Location: Clover, South Carolina
Phone: 803 526 6838
Travel Phone: UK 07979416416

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Height: 5'2” - 157 cm
Weight: 150 lbs - 68 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder
Age: 61

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I am 52" 150lb I have 15 1/2" in Biceps, 44 Back 24"quads and 15 1/2 calves I have been body building for 22years and doing session of all types for 19years I love what I do meeting new people new places and always learning new ways to have fun and be the bast at what I do. I travel a lot and if you have any requests please feel free to cantact me at any time . I have a large solection of shoes bikinis and costumes . I love to talk to my cliants befor our sessions to be sure we both know what we want and what we are going to get from our session. I hope to see you all very soon on my travels.

After many years of enjoying sessions I have come to the dissision its time to habg up my bakinis  

I will be doing my last trip to Boston August 17th to 20th 

Thank you all for years of Fun 

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I will be in Boston Mass august 17th to 20th This will be my final tour I wll be retiaring in September Thank you all



Unfortunately, it appears she is no longer active. Too bad, as she doesn't live far and I could've become a "regular". I sent a "hello" email expressing my interest with no response. I then (week later) texted the number provided for her on this site asking if she was still active, and to please let me know either way. No response, but with today's technology I can tell the email and text messages were read. Just wish I could've at least gotten the courtesy of a response. Apparently she's no longer. Bummer.


I just wanted to thank you for a great competeteive wrstling session last year (I guess you were way to superior to really call it competetive though :-)).

Being a young, fit guy, I never thought you could dominate me and overpower me the way you did. I lost count of how many submissions you forced me into, and I never even got close to getting the upper hand once. It was amazing being completely overpowered by a woman more than twice my age and a lot shorter as well ! :-). I had an amazing time!

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