The White Queen

The White Queen


Location: Houston, Texas

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Height: 5'5” - 165 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 29

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Hello, Everyone!

You will need to screen in order to schedule. Personal safety, discretion, and courtesy are all extremely important to me, and I want reasonable assurance that we see eye-to-eye on these points. Screening consists of three wrestler/similar genre references who can vouch for your conduct during sessions (if you are new to this and do not have references, please, say so, and I will provide you with "newbie" screening criteria).


Include the following for EACH of your THREE (3) SESSION REFERENCES:

•How she will remember you, i.e., where and when you met, activities, name she knows you by, etc.

Include the following regarding YOUR SESSION REQUEST:

•the city in which you would like to book
•session length
•session type
•your height and weight, as well as any other physical characteristics you would like to share with me
•your available times
(EX: M-TH 2PM-5PM, SAT 6AM-12PM, SUN N/A. Remember that is an example for you to use and NOT my personal schedule, lol!))

All sessions are hosted at discreet and upscale locations. My phone number is provided at the close of first session if we hit it off, and repeat sessions are likely.

Looking forward to having a great time!

XO The White Queen

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1. All my sessions are 1-on-1 (myself and the male of my choice). No women and no couples.

2. I receive a LOT of mail in response to different site listing, so I also use an autoreply to expedite screening/scheduling. If you have already submitted your screening, but still receive the autoreply, don't worry-your request wasn't lost and you will be receiving a personal email shortly.

3. I do not do "meet 'n' greets", neither do I drink/smoke.

4. I offer live sessions. I do NOT Skype/webcam, chat, permit videos or photos.

Services Offered

Competitive Wrestling
Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Competitive Boxing
Semi-Competitive Boxing
Competitive Kickboxing
Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
Muscle Admiration
Lift and Carry



The White Queen is without a doubt the most perplexing, enthralling, and intimidating woman I have ever met, and I mean all of these in a positive connotation. I have tried to keep this review of our session as objective and unbiased as I could. However the task of remaining non partisan when it involves the White Queen seems hopeless in hindsight. If you are pressed for time or don’t enjoy reading long winded reviews by a man far out of his element then I will simply say, if you enjoy getting your ass handed to you in a competitive MMA setting by a woman who is as strong as she is beautiful then the woman you’re looking for is the White Queen. For those who want a more detailed review please read on.

When emailing her and setting up the session it is important to remember to show her the respect she deserves. If you don’t, I’m here to tell you she’ll get it out of you anyway. Like all women worth a damn she is self respecting first. I could tell just by talking to her about the session she enjoys her line of work, however if you intend to waste her time, or not follow her straightforward instructions then do not expect to meet. I didn’t know this going in and things got off to a rocky start. To be honest there almost was no start, due to some careless behavior on my part, but in the end she accepted my apology and we reached an understanding.

Our meeting took place at an upscale location in downtown Houston. Anyone who has any restrictions about paying women to demolish them due to the possibility of being discovered does not have to worry. I encountered nobody on the way to her apartment, and most of the complex was quiet and relaxed. When I first walked into her place she was blasting some music on her speakers. At first that made me nervous, because I believed one of her neighbors might complain and knock on the door interrupting, and at the same time saving me from getting my ass handed to me. But for better or worse, no knock ever came. As I stated earlier it is a upscale apartment complex with plenty of room where I felt safe and secure the entire time. In her living room the White Queen has thick black mats covering the majority of the main room mats on the wall as well. I can personally testify that they work in breaking falls.

The White Queen like all sessionette has a life apart from torturing willing men. It is no surprise then that she ensures her pictures online never display her entire face. I pride myself on judging women to make myself feel better and I can assure anyone considering booking a session with her you have nothing to worry about. When I arrived for the session the White Queen was running a little late so she left the door unlocked and allowed me to enter the apartment and wait in the living room. While waiting I made myself at home as much as I could periodically checking my phone. The next thing I knew a far door was opening and she was swaying across the mats towards me. Her physique is something you would find on a renaissance sculpture; fit and toned arms, thick and muscular legs, a flat but built stomach. As much as I hate to admit it I was ogling her as she walked over to get the night started. However it is not the muscles that make the White Queen the total package and put her over the top. Her face, while unfortunately hidden online, is beautiful. She truly is just a beautiful woman. Without a doubt one of the most attractive women that has ever been alive on this earth. I’m talking the power of Cleopatra seducing Mark Antony with a single gaze in the right light of the right moment type of beautiful. To sum things up the White Queen has the body of an amazon and the face of the amazons in our fantasies.

