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They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but that's not necessarily true. The finer moments in life, those that challenge, bewilder, confuse, and dazzle...that's the stuff you should think about taking with you.

I'm a writer by day, Mistress by Night. And then there's my production company, Podcasts, Blogs, short stories, graphic novels, "Human Furniture and the Quest for the Perfect Woman," a feature film, you know, hobbies. This here, this meeting of strangers with similar minds and quietly combusting hearts, this is my fodder, my cupcakes, my breath of morning air.

At 5'11'' in my stalking size 11 feet, 36D-26-38, I'm not petite by any measure. My avid fans prefer when I am in stockings, stilettos, and an impressive push-up bra. I am truly an Amazon in size, mind, and passion. I'm naturally strong, a nature-lover with a BDSM twist. It is my only goal to completely amaze, appease, and crush my willing victims, leaving them spent in the aftermath of a dominating, powerful woman who loves all manner of humanity and its various forms. That's all a cute way of saying, I get off on the power of surrender. I dabbled in Wrestling in high school, so I own the basics in amateur status, and while training in my own personal time, am eagerly awaiting formidable partners that would love to show off their moves and enhance my own. I kickbox for strength, energy, and the sheer joy of it and have been a faithful yogi for the last fifteen years. Email me for more pictures and commentary. Welcome to my playground.

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Back on the road again and ready to pack those bags and bikinis!



I had the pleasure to session with Scarlett today, WOW! First she is very beautiful and she has a fantastic sense of humor. This was my first ever session and Scarlett really went all out to work with my session desires. My session was part semi-competitive boxing and part wrestling/scissors. She is a very good boxer and she really pushed me around with body shots, she would sneak in the occasional smother or schoolgirl pin when she dropped me. While I outweighed her by 100+ pounds when she got me down I could not budge her and when she clamped on a scissors I saw stars! She was a blast to talk with in between rounds and has a great laugh. I highly recommend Scarlett as she can KO you with her hands, legs, or various smothers.


I ended up in Las Vegas recently and got my rematch with Scarlett. Confirmed my first experience - Scarlett is a pretty good wrestler. I have roughly 100 lbs on her and some training in bjj and judo. She got the first submission roughly an hour into the session with a choke she got past my defenses. I returned the favor with a submission from her a couple minutes later. And she got the last one at the end of the match when she caught me with something I had dodged earlier in the match.

Had a great time. Look forward to crossing paths with her again for a third match.

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