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Height: 6'3 - 191 cm
Physique: BBW

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My name is Amazon Amanda. I am a 63, 375 lb Amazon Goddess. Dont let My size or curves fool you...Im a powerful combination of size, strength and domination. Just as no two individuals are alike, neither are two of My sessions. I can be the cruel and demanding Total Bitch who reminds you of your place and just where you belong. At My feet, or under My ass offering Me Anything and Everything I want just to please Me. To being the big bully who teased you in school...laughing at your pathetic excuse of muscles as you are held firmly in a school girl pin completely overwhelmed by My 40 inch thighs and massive 63 inch ass holding you firmly in place. You will feel and be just as powerless and completely helpless as you were back then. Face it..absolutely nothing has changed..has it.? youre still a pathetic excuse of a may be bigger, and older...but compared to Me...why even bother? Do you dream of being in the presence of Amazon women, towering above you, Everyone looking as you are simply dwarfed by Our height and size while we go out on the town...and you simply are the ATM machine? Not all My sessions are domination I meet with many who are simply interested in What it would feel like to be in the presence of Myself. Someone Sooo much taller than themselves (I am 611 in My highest heels) and outweigh them 2 to 1. It really depends a great deal upon your interests. It can be as playful, or as hard as you can handle. I am currently based out of Las Vegas, but I do travel frequently for sessions. The types of sessions I offer vary. Everything from: *Facesitting *Smothering *Trampling *Height/size comparisons *Lifting/carrying *Role play *Semi competitive and fantasy wrestling *Scissor holds *School girl pins *Chest sitting *Tickling *Human furniture *Role play, domination *Foot worship and forced foot worship and domination *SPH *OTK *AB *CBT and Ball kicking *A night on the town...and you as the ATM..nothing more. Just to name a few. If you are interested in something that is not listed, please email Me to discuss it at There is NO Nudity, NO Sex and NO Release allow in any of My sessions. Any questions...just ask.

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
09-19-2019 09-20-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States
09-21-2019 09-21-2019 Hartford Connecticut United States
09-22-2019 09-23-2019 Manhattan New York United States
09-24-2019 09-24-2019 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
09-25-2019 09-26-2019 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States
09-27-2019 09-27-2019 Chicago Illinois United States
09-28-2019 09-29-2019 Toronto Canada


First off, let me just say, this was one of the best sessions I have ever had. When Amanda opened the door, she is striking. Very tall and statuesque. Amanda is even more pretty in person. I have been a fan of hers since the early 2000s. Enough ass kissing, let me get to the point.

1. Amanda 100% knows how to use every ounce of her body to squash you. I really enjoyed her squashing me. She took the time to find out what I liked and seemed to make sure that I experienced it to the fullest.
2. Amanda's figure is stunning to see. Watching her move is magical.
3. She will test your boundaries. She sat full weight on my chest for the entire hour. She gave me 1 break and it was short. At no time did I feel in danger. She truly knows what she is doing.
4. If yo have a chance to do a session with Amanda and miss it, you really missed out.

Amanda is a true pro. I was comfortable and at ease almost the second I met her. If I get the opportunely to do another session with her I am going to talk to her about some butt drops and trampling. There are more than one reason she is a titan in this industry.Those reasons were apparent almost immediately.

Thank you Amanda!


This woman's power is unbelievable and it goes beyond her size. Or as she put it, "There's plenty muscle behind that jiggle."

We were standing at the edge of the bed and I immediately noticed that she hadn't taken her glasses off, a sure sign that she didn't expect to be seriously challenged. I'm 5-i, 190 and quite strong and while i certainly didn't think i could outwrestle her, I did think I could challenge her, Forget it. I started by trying to toss her onto the bed while she simply held her ground. It was like trying to pull a lamppost off of the pavement,. When it became obvious I couldn't do it she laughed, grabbed me with one arm and fired me off the bed like a throw pillow, quickly landing her full weight on me. It was like being trapped under a building. She released my arms but I still couldn't move an inch. She then got on her side and held med motikonelss with just one massive thigh. Unbelievable.


I had a rematch with Amanda, and despite my 100 % effort(so yes for me it was 100 % competitive) she crushed me like a bug. the only thing I could do was avoid getting take down or thrown for a time. So the only thing I could do was delay the inevitable as none of the moves or holds had enough of a effect on her to make any difference. After trying to get me down with a throw she just went all mass and inertia against me and that was it.. Within 5 to 10 seconds of her centering her gravity on me I was down and stayed down.

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