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UPDATE: please note new phone number! 9515536521!!
Also, I am available for sessions in Orange County and San Diego!

! March 21st 2016

I've been unable to do competitive matches consistently for quite a while and experienced some weight gain - some muscle but overall not my normal walking weight and am happy to report I can now take competitive sessions and getting back to my normal awesome shape performance and aesthetic wise!

compete in martial arts, jiu jitsu grappling etc

I live in Southern California between San Diego & LA, and traveling between the two cities isnt a problem for me :), however I only do out calls, I come to you or there is one in Tustin.

Greco roman wrestling is one of my favs!

Will do skype sessions & trade pics with deposit via paypal which is
I've also began offer topless sessions for a little extra :)

I will be traveling alot and keep everyone updated so that we can meet when I am in town. Feel free to text or email me with any request or questions. "

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I honestly wasn't sure what sort of session Toned Tommi was going to be. She ended running late the morning we had scheduled our session and fortunately I was able to hang around until she was ready to go. It was worth the wait as it turned out. She is quite a good wrestler - not surprising given her bjj belt rank. The only reason I would mark down the session is she had booked the room through priceline and she had brought more mats than there was free space. We had to be really careful about taking each other into hard objects. Then for the last couple of minutes we did some mma striking since I had brought my gloves. That was an enlightening experience to visit her universe.


Have aware of Toned Tommi for quite some time and she finally scheduled a trip into my area. Wasn't quite sure how the session was going to go but I found she was a nice person to deal with. She had brought her own set of mats with her and we had a really good wrestling session. Also had a set of mma training gloves with me so we did a little striking at the end of the session. Was my first exposure to that - was interesting experience. Looking forward to another session with more room to play in.

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