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Height: 6' - 183 cm
Weight: 225 lbs - 102.1 kg
Physique: BBW
Age: 30

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I am naturally dominant, tall and curvy girl. I am very friendly but also bitchy person ;)

You can meet me for fetish, wrestling or domination session in Prague, Czech republic or schedule session somewhere else. I like to travel!

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today i had a session by lucrecia. she was very nice and look at her strong body. she lift me in all lifts like im a toy. iam 73 kg and she lift me piggyback ,front lift, shoulder and so one for one hour. im errected all the time.


Im experienced wrestling match with Madam Lucrecie. Match was so fantastic that i have to share it with you. There is my true story.

On wendesday 21sr of March 2018 I had a semi-competitive wrestling match with Madam Lucrecia.
It has been my first wrestling against woman. I’m quite sporty man, middle size (183 cm, 84kg). Before a match I have a confidence that I can be equal opponent to her and I was wondering if she can really beat me or not. So far I have seen many various mixed battles and many of them looked more or less like fakes. I downloaded some Lucrecia matches from Fightpulse before so I knew her before our match a little bit. In these matches Lucrecia wrestled some smaller guys who did not have any chance against her. So there was some doubts in my mind if she can really beat me.
When I saw Lucrecia on my real eyes I was stunned how pretty women she is. Additionally she was very kind and warm to me even though she is known as a strict Dominatrix. So I felt very comfortable before beginning of match.
We agreed one hour wrestling contest with submission by scissoring, smothering, pinning and facesitting rules (no chokes were allowed).
Match had started and after short while I realized that I got into big troubles. I fought with my all effort of my athletic sporty body but it was useless. Lucrecia gave me first point by breastsmothering grab. It was overwhelming how much helpless I felt in that moment. However I enjoyed it so much. Then Lucrecia got me between her mighty thighs and squeezed my body very strongly. I managed to resist her for a while (1-2 minutes) but finally it was too much for me and I gave up. Then Lucrecia show me how powerful her ass is. She smothered me by front and reverse facesitting so intensively that I nearly tapped out. My troubles continued, Lucrecia applied headscissor to my neck and poor head. I felt that she can kill me by her thighs easily. Lucrecia was giving one point after another and I was absolutely without any chance to give her at least one point. Believe me that I was trying to fight whole match’s time and did not resign, but strength and skills of this beautiful lady was too much for me. Final score was 13:0 for Lucrecia. I need to stress that I was very happy during whole our match because my dreams (be overpowered by big beautiful women) came true.
If you guys have similar dreams as me i recommend you meet Lucrecia. It is real adventure of a live.
I’m looking forward for next wrestling with Lucrecia to get another exciting beating from her.

Franta (Frank from CZ)

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