Location: Chicago, Illinois
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Weight: 185 lbs - 83.9 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 36

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About Me

Former figure competitor w background in BJJ & Muay Thai (minimal both). Current strongman competitor.

NO full service. No nudity. I do absolutely nothing that could even be questioned as far as legality is concerned. 

You may have seen me on killer crushes, utopia and fem flex... Im finally opening up my books for private bookings. Who wants to get tossed around?


Travel plans will be made when I feel I have gotten enough interest to make it worth my time!

Chicago sessions are all out calls. YOU must secure hotel or private space. 


**Deposit always required to secure appointments**

I have no idea who left those negative reviews as nobody has ever complained... please note all of the wonderful reviews that have been posted!! I always ask what each individual is looking for and act accordingly (I am naturally playful, but I will play a much more serious dominant role if that is requested). I like when we can both have fun :)

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Book now WITH DEPOSITS! Hoping to see my favorite SoCal people when I visit SD! Houston dates will be updated soon! Sorry I had to reschedule that one and will post again once dates are solidified.

The person who commented on her skin is definitely correct!! I had a session that turned into a massage session with me massaging her and also a wrestling session. She brought some ideas of her own into the session as well which is always a plus


My experience with Ace is much closer to the below review. Simply put she returns what you give her in your session. She will not make an effort to cheer you up, but if you tickle her considerable brain you will have a nice chat, if she can tell you are enamored of her form she will play up her posing, if she senses you prefer certain lifts or holds she will return to them. Like everything else worth having a great session takes some work from both people involved.


Just had a session with the Almighty Ace, and HOLY SHIT is all I can say - well, I can also say my jaw, neck, and ribs are pretty damn sore! This gorgeous (seriously, she has the most beautiful face and soft skin) walking powerhouse delivered a custom squeezing session that surpassed all of my expectations, and I ain't no spring chicken in the session world; I've been destroyed by Arekah Lox, Liz Lightspeed, Toned Tommi, Gayle Moher, Sherry Stunns, Skye6ft6, and Chloe Cummings to name a few. Ace is built like that super hot muscular girl at the gym that you always wanted to overpower and dominate you. Once those 26"+ thighs wrap around your skull or ribcage, it's over. She's got you. And she will play with you while you are trapped helplessly! One reason she is my favorite session to date in 20+ years of sessioning is because of her playful attitude - I am pretty damn positive the two reviewers before me are fake, because Ace is not "grouchy" at all. She is funny, personable, and really down to earth. She has a sensual, sexy nature to her dominance that made my hour with her worth EVERY penny. The only way you will leave unsatisfied is if you have "other" intentions. If you are looking for a mindblowing scissor session where she uses her musclular body to coil around you and squeeze you like you are her prey, I suggest you see her soon. Pro-tip: ask her to put you in a grapevine with a combined smother... feel the fucking muscles in her glutes and back and tell me you didn't just experience life at it's fullest.

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