Location: Dallas, Texas
E-mail: kayshamadeinbrazil@gmail.com

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Height: 5'2” - 157 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic

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Just had a session with Kaysha in Pittsburgh and it was everything was dreaming off. As she greeted me with her beautiful smile right away I marveled at this woman's amazing physique. 5'2,135 lbs of hard dynamic muscle. She is a real skilled athlete. Warmed up with some arm and leg wrestling which she won rather easily. Then got into wrestling and though had over 70 lbs on her,Kaysha tossed me around like nothing. Her triangles are amazing. Such power. She had me tapping repeatedly,using endless punishing chokes. Armbars,grapevines,she transitions from move to move so fluidly. And her viselike legs are always cinched around you. Her endurance is shocking. She just keeps coming. She did give me one chance to pin her,but held me airborne on her bent in legs and then tossed me like I weighed nothing. She completely dominated the match winning via shutout. I then had to pay up and worship her feet,which are very pretty. If you really want to test your skill level against an elite fighter,I suggest you try Kaysha. I say try,because she will win. Definatly will be sessioning with her again. Going to try her boxing skills. I used to do that in the amateurs so won't get beaten as easily,maybe? Thank you Kaysha for the honor of meeting you and the truly fantastic day. Best wishes always,Barry


I just had the honor of getting to session with Kaysha,and it was such an exciting experience I can't get the words out still so amazing. Kaysha is stunning beautiful,and a physique chiseled out of stone. Did an early test of arm and leg wrestling. She won both. As for the wrestling ,I knew I was in trouble as we started. We smashed heads and she dident even blink. We agreed to facesit pins to 3 count. We tied up and in 15 seconds she was up 1-0. After experiencing her lethal triangles and other punishing holds,I was spent. She sapped all my energy and then just toyed with me. She is so skilled and very powerful. Her legs are always around you and crushing you like a vise. She even let me try to pin her and when I tried to press her down,she had me airborne on her legs and tossed me like nothing. She scored 24 falls to my 0. Having been beaten I had to smell and worship her socked feet which I challanged her would not faze me. She proved me wrong again. Kaysha is the real deal. She can really take you to school. But can also back it down and simply tie you up with her legs and toy with you. She is so sweet and has a sexy laugh. We chatted before after and during the session. I cannot wait to session with her again already. I never was a good wrestler. Was an ex boxer. But Kaysha is very skilled at that also. If you get a chance to session with this amazing athlete,I strongly suggest going for it. Thank you Kaysha for a truly fantastic day! Barry

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