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UPDATE: please note new phone number! 9515536521!!
Also, I am available for sessions in Orange County and San Diego!

! March 21st 2016

I've been unable to do competitive matches consistently for quite a while and experienced some weight gain - some muscle but overall not my normal walking weight and am happy to report I can now take competitive sessions and getting back to my normal awesome shape performance and aesthetic wise!

compete in martial arts, jiu jitsu grappling etc

I live in Southern California between San Diego & LA, and traveling between the two cities isnt a problem for me :), however I only do out calls, I come to you or there is one in Tustin.

Greco roman wrestling is one of my favs!

Will do skype sessions & trade pics with deposit via paypal which is
I've also began offer topless sessions for a little extra :)

I will be traveling alot and keep everyone updated so that we can meet when I am in town. Feel free to text or email me with any request or questions. "

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Have a few trips that I need to make up after cancelling during time of storms-open to suggestion to visit cities and definitely helps to have travel sponsors etc 




Currently doing sessions in LA, San Diego, and everywhere in between! Please keep in mind I do commute so give me some notice! Incalls usually unless you want to meet at the session house in Tustin that I frequent and is quite comfortable, private, & popular! Xxx


I will then be heading to tour the east coast May 4- 15. I posted it above. Email or text only I initially please! 












Also doing topless sessions 




If you do cancel, out of courtesy please let me know in advance so I can sort out the rest of the day.  Thank you!


Also please refer to my reviews on WB270, I have had a past stalker creating numerous accounts and false sessions and reviews under Saradas site, the ones on this site & WB270 are the only legitimate reviews!


Every girl loves gifts. I have an amazon acct under

I know times are hard, I am willing to negotiate on prices and do half hour or 45 min sessions. :)


New skype account is mo125mma. I am open to doing more skype-type sessions :)


Paypal is :)



Email or text ONLY 9513310504

I never answer numbers I do not know, so if you feel the need to speak to me plz text first or email first or I will not answer. If I did, I would never even be able to fit in a session lol. :)




I just had a great session with Tommi, my new favorite wrestler! Tommi is a beautiful woman with a great attitude and a true professional in every sense of the word. A vetern of between 25 and 30 wrestling sessions, I am more than qualified to say that she is easily one of the most skilled women doing sessions. I am a big, strong guy and she made me tap out repeatedly which isn't easy to do since I can take alot of punishment. Her armbars and scissor holds are very powerful and she actually had me on the brink of passing out a few times(she let go since I tapped, otherwise I would have been out, no doubt about it). If you get the chance to meet her, she is a MUST see, do not pass on the opportunity! Treat her right, she is a great girl and you will want to see her again, I know I do!


I met Tommi in January while she was in NYC training. The pictures that are posted here do not even come close to portraying how beautiful and sexy she is in person. She is extremely intelligent, funny, classy, and put me at ease right away. All of which may have been part of her plan since once we started she turned into an ultra-competitive dynamo. I have wrestled many girls who claimed to be competitive and was severely disappointed. Tommi however, is the real deal. She flowed from one attack to another with almost no effort. She is a master of wrestling/BJJ holds and escapes. I am 5'11 190 and have been doing Martial Arts for almost 20 years and could not believe some of the moves she was able to pull off. She is a pro MMA fighter and it shows in her conditioning and techniques. She was incredibly strong and I was amazed at her explosive power, especially in her legs. They are like two iron bars. Once clamped on it is literally lights out. She is also found of taunting and "trash talking" as well, but she can back it all up on the mat. In between falls she went back to the sweet lady who welcomed me in at the start of our session. She is not a clock watcher. Some girls set timers or are constantly checking the time. She did none of that. She wrestles/fights because she truly loves it. She told me she enjoys all aspects of fighting and her stories of her cage matches only added to the excitement and awe factor. Out of close to 30 sessions I have had she is simply the best. James Bond would have met his match in Tommi. Do not miss this spitfire if she comes to your town. I am eagerly awaiting our rematch. Remember to check your ego at the door or this sexy tigress will be glad to do it for you.

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