue massage to her feet, legs and back, and it was incredibly satisfying to bring relief to the aching muscles of my Goddess! It had always been a personal fetish of mine to be able to rub down the woman that had just kicked my ass! I wish I could have rubbed her down all night! But every intense session must eventually come to an end…
What can I say about my Goddess? Though I may repeat myself often from one review to another, here are some of her characteristics:
1) She is incredibly strong and muscular, yet mysteriously soft and feminine at the same time. This intensifies the pleasure of muscle worship;
2) She gets much pleasure out of making your fetish dreams come true. She pays close attention to any detail you may mention in the emails leading up to the session;
3) She is very discreet and professional;
4) She loves to role play, and does an excellent job at it! You need not be shy to bring up your role play ideas. Do you want her to be the mature older woman? No problem! This series of sessions has her role playing Ann Casey, who is about 15 years older than her young admiring slave! Do you want her to be the young crazy sadistic school girl? Be careful what you wish for! When she role played the crazy sadistic school girl, I was like a rag doll that she managed to throw around at will, even though I was 50 pounds heavier than her! Have you ever dreamed of being dominated by Cat Woman? Tell Goddess Samantha about it! There have been many great Cat Women through the years (Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeifer, Julie Newmar...), but none are as "purr-fect" as Goddess Samantha! Do you want to be spanked by the sexy school teacher? She will take you across her knee and teach you how to behave!
5) She maintains her focus during the entire session, and enjoys what she does, which increases my enjoyment of every session;
6) Though she enjoys beating and marking her slaves, she also has tender emotions for them. In other words, she truly cares for her slaves!;
7) She uses all the space in the room very deliberately! She knows how to move around, how to tease, how to sting with her bare hand or implements, and how to soothe the pain with a gentle touch. With Goddess Samantha, you never know what is coming next!
Want to know more about my ravishing Goddess? Check out her sites below:
Goddess Samantha - sites
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Goddess Samantha: Ann Casey: b-day beat down/ Season's Beating!

This is the review of my 18th session with Goddess Samantha! It all started with our first session two years ago, when I wanted to wrestle with a strong beautiful woman who was actually shorter than me, but would be able to defeat me in a grappling match. Goddess Samantha fits the bill! Within 5 minutes of that first match, I knew I could never defeat her! Most of our sessions involve a bit of grappling, but we also do quite a bit of Goddess/slave role-play as well.

I consider myself to be a man of above average strength, and when it comes to wrestling, I am also above average. But Goddess Samantha is able to easily toss me around like a rag doll when we start to grapple!

Her legs are rock hard, and when she gets her scissors clamped on, it's all over! I remember one session where she got my wrist Trapped in a scissor. Easy, right? Just jostle your hand free, and continue on! But when she gets anything secured in her scissor hold, there is no escape!

Many years ago, when I was a pre-teen, I remember my 1st celebrity crush: the female wrestler, Ann Casey! Though I have explained this in prior reviews, I was hypnotized by Ann Casey's mature beauty, her tough in ring dominance, and her overall sensuality! Needless to say, four of my past six sessions with Goddess Samantha have been dedicated to Ann Casey! Goddess Samantha plays the blond version of the legendary wrestler. We have managed to do some time travel, in that one of our sessions celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the union between Ann Casey and her "teen slave".

In this session, we mixed a little bit of reality into our role play. Two pieces of reality: I was celebrating my birthday, and I was also celebrating the 2 year anniversary of the first time I was actually marked by my Goddess! Therefore, in our role play, Ann Casey summoned her "Still teenage" slave for a special birthday beat down/ AKA "season's beating". When Ann Casey 1st accepted the young teen slave, she was amused at the thought of having her own boy toy, but as the 2 years progressed, his devotion and loyalty caused her to become even more fond of her slave. The mysterious fondness served as a mind fuck for her teen slave, for he was not sure if he was being summoned to get a beating, some loving, or a bit of both!

Goddess Samantha knows that two of my strongest fetishes are her bikini-clad muscular body and her incredible lips! Both were well explored during the session, for when I arrived at Ann Casey's house, she was already wearing my favorite white bikini, and of course her lips are ever present during the session! In fact, I often force myself not to look at her lips to keep from going too crazy over them!

