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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 115 lbs - 52.2 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Traveling To DC Early July 2017 , Dont know Exact Dates yet, will keep you guys posted! XOXO


Im an excellent wrestler with an amazing knowlege of submission holds! I have my own wrestling video business, Les Femmes Fatales Productions and my website is I love wrestling and I love my session guys.  Most of my clients are repeat customers and we have become good friends.  I do competitive, semi competitive, role play and fantasy sessions, including rope bondage.  I also do beat downs, one sided boxing and lift and carry.  I produce Custom Videos and have 100% customer satisfaction.  So please email me if youd like a session or a custom video.  I also train girls to wrestle for sessions and in videos.  Email me for my rates.




Robin/Fightbabe interview

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United States New York New York 10-18-2017 10-20-2017
United States Chicago Illinois 10-21-2017 10-23-2017
United States Detroit Michigan 10-23-2017 10-24-2017
United States Akron Ohio 10-24-2017 10-26-2017
United States Las Vegas Nevada 11-12-2017 11-14-2017
United States Albuquerque New Mexico 11-15-2017 11-16-2017
Dont see your city in my travel plans then Fly me to YOUR city to session with you!!! Im planning for the following cities too! Madison WI. Washington DC. Portland OR. Albuquerque NM. Phoenix AZ. Boston MA. Albany NY!!! White Plains NY! Philadelphia! Dates to be announced.



Listen up boys. I know what I’m talking about here.

I’ve been wrestling session girls all over the country for nearly 25 years. I’ve probably wrestled over 30 girls. All shapes and sizes. My experiences have generally been good. But after all those years, I have to say that I think I’ve finally “met my match.”

I’ve known about Robin and her Web site, "Les Femmes Fatales" for a long time. How could you not? She’s a legend. But for some reason (I don’t know exactly why), I’ve never booked a session with her. My bad.

Well, I finally had my first session with Robin last year, and I have had several memorable sessions since then. Let me say up-front, that there’s just no comparison.

As they say, “There is no Substitute.” Robin is without a doubt, the very best there is. She’s a gem. A true “one-of-a-kind.”

My advice to you is…contact her. Do it now. Honestly, I don’t know how much longer she’s going to be accepting sessions with guys that are not already her "regulars." You will not regret it. You will thank me. I promise.

I don’t usually write a lot of reviews, but I’m going to make an exception in this case.

Robin is at the top of her game. And you better bring your best game – if you intend to keep up with her on the mat. Robin is not some inexperienced, flaky young girl who is merely dabbling in the world of session wrestling. She is a substantial person, in her own right. Most importantly, Robin understands us session guys. She “gets” us. She’s a pro, and she loves her work.

If you’re a newbie to all this wrestling stuff, Robin is the first call you should make. She will take good care of you, and rock your world. Don’t be afraid; she doesn’t bite. If you’re an experienced session guy, do not miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Not only is Robin strikingly beautiful (which has been repeatedly well-documented long before this review), she’s intelligent, well-informed, highly knowledgeable about a number of subjects, very sweet, and just a sheer joy to be with.

One look at this gorgeous woman, and you’ll melt. She’ll put you at ease, make you feel like a king...and then take your head off (if you want her to). Plus…she’ll do it all with a big smile on her face, and a sparkle in her eye.

Make no mistake about it though; this girl knows how to wrestle.

Don’t let those “girl next door” looks and that killer body fool you. Robin is very competitive. After all, you don’t get to where she is in this business, without kicking some serious butt. She’s an accomplished jujitsu fighter and a skilled wrestler.

Unlike many of the fantasy “poser” girls who can’t really wrestle, Robin has wrestled and beaten some of the best female wrestlers in the world. Although she enjoys wrestling girls, she really prefers to wrestle guys.

I’m not the first one to say that, pound-for-pound…she’s one of the very best.

Robin can do it all. She can easily wrestle you into knots. She can put you into positions that you didn’t know existed, and make you tap before you know what hit you. She’s confident and tough. She can go as hard as you like, for as long as you like. You cannot tire this girl out. I can’t even seem to make her sweat.

I’m 6 feet tall. I weigh about 185 pounds and have no formal wrestling training. I’m in marginally decent shape, but Robing has no problem throwing me around on the mat -- until she’s able to get me into one of her famous submission holds – which inevitably leads to a tap out. She always seems to be two or three moves ahead of me, when we wrestle.

No matter what style of wrestling we happen to be doing (usually, semi-competitive), Robin manages to make it all fun….for everyone. Did I say that she’s a really good wrestler?

Robin appears to be small, but she is as strong as some of the big bodybuilding girls. Plus she’s fast, very coordinated, ridiculously flexible, highly-skilled, and she hates to lose. So proceed with caution

If you prefer a more fantasy-like experience, no problem. I can attest to the fact that Robin has quite an impressive imagination, and can be very creative. However, if you’re more of just a passive face-sitting/smothering sort of guy, you’ll quickly discover that Robin is the reigning “Queen of Face Sitting” for a good reason. She’ll make your fantasies come true.

Just be sure to explain what you’re looking for, beforehand. She’ll take it from there. She knows what she’s doing.

Anyway, you’ve now been “warned.”

I don’t like the idea of “sharing” her with all of you. I’d much prefer to keep her all to myself. But I suppose it’s the least I can do, for my fellow session boys. You're welcome.

Treat her well. Very well. Have fun. Lots of fun. And please tell Robin that Sheldon says hello.


I have had at least eight sessions with Robin and I can assure you that she is the absolute best. She is stunningly beautiful, feminine, and sexy, but absolutely lethal with her headscissors, facesitting, trampling, and jiu jitsu holds. My favorite hold is her reverse, figure four headscissors, which is absolutely devastating and sexy. Believe me, there is no chance of escape from this hold once she applies it. You will feel like your head will literally explode from the crushing grip of this hold. Robin is a lot of fun when it comes to doing role plays in sessions and she will accommodate requests for attire to wear for each role play. I recommend asking Robin to wear a pair of her Wolford pantyhose during a session as they give her legs an amazing glossy, and shimmering look. Robin is a total professional in handling all aspets of her sessions and she is very discreet so you can rest assured that she will give you a great custom video or session based on her response. My advice - Contact her immediately and schedule an appoinmnt for a session or custom vieo. She is the BEST!

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