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Amazonian Goddess


Location: New York, New York
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Age: 32

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About Me

Hello Guys and Girls

I am the Amazonian Goddess. I am the 6'3, with no shoes on about 7'2 with shoes on due to me liking extra high heels. Amazonian Goddess who has an interest in wrestling weaklings into submission. I am a Professional Dominatrix who not only does sessions in wrestling but other kinds of sessions were your servitude needs will be in question as well.
Refer to my website to find out what other sessions I participate in

When I am not in session I am a full time college student who takes her education very seriously. Can you guess what my major is? I will give you a hint it is very Empowering and I get to wear a Power suit!!!

I take my profession very seriously. I do not cater to disrespect of the profession or to those seeking Doms out in the profession to seek sexual gratification. Not my style but I thank you for thinking that just because I am beautiful that I was posing as a Domme so that you could get a quick lay. Never ask me about sex or inquire because the answer is always NO!

I am seeking a personal sub/slave to be my on-call servant. It is not an easy job. So if you are interested than you should go to my website and read in my Diary 'Goddess seeks Personal Slave" only those in desperate need of a Goddess to Dominate their lives need apply.

As far as my Bio goes, what you see is what you get. There is nothing fake or phony about me. I tell it like it is and I am true to my profession. How many people you know like me?

I am open to working with other Dommes in the NYC area.

Amazonian Goddess

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The Amazonian Goddess will be in Tampa Florida from Thursday June 7th- Monday June 11th.


She pulled s no show. We was suppose to have a session Friday. I emailed her to confirm but never received an email from her back until Saturday claiming she could not have the session because she was injured. I strongly advise anyone to not try to attempt to have a wrestling session with her.

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