As the session started, I was put across her lap for an OTK birthday spanking, which reddened my rear quite a bit! We then went to her wrestling room where we mixed it up a bit with some grappling. As I have already stated, once she gets her scissors clamped on, a tap out is inevitable. Her 1st scissors, however, caught my head and arm, and I was able to resist for quite a while, until I finally had to tap out. Once she caught my head in a clean head scissors, she can get me to tap whenever she so desires! Sometimes she just traps me between her legs in such a way that I am able to bear it, yet she keeps the pressure strong enough to where I realize that escape is out of the question! She teases me in such holds, and the moment she wants me to tap, she simply applies a thrust of power. When that happens, I must either tap out, or I will pass out! She got me in several holds, using her arms and legs to wrap me up in different ways! I managed to get some foot worship and muscle worship sneaked in during our time of grappling! I also got a sound beating, as my ribs, belly and back were tortured by kicks and punches. The more my Goddess beats me, the more I desire to grab her and hold her tenderly! I guess only a true hard core submissive can understand this dynamic.

Though our sessions also involve other aspects of domination, such as whipping and bondage, I will stay within the bounds of wrestling in this review.

A trade mark aspect of any session with Goddess Samantha is a warm post session embrace. It is a thrill to embrace the woman who just totally owned me over the past 2 hours!

It is hard to explain why I am so crazy about my Goddess! I had never been attracted to muscular women, finding them to be too masculinized. But there are several paradoxical qualities when it comes to Goddess Samantha! She is very muscular, yet extremely feminine! She is rock hard, yet sensually soft! She is sadistically strict, yet sweetly gentle! Each time I am with her, it is more than a session; it is an event!

My Goddess is beyond amazing! She is very professional and discreet, and actually feeds off the enjoyment she provides for her submissives! I am always surprised that she remembers all the small details I write about in e-mails sent when setting up the sessions. You need not be afraid to open up your desires and curiosities, for she will take you where you are at, and help you explore new areas of submission and fetish. For example, when I marked my first session with Goddess Samantha over 2 years ago, all I was interested in was the sensation of grappling and being overpowered by a strong beautiful woman who was a bit smaller than me. I had no desire to do any foot worship, muscle worship, or strap-on activity. However, as I continued to mark sessions, new areas were experimented with, and now those three areas are part of every session. She will respect your desires, so be careful of what you wish for! She is also so creative in her role play. What do you have to lose? Get the ball rolling by sending her an email, and you’ll see what happens from there. Her e-mail: samanthamuscle7@aol.com.

Want to know more about my ravishing Goddess? Check out her sites below:
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This was the 3rd consecutive session that Goddess Samantha interpreted the legendary female wrestler, Ann Casey! When I was a pre-teenager, I remember reading about Ann Casey in a wrestling magazine. I was fascinated by the grace, strength and beauty of this lovely, older woman, and I have had a lifetime crush on her ever since! Perhaps that is why we have repeated the same role play for the past 3 sessions. The review of the 1st session where she role played Ann Casey: http://www.maxfisch.com/thehang/ubbthreads.php/topics/1643331/Goddess_Samantha_role_plays_wr#Post1643331

Some funny things happened leading up to this 3rd session with Ann Casey. First of all, we had combined by email that we would be celebrating 10 years of Goddess/slave union. However, on the evening we had marked, I had to postpone the session for the following morning, and when I ventured to our meeting place the next morning, I used a new GPS system on my smart phone which got me totally lost, forcing me to cancel our session. Though the cancellation was not intentional, I knew my Goddess was not pleased! We decided to implement some of these details into our role play.

The role play went like this: Ann Casey summoned her grown up teenage slave for a surprise celebration of their 10 year union. When the teen slave cancelled one summons, and failed to even show up at the next session he was summoned to, Ann Casey sternly summoned him one last time.

When the teenage slave (now 22 years old) finally showed up, the wrestling Goddess Ann Casey was looking as elegant and beautiful as ever! Once the role play started, she immediately expressed her displeasure in the childish behavior of her slave. She explained how she had a nice celebration planned for their 10 year union, but her slave was clueless that 10 years had passed! She gave him a good scolding, and announced she was about to deliver a farewell beat-down, then dismiss her long-time slave! So she would not have to listen to his pleas for her to reconsider, she fastened a gag to his mouth, and started her discipline with a butt reddening OTK spanking!

