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Respect is a must


Due to the overwhelming amount of correspondence I recieve daily, my response time may not be timely. 


I would advise making bookings as soon as possible. I do not accept last minute bookings unless I have a last minute cancellation.


I do not check my phone and emails while I am in meetings, just out of courtesy for the other persons time. I do get booked quickly.


I do not entertain sharing my phone number, address, skype or other personal information 


To secure your appointment, a deposit should be made, otherwise I am not obligated to you in anyway.





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Country City State Date Begins Date Ends
United States PORTLAND Oregon 10-18-2017 10-20-2017
United States Seattle Washington 10-20-2017 10-21-2017
United States Boise Idaho 10-21-2017 10-22-2017
United States Salt Lake City Utah 10-22-2017 10-23-2017
United States Denver Colorado 10-23-2017 10-25-2017
United States Kansas City Kansas 10-25-2017 10-26-2017
United States Kansas City Kansas 10-25-2017 10-26-2017
United States Des Moines Iowa 10-26-2017 10-27-2017
United States Minneapolis Minnesota 10-27-2017 10-29-2017
United States Milwaukee Wisconsin 10-29-2017 10-30-2017
United States Chicago Illinois 10-30-2017 11-02-2017
United States St Louis Missouri 11-02-2017 11-03-2017
United States Cincinnati Ohio 11-03-2017 11-04-2017
United States Indianapolis Indiana 11-04-2017 11-05-2017
United States Detroit Michigan 11-05-2017 11-06-2017
United States Cleveland Ohio 11-06-2017 11-07-2017
United States Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 11-07-2017 11-08-2017
United States Philadelphia Pennsylvania 11-08-2017 11-10-2017
United States Philadelphia Pennsylvania 11-08-2017 11-10-2017
United States Manhattan New York 11-10-2017 11-15-2017
United States Newark New Jersey 11-15-2017 11-17-2017
United States Hartford Connecticut 11-17-2017 11-18-2017
United States Boston Massachusetts 11-18-2017 11-20-2017
United States Manchester New Hampshire 11-20-2017 11-21-2017
United States Portland Maine 11-21-2017 11-21-2017
United States Albany New York 11-22-2017 11-22-2017
United States Syracuse New York 11-22-2017 11-22-2017
United States Rochester New York 11-23-2017 11-23-2017
United States Buffalo New York 11-23-2017 11-23-2017
United States Scranton Pennsylvania 11-24-2017 11-25-2017
United States Baltimore Maryland 11-25-2017 11-26-2017
United States Washington DC District of Columbia 11-26-2017 11-27-2017
United States Richmond Virginia 11-27-2017 11-28-2017
United States Virginia Beach Virginia 11-28-2017 11-29-2017
United States Charlotte North Carolina 11-29-2017 11-30-2017
United States Charlotte North Carolina 11-29-2017 11-30-2017
United States Atlanta Georgia 11-30-2017 12-01-2017
United States Jacksonville Florida 12-01-2017 12-02-2017
United States Panama City Pensacola Tallahassee Tampa Naples Orlando Miami Ft Lauderdale Boca Raton West Palm Beach Florida 12-02-2017 12-10-2017
I am based in Central Florida and am available to meet within Tampa or Orlando and environs with 48hrs notice. For tour information please email me with your preferred location date and time for meeting and other session information. Please keep your emails short. Deposits are required and persons making deposits will be booked prior to other inquiries. I do try to meet your special requests so let me know if you have any. Looking forward to seeing you!



Madame Mirage wow a truly gorgeous lady even more so in person than online. She made me feel comfortable quickly and is a true charmer with her personality. Real laid back and easygoing. She truly seemed to be enjoying the session just as much as I did. She claimed she wasn't at "her best" cause she was tired from the earlier sessions. But 80% of her best is still way better than any other person's BEST day ever. Strong yet elegant and perfect in every way. Definitely recommend

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