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Semi-Competitive Boxing
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Country City State Date Begins Date Ends
United States Orlando Florida 01-13-2018 01-14-2018
United States Tampa Florida 01-14-2018 01-14-2018
United States Fort Lauderdale Florida 01-15-2018 01-15-2018
United States Miami Florida 01-16-2018 01-16-2018
United States Nashville Tennessee 01-19-2018 01-20-2018
United States santa maria California 01-26-2018 01-28-2018
United States Atlanta Georgia 01-29-2018 02-01-2018
United States HARTFORD Connecticut 02-17-2018 02-19-2018
United States Boston Massachusetts 02-20-2018 02-20-2018
United States Philadelphia Pennsylvania 02-21-2018 02-22-2018
United States Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 02-22-2018 02-24-2018
United States Los Angeles California 03-12-2018 03-14-2018


I wish I could say the same great things about Ms. Parker, but unfortunately we couldn't meet up. And it wasn't for lack of trying, the right way, on my part. I started off by reaching out to her weeks in advance, and it was about an upcoming travel date to a specific location on her travel list (in regards for a session), but no response. Then, I decided to try one more time, this time while she was in that specific location, to schedule a session, but she decided to respond then last minute (including asking for a last-minute deposit), as she was leaving town that same day (a day after I already reached out to her for the second time). By then, I told her I had to work that day (at least during the only time she was available for that day) and so we couldn't meet up. That said, I still hope we do meet up in the future, but for now, I wouldn't recommend it. Because while she may get a ton of emails (and why not, she's an attractive wrestler who has made her mark for quite some time), she doesn't treat the initial ones with the respect that it deserves.


Had a session with Allie a few days ago. It was semi competitive wrestling with some leg wrestling thrown in. Let me just say Allie is a ton of fun - very upbeat and cheerful but also competitive at the same time. She looked great - pretty face and a curvy body but strong with sexy legs! Despite me being quite a bit bigger, she competed gamely and I could tell she truly enjoys wrestling. She's maybe not as strong or technical as other ladies I've wrestled, but she makes up for it with her effort and attitude. And those legs are sneaky strong. An excellent, fun session!

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