Location: Chicago, Illinois
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Weight: 185 lbs - 83.9 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 35

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Former figure competitor w background in BJJ & Muay Thai (minimal both). Current strongman competitor.

NO full service. No nudity. I do absolutely nothing that could even be questioned as far as legality is concerned. 

You may have seen me on killer crushes, utopia and fem flex... Im finally opening up my books for private bookings. Who wants to get tossed around?


Travel plans will be made when I feel I have gotten enough interest to make it worth my time!

Chicago sessions are all out calls. YOU must secure hotel or private space. 


**Deposit always required to secure appointments**

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Country City State Date Begins Date Ends
United States South Windsor Connecticut 04-20-2018 04-22-2018
United States Anaheim California 05-03-2018 05-04-2018
Book now WITH DEPOSITS to ensure I can make hotel reservations and all posted cities can get visits! CT is for Friday night only. No wrestling nor FOS CA is Thursday Friday nights.


I wrestled Ace on a recent business trip to Chicago. I highly recommend. She is massively muscled and knows a thing or two about grappling. Her sheer size makes her a force to be reckon with. We wrestled on a hotel bed so it was challenging to fully grapple. And, I echo what another reviewer said about Ace having no patience for guys wanting to "prove" something. However, I found her to be responsive, personable and genuinely fun to be with. Her body is a work of art. I would definitely wrestle her again.


I've never seen such massive, supremely muscular legs up close, on a lady who is 100% feminine no less. On that scale her upper body is merely very impressive, with lovely shoulders and thick lats. She's an absolute genetic marvel!
In terms of her wrestling abilities, she has good basic skill for pinning and knows some holds which take advantage of her leverage and astounding strength. She says she is a white belt and hasn't trained in a while, if she ever resumes that training she'll be utterly devastating.
Please take note of her services list before you email her. AA enjoys playful sessions where she can show off her strength, guys who 'want to prove that they can beat a girl' bore her and will do the rest of us no favors for trying to meet her in the future.
This Ace is truly 1 of the coolest and most formidable girls you can meet for a session.

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