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Country City Date Begins Date Ends
Europe London, Manchester, Paris, Nantes, Berlin 11-16-2016 11-30-2016
Europe 11-16-2016 12-06-2016
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I recently had the privilege to do a mixed boxing session with Kaysha Brazil. She was prompt and businesslike in setting up our session. She was happy to give me details on her fighting background and session experience. When the day of the session arrived she contacted me to confirm everything and again made sure to ask about my expectations. Kaysha was a very polite, almost shy, girl when I first met her. She was pleasant as we engaged in conversation before getting to the action. The tone changed a little as she began to stretch and wrap her hands. I could tell she was a serious competitor as she thumbed her balled fist into to the palm of her hands to check the wraps. I helped her on with her 10oz gloves and secured the laces. She smiled as she slipped in her own mouthpiece and began to warmup and shadow box just a few feet away from me. I set the small timer I had brought with me and slipped on my own gloves. We touched gloves and began one of the best semi-competitive, mixed boxing matches I have done in 20 years of session experience. Kaysha is a tough girl with world class skill and amazing punching accuracy. Her Muy Thai training is evident immediately as she LOVES to fight in close and her attack is intense as she throws punches from every angle. My defense was weak against her as nearly every one of her upper-cuts found it mark and snapped my head back several times each round. After a couple rounds she was complete warmed up and really poured on punishment. After we finished the final round I asked if she could have KO’d me anytime she liked and she smiled shyly and said “not at the first session”. So I am planning a rematch as soon as we can. I also really want to experience her extensive MMA skills on the matte during our next meeting. Overall my session with Kaysha Brazil was an awesome session with a world class fighter that should not be missed.


Kaysha used her jiu-jitsu skills, backed up by serious conditioning, to best me in what was intended to be a competitive match. At 6'2 195 lbs and moderate fitness, win or lose, I'm usually able to pin opponents. At first I was able to tie her up, but before long she worked her way free and obtained the tap-out. This cycle repeated with diminishing success on my part. It was clear she was pulling from a deep well of practiced moves. Each time I felt I was gaining an advantage, there was a flurry of motion and I discovered a new way to lose a fall. Despite being outclassed I could tell the submission holds were being applied safely.

Kaysha packs considerable strength on to her compact frame. Her photos, although accurate in representing a high level of athleticism, obscure her femininity. She is soft spoken yet friendly. We spent the breaks talking about wrestling, jiu-jitsu and training. It was obvious she takes her martial art seriously. The correspondence was handled promptly and she adjusted the arrangements to suit me.

Best regards,


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