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Height: 5'3” - 160 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Bodybuilder

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FOR THOSE OF YOU WHOVE SEEN ME, YOULL BE HAPPY TO KNOW YOUVE INSPIRED ME TO GE MORE BUFF. STRONG AND MORE CUT THAN EVER! IVE BEEN TRAINING LIKE A BEAST ALL YEAR AND CAN OFFICIALLY SAY IM BACK AS A HARDCORE BODY BUILDER! So, I look forward to spending time with all of you special people, old friends and new! I ENJOY my sessions and find it rewarding to have all my hard work in the gym get appreciated. Im very comfortable posing. Ive always been extremely muscular while maintaining a very feminine look. Im friendly, personable and warm and I have an extremely healthy and positive outlook on sessions. I dont drink or do drugs.....Im high on workouts!! Ive gotten back into my session world because I miss them so much! I truly enjoy everything about this forum and theyre quite an escape for me too :) It empowers me to indulge in this private time. Im very understanding about privacy and discretion. I love this secret world. Sessions have inspired me in the recent months to pump that iron HARD and let me muscles do what they naturally Love to do: BULGE! Im stronger and more comfortable wrestling than ever. I am OPEN to hearing about anything youre interested in. I have no judgements. The only silly question is the 1 not asked. So dont be afraid! Role-Players: Im always ready for you! I enjoy playing out a great fantasy. Outstanding Bodyparts: Though Id say my mind, most would say Biceps, Triceps and the many layers of my muscular calves!! *** FOOT Lovers get an extra shout-out :) Im told my feet are pretty and well groomed and I sure enjoy them getting lots of TLC. My idea of Heaven. :) XOXOXO


August 2018

Its about time you heard an update from my voice!!


For those of you who know me: Thanks for continuing to give me all the fun and trust. For those of you who havent met me yet heres some scoop on me:

*** YES, my pics are as advertised.

*** YES as a typical girl I change my hair color frequently. LOL!! If youd like to know what color it is at the time of booking just ask!

***Im VERY experienced in sessions. Both posing and wrestling. I started wrestling when I was 20 years old. 

***Ive always been DOMINANT and BOSSY. In general.

*** You may have heard Im a person of INTEGRITY and I value your DISCRETION. Therefore do know I understand your needs for this and Im not here to shout out your personal info.

*** Im an extremely straight-shooter. If we are not a match I will simply tell you upfront instead of booking a session with you for the sake of it.

***My reputation is important to me.

***Im one of the Session girls who is happy to give referrals for either the girl or session seeker. Im also here for any of you session girls who need some advice or wish to do doubles.

***I always get back to people. If I dont get back to you it means I didnt receive your email.

***Im a fan of honestly as well as classy and articulate email correspondence. Youre likely to get better results with me by including general greetings and salutations.

*** I do not take deposits and disappear.

***IF I choose to session with YOU: Do know Im looking forward to it as much as YOU.

*** I truly enjoy my sessions. They are my personal escape besides throwing heavy weights around the gym!

Looking forward to continuing the fun with you all!


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09-26-2018 09-27-2018 Downtown Boston Massachusetts United States
ALWAYS NEW YORK CITY BASED! But some availabilty to travel


Alex is strong n sexy as F..! lol! Super session, on-time, sent a deposit, no issues, used discretion and a combination of pretty and cute. Her pics are as advertised. I asked about her hair as it seems to be different colors in some pics and she said correct, like a typical girl she changes her hair a lot. LOL! She's currently a brunette (her natural color) which she rocks. She's a straight-shooter. Also assured the next time I see her she could be blonder but she'll always answer the question honestly. Lol! She's VERY STRONG!! Lifted me right up. Loved our time! Tom P. Pittsburgh


Ok I'm not one to write reviews only because I never get around to it.....But I'm still smiling over my session with Alex. First of all, she's a super cool, down to earth, communicative Lady. Great sense of humor too. But I'm a big guy (6'2"), and I'm pretty built myself. I figured if nothing else it would be a cool time but holy crap this gal is Strong AF!! LOL! She's way smaller than me. But I kid you not, she put me in a hold and I could NOT get OUT even by really trying!! We were both laughing because I was open about not expecting that!! Alex is a VERY experienced session gal. You don't have to explain much, she just gets it. Super pretty with a very sexy body but it was the strength that totally surprised me!! So, I'm still smiling and seriously go for it with Alex so you can have a great experience. Sincerely, Charles, Boston

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