Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Height: 5'2” - 157 cm
Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 26

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Hi this is Vilette! If interested in sessioning shoot me an email at I am very experienced in foot worship, fantasy wrestling, grappling, semi-competitive wrestling, bondage, muscle worship, lift and carry, scissor holds, gagging, hot wax, spanking, role play, tickle torture, humiliation, public humiliation, transformations, electrical play, spitting and with whips, floggers, paddles and crops. I have plenty of modeling experience as well for custom videos and have been in many fully competitive catfights. I am purely a dom! I will never be nude and only seek respectful, truly obedient subs and session partners. My body is 100% off limits other than during foot worship, tickling, face sitting, grappling, wrestling. etc. I AM NOT AN ESCORT so do not even bother wasting my time asking; I WILL REPORT YOU. There is a mental connection between dom and sub and that is what I seek out of this lifestyle.

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Thursday 9-29 9-30 Minneapolis Tuesday 10-4 Chicago



My experience with Vilette was absolutely mind blowing. We acted out my fantasies and I got a variety of foot teasing, foot worshipping trampling and scissors. Her legs were incredibly strong and she is able to go from an anaconda to a sweet and sensual mistress in a heartbeat. Such a great personality and so gorgeous. Its like spending the day with an incredibly fun and beautiful girl next door. I felt comfortable the whole time. She is also not a clock watcher and I felt like she was enjoying the session just as much as I was! She was worth every penny and I will definitley rebook with her.


I booked a session with Vilette and it was probably one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. I'd start listing all of the good things about her and our session, but it would be far too many things to include in a short review like this. Vilette is one of the most naturally beautiful people I've ever encountered and her personality leaves nothing to be desired. She's sweet, friendly, accommodating, easygoing, and extraordinarily intriguing. Deceptively strong, Vilette has a clear passion for what she does and is a formidable and skilled wrestling opponent, not to mention a rope expert (she was able to completely immobilize me with just 2 ropes!). She has a demeanor that walks the line between fierce and cute that makes her extremely unique and frankly, addictive. Our session consisted of a combination of wrestling, bondage, and domination and was exactly what I was looking for. It was clear that she understood my desires and was also perceptive to my reactions, wanting to be sure that I was enjoying our time together as much as she seemed to be. She was definitely not a clock watcher and was sure to leave plenty of time to talk and get to know me. I've never met anyone like Vilette before in this industry and am so thankful that I did. She quickly made her way to the top of my list and I can't wait until I have another opportunity to spend time with this amazing person again. I'd say she's worth every penny, but I don't think price is the right way to express the real value of time spent with her. If you have the opportunity to session with Vilette, you'd be crazy to pass it up.

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