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Im a free spirited wild child with a fun and outgoing personality! I was a gymnast for 10 years, and have been dancing for 16 years, so you know Ive got some crazy hidden strength in me! Feel like you can take me on? Send an email! I am always traveling, and I am open to traveling to you for the right price! 

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Country City Date Begins Date Ends
United States Los Angeles 11-19-2016 11-21-2016
United States Chicago 12-03-2016 12-05-2016
United States Tampa 12-17-2016 12-31-2016



While traveling for business, I booked a session with Morgan not knowing what to expect because she is new to the session scene. When I opened the door to greet her, the only word I could think of is WOW. Her looks are captivating. We immediately hit if off because she has a great, easy spirit personality, needless to say I couldn't wait to wrestle her! Although she is new to wrestling, she certainly was eager and full of energy. Her scissors had me legit tapping and her grapevine was sheer ecstacy! Morgan actually enjoyed wrestling and did not once check the time. At the end, I was fairly exhausted, while she seemed full of energy. She took the final fall and victory pose....heaven. Cant wait for a rematch!


Just had a session with Morgan in New Jersey and it was by far the best session I've ever had in my life! She is amazing at what she does and definitely knows what she's doing. Her pictures do not do her justice, she is a 100000x more beautiful in person which I'm sure is hard to believe because her pictures are incredible but it's true! She has an amazing personality, and is the nicest person you can meet. Her scissors are no joke, and had me tapping and gasping for air within no time, my neck is still very sore from her strength. She is amazing in every way and I cannot wait to session again with her!

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