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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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Well, well...thank you for stopping by. May I strongly suggest, that you please stop what youre doing and email me, Im far more impressive in person. :P Work smart and not hard, chose me, and now, youre reading this on my profile...which clearly shows me, you have impeccable taste... YOU NEED AND DESERVE MORE! Why wouldnt you want to feel my power, touch my dense hard earned muscle and feel my muscles flexing with very own hands! Im looking forward to hearing from you. I ONLY READ detailed messages ... *** is kept up to date with ANY & ALL TRAVEL PLANS. Be aware that my schedule is planned and booked weeks in advance, so plan accordingly. I do my best to reply promptly. Lets organize our play date ASAP! The most memorable woman youll ever be so lucky to become in contact with...if youre lucky!;) Yours truly, Sydney Thunder x


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I met Sydney in California last year and got the ass-kicking of a lifetime. From the moment we started wrestling to the end, I couldn't move her one inch. I might as well have been trying to push a brick wall. I say this even though I had 6 inches and 40 lbs on her. She completely dominated me. She has the most gorgeous biceps and hardest triceps. It's a delight to see her flexing her biceps over you. If you're lucky and your arms aren't pinned down, you can reach up and feel her perfect guns.

As for her legs, they are nothing short of incredible. Even though they're big, I still couldn't believe how hard she could squeeze me. I remember the first moment she clamped her legs around my head, I felt the pressure and tapped almost instantly. She looked back at me with a smile and said "I haven't even started squeezing yet!" Even though her legs are quite large, she is really good at getting them around your neck and avoiding your jaw. She threw me around and got me in headscissor after headscissor, absolutely crushing my neck. My neck definitely needed a couple days to recover after meeting her. I'm not complaining though, that was a beautiful reminder of how powerful she is. It really was clear how much she truly enjoys dominating men.


When I first set eyes on Syd, she was wearing a tiny bra and thong bikini. Every part of her body was so wonderfully feminine - including a beautiful face and very cute grin. Within a few seconds she had me pulled into a scissor that I found a little tight, but then she asked “Are you ready for me to squeeze?”. When she started squeezing, her thighs swelled up and tightened with muscles that were rock solid. I felt like my jaw was going to crack as I desperately tapped. Over the next 90 minutes, I’d see a lot more of her rock hard muscles, and her devastating scissors and chokes. Looking up at her smile (that turns into a wickedly evil grin as she tightens her holds) forces the ultimate decision - do I tap or keep admiring her? Even if you don’t love muscle worship, you will find yourself compelled to worship hers as they are truly incredible. Her quads, calves, glutes and biceps are unreal. After being pushed to my limits and squeezed and choked in so many ways, she applied one final hold which sh described in her Aussie accent as she caused her muscles once again to flex. I tried to hang on, then she showed me what ‘tight’ really meant. I tapped. Again. Instantly. In pain. She laughed. If you want to experience honestly devastating scissors from a beautiful woman with a phenomenal attitude - go see Sydney, mate.

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