She then lead her slave to her wrestling mat, ordering him not to touch her! He could have experienced the muscle worship he enjoys so much had he not stood her up! She was stronger and more powerful than ever, and she took out her frustration with some powerful head scissors, and even clamped on a body scissor right around the mid section. I was gasping as I tried to resist the pressure, but had to tap out before I passed out! I was also trapped in a well applied camel clutch! During most of this time, when I had enough breath, I futilely pleaded with my Goddess not to release me, yet the punishment continued. I was definitely paying the price for standing up my Goddess! At the same time, I was terrified at the thought that I was on the verge of losing my treasured Goddess, and that this might possibly end up being the last beat down I would be receiving from her! Yet it appeared that my emotional pleas for her to reconsider were falling on deaf ears. All the while, she completely owned me on the mat, twisting me in a variety of inescapable holds!

There were some moments on the mat where I could not plead. for I was trapped in some amazing suffocation of her face sits! It is really hard to plead my case when Goddess is sitting on my face! And all the while I was still forbidden from touching her perfectly sculptured muscles. For those with access to Fetlife, here is an example of how she looked: https://fetlife.com/users/1916204/pictures/40204550

Still expressing her displeasure, Goddess bent me over her bench and clamped my arms down. It would apparently be my farewell strap-on experience. Through it all, I gasped out more beggings not to be released, yet it appeared that Goddess was determined to teach what happens when she is stood up. I remember when she finally ended the strap-on penetration, and left the room to remove her strap-on, I was still tied down to the bench. I shivered when I heard the sound of her heels as she walked back toward the room I was tied down in! She also showed her Catwoman characteristics as she did some scratching on my back. I barely even felt the scratches due to so many endorphins shooting through my body! Here is a Fetlife photo of Goddess showing off the scratch marks: https://fetlife.com/users/1916204/pictures/40204616

By this point in the session, Goddess was starting to warm up to her slave and releasing her forgiveness. She lead him to her swimming pool. Inside the pool, he was finally allowed to do some foot worship as well as muscle worship. Her muscles felt so silky as the water from the pool combined with the moisturizer she had used on her body before the session started. In the context of pool play, she declared that she was never really seriously going to release me, but I needed to sense the privilege of serving such an amazing Goddess! What a relief to know I would still have the privilege to call her my Goddess!

Yes! My Goddess is amazing! The mysterious Goddess/slave connection can not be adequately described or explained in a simple review. Goddess Samantha will sense right where you are, and think through a session that will make your deepest dreams come true! When she perceives her slaves' pleasure, she feeds off the energy! She truly enjoys making dreams come true, so you must mark a session with Goddess Samantha! You will not be sorry! Send her an email to get the ball rolling! Her e-mail: samanthamuscle7@aol.com.

Want to know more about my ravishing Goddess? Check out her sites below:
Goddess Samantha - sites
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I had the pleasure of meeting Samantha about a year ago in TO. I tend to be a little shy in the company of Women I do not know, she could see I was nervous and immediately took action to put me at ease. Once the session began, I knew I had made a great decision reaching out to Samantha. There were a few things I had asked Samantha to include in our time, she delivered on ever one. The fact I could see in her face that she truley enjoyed what she was doing, made the experience so much better. Samantha is every bit as beautiful as her picturs show. Her personality and Southern accent were an unexpected bonus. As the session was reaching its end, Samantha took great care of me as I was exiting subspace. I can not emphasize enough how much care Samantha takes to ensure your session is the experience/fantasy you were hoping for. Samantha truly is a Wonder Women.


wow!!! What else can I say. Samantha is a true Southern Bell Barbie. She is strong enough and skilled enough to have you tapping in her various holds in seconds. Her Sleeper Hold is the very best I have ever experienced. I could feel the power in her arms as it was around my neck, and although I could feel the pressure there was no pain as in other girls sleepers. It was like a loving hug from a python. If you ever pass thru Atlanta, you owe it to yourself to get a session with her. 5 stars all the way


If you've been through Atlanta and haven't sessioned with Samantha, [b]shame on you![/b] I promise that you will have an awesome session with one of the sweetest people in the business. But when you come to grips on the mat, that sweetness goes away and is replaced by an opponent rapidly gaining grappling and submission skills to complement her awesome scissor game. And if you think her photos are hot, wait until you meet her in person.

