amethyst hammerfist

amethyst hammerfist

About Me

Amethyst thinks brutality is very erotic and when it comes to wrestling and boxing she sure knows how to make rage sexy, sweaty and fun. She is feisty, fearless and fierce, and shell shock you with her strength! Reaching purple belt in Karate as a child, earning the nickname "The Hammerfist" as a tearaway teen, she was a gym bunny and pole dancer during her 20s; getting physical has ALWAYS been a vital outlet! 

Currently training in boxing, weight lifting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga and freestyle wrestling, she dishes out all she’s mastered and loves every minute. Her stats are 54/162cm and 58kg/127lb

Amethyst’s sessions are energetic and full-on, high-octane action; she puts in everything she has which is why she has such outstanding reviews. Her stamina will astound you and her passion and rage means she sweats and grunts like her life depends on it – things get VERY intense.

Amethyst specialises in: intense non-stop mixed wrestling sessions, wrestling with breath play via breast smothering, hand smothering and facesitting, one-way boxing and beatdowns, and oil wrestling.

Services Offered

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My upcoming travel dates, 2016.

April 6th - 12th Berlin (the Female Fightclub)
May 13th - 18th - Prague (Fight Pulse)
May 26th - 31st - Femwrestle, Troisdorf, Germany


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