After introducing ourselves and talking for a bit it was time to see what each of us was made of. We both put on our grappling attire, went over the rules, sized each other up, and the session began. I had a significant height and weight advantage on the White Queen, being 6’2ft and 200.lbs. This of course also gave me the reach. We began the session in mma gloves, but after landing a couple blows to the side of my face, the White Queen suggested it might be more prudent for us to wear boxing gloves. I think her exact words were “healthier for my face”. Looking back I have every reason to agree. Things only got more intense from there. I can solemnly say that I came nowhere to matching her skills in either striking, grappling, or anything else that goes into MMA. Not only does the White Queen possess all the right skills but she has a mind for strategy as well. If I was moving around too much she’d let me tire myself out. If I was too stagnant she’d exploit my mistakes. Throughout our time together I did not manage to win a single fall, but by the time we were done she had won six. There were times when I had the upper hand as well and was in a dominant position. However I was never able to finish her off and make her submit to me. She always found a way out, or ended up walking me right into a trap. When I booked the session with the White Queen I had no idea that it would be so demanding, but even after the first fall I was sweating and embarrassingly out of breath. She is an excellent boxer and is able to use strikes to open you up and pound away at your resolve. I seem to recall being struck in the head a few more times as well, can’t remember for certain though. Her grappling game is top notch as well. Realizing that I was outmatched for various reasons the farther away I was I began attempting to close the distance with her. Many times this meant we would end up locked up against the wall, or on the floor rolling around. However here as well I failed in anyway to make her tap for a win. The White Queen’s most destructive weapon is her legs. Even now as I think about the kicks she landed on me I am in pain. The first one I could take, I thought it wasn’t so bad. The second one hurt a little bit more, but once again I could take it. The third one even more. By the fourth if she sent a kick my way I would do whatever I could to avoid it. I have never felt pain like that in my life. I reiterate in my life. They are fucking devastating. It has been four days since I sessioned with the White Queen and the pain has been seared into my mind, along with a bruise as black as a frying pan and about as big as one too on my left lower thigh. If you decide to session with her watch out for them.

My session with the White Queen has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I enjoyed every minute I spent in her company, even the ones in agonizing pain. She does a wonderful job of putting you at ease and making you feel like you have known each other for awhile. I enjoyed talking to her as much as I enjoyed squaring up on the mats with her. She has plenty to talk about and all of it is interesting. There will be a lot of laughs coinciding with the pain, and at the end of the night you might even have some inside jokes with her. As nice and attractive as she can be though it is important to note that she desires to throw down just as much as you want too. I could tell by looking at her after she would make me tap out she enjoyed it, bringing me down and making me submit to her. I have to admit I enjoyed it too. I was planning on having quite a few more sessions with different sessionettes in the coming months, but after meeting the White Queen I simply cannot justify sessioning with anyone except for her as I know the others will fail to meet the bar she has set. With one meeting The White Queen changed my entire outlook on wrestling sessions. I can not wait to meet her again and hopefully this time prove to be a worthy opponent.


I had a boxing and wrestling session with Queen and it easily has become my number one session. First she is a beautiful woman, a powerhouse with an amazing sexy muscular body and when we were in the session her eyes are just piercing and amazing. Her venue is great and she is a total class act. My session was boxing and wrestling and she truly knows how to box and it makes the session outstanding. Her ability to control the session's power and intensity is truly amazing, she controlled me the entire time without making it seem like a one sided beat down but there was no doubt she was in control. She is great to talk with in the breaks and the session was outstanding. Communications to set the session up were great and I have to say in the 15 sessions I have had I cannot recommend anyone more highly. I will definitely schedule a session with Queen again.

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