I can't recommend her highly enough. Very professional on making arrangements, she is also courteous and considerate and loves to role play (and is excellent at it!).

In all ways, she's a "10."


Just had a Fantasy Wrestling session with Samantha Muscle and it was one of the best times of my life! This was my very first wrestling session and what a way to kick it off. She was on time with her meeting, very enjoyable to talk to, and made me feel very comfortable by putting my nervousness at ease.

I told her all of my wishes and she fulfilled every one of them and went beyond! The session was never rushed and it felt like she was having more fun than I was and let me tell you, I haven't experienced this much fun in a long time! If you are looking for a Fantasy Wrestling session and unsure who to go to, I highly recommend you contact Samantha right away!

The only hiccup was the camera situation but she was very professional about it and we found ways to get other cameras working in place of them. Also, the session started when the wrestling started instead of the time we are supposed to meet so that was a MAJOR plus since at first I thought the camera situation was going to cut into our time together. I had a wonderful time and excited for my next wrestling session :) .


Three words: BEST. SESSION. EVER. Whatever you need to do to book a session with Samantha, you really have to do it. Very easy to work with on setup and once you're in session, you're in for a treat. Love being scissored? The satin brutality of her amazing thighs will have you submitting quickly. She's also excellent at role play and will make your wishes come to life.

The best rating on this site is five stars ... But I really want to give her a perfect "10" because that's what she is.


As beautiful as she appears in photographs, Samantha is even more stunning in person with a ready (if somewhat mischievous) smile who is all about making sure that you have a great session experience. Do not underestimate her strength! Do so at your own peril. Her scissors are punishing and there is absolutely no hope for escape.

She really and truly enjoys the session and you will too. She's not a clock watcher and in fact is generous with her time. She is accommodating and easy to communicate with on the setup. If you are in Atlanta or in one of the cities to which she frequently travels, you really do need to session with her. It will be an unforgettably awesome experience.


I had a session with Samantha from Atlanta today...she is BEAUTIFUL! It says on the WB that she was born in 73, but could swear she was actually born in 83! The only thing that led me to believe she was actually that age was that she still uses AOL. :) But yea...she looks GOOD!

She is a very strong girl too! We started off with some lift and carry type stuff, I'm about 175 lbs, and she was able to lift me just about every way we could think of. Some of the highlights were she was able to do a few push ups while I was laying flat on her back...I taught her how to body slam me, which she did amazingly at...during one of the body slams I told her I was impressed how she was able to hold me up there before slamming me down and she was like "oh, well I can hold you up there for MUCH longer than that." So she proceeded to show me, and WOW, yea she did! She held me up there in the body slam position for a good couple minutes and then slammed me down with a great follow through landing on top of me! She had me put my legs around her waist and lifted me from her front...then had me do the same thing from her back, where she did squats and was even able to do "good mornings" with me on her back!

I then had her get me in a few pins and holds to test her strength on that level. She got me into a grapevine, that even if I had WANTED to get out of, I wouldn't have been able to...I did try, just to see if I could, but she could have held me there for as long as she wanted...and who would I have been to complain about having a girl this beautiful on top of me. She then got me into a cross body pin, where she used her legs to scissor down my one forearm while she layed across my upper body...she anticipated that I was going to try to use my hips to leverage an escape, so she rolled her hips into my throat making it impossible for me to move my upper back. I was able to get my way out of the school girl pin...but granted I can bench press 215 lbs. She also got me into an awesome sleeper hold, where I wanted to see how long I could hold out...I told her I saw one star and I tapped...if I would have been able to withstand the pain, she would have put me out for sure!

I am a big, strong, athletic personal trainer, so she wasn't able to tap me when we moved on to the semi-comp portion of the session...but it was still a lot of fun to feel her strength and roll around with her...she was still very difficult to get down...if you are not athletic or trained, you won't stand the same chance that I did. If she does decide she wants to beat someone like me, I'm sure in as little as a year of BJJ training she would be able to do it with no problem, because she is very strong and has a good grasp on the basics, just needs to learn how to transition into the moves.

Overall though, she is an awesome girl and I had a great time with her...and this was even 2 days after her figure competition...so I'm sure she is EVEN stronger when not this close to a contest!