Location: Prague, Czech Republic, Europe, Czech Republic

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Height: 6' - 183 cm
Weight: 225 lbs - 102.1 kg
Physique: BBW
Age: 29

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About Me

I am naturally dominant, tall and curvy girl. I am very friendly but also bitchy person ;)

You can meet me for fetish, wrestling or domination session in Prague, Czech republic or schedule session somewhere else. I like to travel!

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May USA Boston 13.5. Las Vegas 14-20.5. New York 22-28.5.



Yesterday it was time, a dream fulfilled, I could fight against Lucrecia. Today I feel like a rat after a python attack that I survived. My ribs, my ears, my arms. Everything hurts.

Although I am fit and certainly not weak, the fight started quite badly for me. After a few seconds, I was in an awkward situation. This was the beginning of a 90 minute domination of a woman who greeted me very kindly and kindly, took me the nervousness. But that was it. For 90 minutes, I was her prisoner without ever having a chance to free myself. Her leg scissors do not feel like leg scissors, as if you are pinched between two concrete slabs. And I was often in the scissors. Her facesitting is incredible. You can not move, you just hope not to stifle. Your breast smothering – the same. SGPin, Facesitting, Body and Headscissors changed. I did not know any where, where is up, where is down. Fastened in their handles I was a marionette in their hands. If you think it’s enough with humiliation, followed a handsmother session. No sound came from me more than a stifled scream. I was in seventh heaven and hell at the same time. I never forget this fight. I’m looking forward to seeing her again, because she knows how to make you feel pain. Thank you !!



I had the privilege of sessioning with Goddess Lucrecia in early March in Florida and words cannot describe how great a session I had.She is a big beautiful amazon who is a wonderful wrestler but is also into domination and is outstanding with role play. .Her pictures are very up to date altough she is even more gorgeous in person.She is very sweet and the more she gets to know you during the session the better it gets.My session was so dreat that I had another session 2 days later .In summation if you are looking for someone to dominate or to wrestle that is big strong beautiful and very powerful, it would be hard to find some one better.One piece of advice .Make your e mails clear as to what you want and be as concise as possible.Your reward will be good communication with the strong possibility of a great session

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