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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Im an excellent wrestler with an amazing knowlege of submission holds! I have my own wrestling video business, Les Femmes Fatales Productions and my website is I love wrestling and I love my session guys.  Most of my clients are repeat customers and we have become good friends.  I do competitive, semi competitive, role play and fantasy sessions, including rope bondage.  I also do beat downs, one sided boxing and lift and carry.  I produce Custom Videos and have 100% customer satisfaction.  So please email me if youd like a session or a custom video.  I also train girls to wrestle for sessions and in videos.  Email me for my rates.




Robin/Fightbabe interview

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United States Seattle Washington 05-31-2017 06-01-2017
I will be traveling to San Francisco in late June and NYC DC Boston Philly in June or July. Possibly Europe in me if you are interested in a session! Dont forget that you can fly my to YOUR city to session with you!!!




Hell not even 10 stars is enough to explain how awesome of a time was had this past Wednesday with Robin in NYC!!! I also decided to up the ante and sign up for a two hour session this time around, which she agreed to with no delay!!! We met up and right from the get go, she was eager to show me some new moves she was working on and I swear she got stronger since last November!! I used to be able to hang in there for a good two minutes in her reverse headscissors, but now I had to tap in less than 15 seconds!! I can still make it to her strongest pressure before tapping, so that's a great achievement for me still:) Whether its a straight, reverse, figure four, etc, she can make most people tap in sooo many ways!! When it comes to power, beauty, and most of all TECHNIQUE, Robin has the triple threat down pact. We even did a small recording of her doing the double figure four she had applied on me, and man was that making me see stars when she squeezed!!! I almost went out, but it was still an awesome time, and even if I did get knocked out, I trust her with my heart to save me and make sure I am okay :)


Everytime Ms. Fightbabe comes to NYC, I do everything I can to make sure not to miss up on the opportunity to meet up with her, have pleasant conversations, and getting my neck and body squeezed hard by her awesome scissors and triangles. This past Thursday (11/19/2015) was no different, as she treated me as her personal squeeze toy and gave me her full power on her headscisoors as we were discussing the rousey-holm fight and how much times have changed since she first started in this business (Super VHS FTW!!) Despite the years that have passed, Robin is just as strong and beautiful as she has ever been, maybe even stronger at this point!!! Near the end of the session, when she reached back with both arms and locked on that patented reverse figure four from a straight back headscissors, then went b back into the reverse straight headscissors again, I could start hearing the ocean, and realized I had no choice but to tap :) ` Robin is one of the few female wrestlers out there that I would trust with my life when it comes to being safe and knowing when to stop applying the pressure and respecting tapouts and limits. There's really not enough words to describe the experience with her, but if you ever have the chance to book a session with her, stop thinking about it and do it!!!! You'll be glad you did!!!

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