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"HI Im Skylar Rene aka SKY :) and I am here to show you what an incredibly beautiful, extremely powerful, highly skilled woman can do to you... And lets be honest, that is why you are here too. Youre looking at my picture and you know I am better than you. You are intimidated just by looking at me. I will have you begging for mercy over and over and over again. Youve never experienced my power, but you will. Perhaps you want something a little less competitive, but I will not take it easy on you, you will still know youve been dominated and beaten. Or perhaps you want to take the easy way out, admit that I am your superior and simply worship my incredible legs & beautiful feet. No matter what you are here for, you will never forget a session with me... NEVER."

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PS. I also offer double sessions with Sydney Thunder (, in the OC & LA area! We are also willing to travel upon request & if expenses are paid for. Email either one of us to set up the perfect tag team double session!

* Please email me for any serious inquiries > *


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Services Offered

Fantasy Wrestling
Pro Wrestling
2 on 1 Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
Tag Team Matches
Foxy Boxing
Pillow Fights
Tickle Wrestling
Feats of Strength
Belly Punching
In-Gym Training


LOOK ABOVE for travel dates. PLEASE email me for all serious inquiries. If you are interested in being a travel sponsor I am always looking! Email me for details. For any traveling sessions I will ALWAYS ask for a deposit when booking to guarantee that my time is not wasted and neither will yours. Hope to meet with you this year! Thanks ... SKY



Put quite simply, Skylar is the best. That my recent session with Skylar -- my fifth session overall -- has prompted me to write my first-ever review is a testament to this girl's stunning physique, charming personality, and tremendous athleticism. Skylar was extremely responsive to my pre-session correspondences and clearly took all of my thoughts and requests to heart. She dressed in an incredibly sexy "assassin" outfit (black leggings and a leotard) and upon introducing herself promptly went to work squeezing me into submission. I asked for a semi-competitive session and Skylar delivered in spades. I grew up wrestling and am in good shape, and I was blown away by how Skylar was able to control me, maneuvering seamlessly from one hold to another. Her legs are particularly powerful and Skylar used them in multiple scissors, taking her time as she slowly and seductively took the air out of me. Skylar also has a phenomenal rear-naked choke that had me helplessly tapping on multiple occasions. Skylar is engaging, fun, and entirely unforgettable. I really could not have asked for or dreamed of a better experience.


Ahhhh my first session ever a few hrs ago. Felt the need to write a review since there is only one here. But let me reiterate what the previous review states. Skylar is the best! Woke up nervous as hell today before the session and then showed up and it couldn't have been more comfortable. I'm a true rookie of this besides seeing vids online. Wasn't going for the competitive/semi stuff...just wanted to see what it was like to get knocked out by a Skylar first KO ever. Booked an hour because I knew I would tap like 70 times before I would even be in the realm of KOs. Started off easy. Front head scissors, a rear naked choke, a reverse headscissors (at probably 20% and I was already feeling it work, and probably a couple others I'm forgetting. Since my goal was a KO, after a little break, she basically said "it's that time" hahaha. She walked me through it beforehand and the next thing I knew I was DONE! Woke up after what seemed like 40 years to Skylar sitting above me welcoming me back to Earth. But don't worry I was only out for about 6 seconds. She's a true pro!

Anyway, so cool, so strong, so skilled, and so knowledgeable. Really great experience and great person. Listen, getting KOd isn't probably an instinctive thing for a human being, but this was 1000 times better and more comfortable than I ever imagined. Long live Skylar Rene! (Hi Skylar!)

- E

[b]Edit[/b]: And she looks FANTASTIC in pics but there is really no comparison to her in person. Won't probably ever session with anyone else as long as she's in the business.

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