Veronica Vixen

Veronica Vixen


Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Phone: 410-908-3271
Skype: bmoresvixen
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Height: 4'11” - 150 cm
Weight: 120 lbs - 54.4 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 41

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About Me

Hi, guys! I am Veronica Vixen the sweetest mean girl you will ever meet. 
Im a Professional Switch and Session Wrestler known for creating genuine intimacy during fetish play, something that many crave to experience in BDSM scenarios. Some people have suggested that I am a combination of Mistress and friend, allowing for the most satisfying kind of session possible - one that is both kinky and emotionally connected.
I have been a professional switch, since 1997. 
I have hosted sessions in Baltimore, Maryland since 2011. 
I am CPR and First Aid Certified!! 
You can find me on websites such as Academy Wrestling and SmotheringBlackAsses as well as a handful of clip4sale stores including my own! 
I love what I do! 
I love being able to give people a safe place to explore their fetish desires, for the first time and their 100th time. Its the teacher in me! 
I invite you to come to my private well-equipped play space in Baltimore, Maryland and explore with me. I offer a wide variety of fetish activities in sessions both as a dominant and submissive!  I also work with several other female fetish providers who are available for double domination sessions or 2-on-1 wrestling sessions. I even have a male session wrestler available!!!!
I offer REDUCED session rates on a regular basis! See my site for details! 
Not local but want a fetish experience with me? I offer phone sessions as well as email training! Sorry guys I do not travel or tour. 
Specialties Include:
CUNT BUSTING - Only available in video top sessions. Masks allowed! 
WORKOUT SESSION - Come get comfortable and watch me do my daily workout, I am currently doing Core De Force & just finished the Insanity Max:30 program so both are options!  After my 30-minute workout, you can enjoy my sweat during Goddess Worship, foot worship, facesitting, and armpit worship for the next 30-minutes. 
SEMI-COMPETITIVE WRESTLING -If you want to put up more resistance, having a good workout and testing my skills and strength, then these are perfect for you. The main focus is not on winning. 
MMA WRESTLING - This is a semi-competitive wrestling match, both people wear MMA gloves and body shots are allowed. 
FANTASY WRESTLING - This is more of a 1-sided match, the focus is on the female dominating the wrestling match and can take place in specific outfits including a variety of cosplay costumes. Specific fantasy holds can include school girl pins, scissors, smothering or facesitting.  
Want a 1-sided match, with the focus on the male dominating the wrestling match? As a professional switch, this is a match that I not only offer but enjoy! 
Check out my cosplay/roleplay costumes HERE!
DOMINATION WRESTLING- This match is combined with other domination activities, this session can include ball busting, foot worship, humiliation, spanking, tickling, flogging, nipple torture, facesitting and trampling. Please ask for more details when booking. 
Want a match, with the focus on the male dominating the wrestling match?  This session can be done with video tops and can include cunt busting, foot worship, humiliation, spanking, tickling, floggig, facesitting, and trampling. 
OIL WRESTLING - This match takes place in a large family size inflatable pool with vegitable oil on the surface. This can be semi-competitive, fantasy wrestling, domination wrestling or strap on wrestling. 
FACESITTING CHALLENGE - This is a semi-competitive wrestling match but in this match the only tap outs that count are those that are obtained by facesitting your opponent. 
2- on-1 WRESTLING - Do you think you can handle 2 beautiful dominant women on the mats? You are certain to lose and be dominated in the session unless you book a video top session and you and another woman demolish me on the mats! These are double domme These can include one wrestler pinning you down, while the other makes you submit. Or it can be a tag team match. 
CATFIGHTING - Perhaps you prefer watching 2 women fight each other. These matches can include wrestling, hair pulling, butt drops, and body punches. Each fighter wears MMA gloves and you do not participate outside of keeping score. These ONLY take place in double domme video sub sessions but you will receive a copy of the fight from me when it is released. 
GFE SEX FIGHT -Does the idea of watching 2 women sexually dominating each other turn you on? These matches can include domination wrestling, kissing, groping, tribbing, ass worship, pussy worship, using a Hitachi, or a strap on. Each fighter wears something sexy and you do not participate  These ONLY take place in in double domme video sub sessions but you will receive a copy of the fight from me when it is released. 
BEAT DOWN - Perhaps you crave unadulterated brutality, then this match is perfect for you! This is a 1-sided match in which the female dominant wears MMA gloves.  These matches can include scissor holds, ball busting, body punches, facesitting, school girl pins, and butt drops. 
If youd like to top a woman for a brutal match like this, you can book a video top session and top me! These matches can include cunt busting, scissor holds, body punches, facesitting, school boy pins, and butt drops. 
MUTUAL MIXED BEAT DOWN - A mixed mutual beatdown can be 3 or 5 rounds, each round is 3-minutes long. Both people wear headgear and either boxing gloves or MMA gloves. We take turns topping each other for a 1 sided beatdown. These matches can include body punches,  face slaps, face punches, school boy pins, school girl pins, butt drops, leg kicks, stomach kicks, knees to the stomach, facesitting, cunt busting, ball busting, and scissorholds. These are ONLY available in video top or video sub sessions! 
1-SIDED SCISSOR MATCH - During this match you will experience a variety of scissor holds such as head scissors, body scissors, and the figure four. 
STRAP-ON WRESTLING MATCH - These matches can be semi-competitive, domination, fantasy, 1-sided scissors, facesitting challenge, or a 2-on-1 wrestling match but at the end of these matches, the guy will bottom to strap-on. These ONLY take place in video sub sessions but you will receive a copy of the fight from me when it is released. 
THEATRE SESSION - In these sessions, you are simply a voyeur watching specific activities between me and another woman this can be a private session or a video shoot. These are private double domination sessions or double domination video sub sessions. 
GODDESS WORSHIP - Goddess worship can include foot worship, calf worship, bicep worship, and armpit worship. During a Video sub session it can also include breast worship, ass worship, and pussy worship. 



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2-on-1 or Double Domination Video Sub Session ONLY 450 per hour! Masks Allowed!! Veronica Vixen and Kira Veronica Vixen and Selene Veronica Vixen and Pandora Veronica Vixen and Fatty Domme



It was great from the time we meet as she whipped and flogged me I felt great .she knows what to do to please me non sexual strictly professional I felt so great when I left there but I will have to wait till rear end settles down before I can go back witch I will


I had a wonderful time with Veronica. She's a beautiful woman, and has a very warm and sincere personality. I'll definitely visit her again.

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