Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
E-mail: gladiatorgirl@aol.com
Height: 5'10” - 178 cm
Weight: 225 lbs - 102.1 kg
Physique: Athletic
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I met Amber just a short time ago in Albuquerque. Without getting into specifics, I can tell you unequivocally that she has a great understanding of the submissive male psyche and everything that goes with it. She has tremendous depth and interpersonal skills. She put me at ease immediately upon meeting her, and she was genuinely interested in doing everything she could to please me. She has a very loving, sensitive spirit, and I could not help but fall in love with her. Amber did not concern herself with the clock but rather with meeting my needs. I really can’t adequately describe it in words. The encounter went way beyond my expectations, and I would describe it more like a spiritual experience than anything else. I will be returning to Albuquerque just as soon as I can to see her again. I am so grateful for the opportunity just to have met her and to have gotten know her even a little. She is simply a lovely human being.


I met Amber too, I agree with You Adude, She is Superlative, She give the maximum You can expect! She gave me an experience Unique, like You said, more Spiritual than just looking and touching her beautiful strong muscles. A very intelligent open minded person, She knows a lot about real life and how to make dreams come true. She really made my dream come true!


I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Amber a short time ago in NYC. When she opened her door and invited me in, I was completely overwhelmed! I am 6' tall, and at the time, weighed 210. I felt dwarfed. Before me was a true Amazon! In her heels, she was taller than me! Huge sexy muscular body! And let's get this straight- she is all woman!! We chatted for a little bit. She was thrilled to learn that she outweighed me by 10+lbs. Amber posed for me for a bit. INCREDIBLE!! Rock hard! Fantastic female shape, but massive! Steel quads! HUGE and hard calves! She put me in a bear hug and gave me a good squeeze. I loved her strength. We were close face to face and I was caught between enjoying her strength and her beautiful face. We spent another 20- 30 minutes with her "abusing" me. I strongly recommend a session with this amazing lady!! Amber is the complete & total package- strong, muscular, intelligent, & so gorgeous!!
I HAVE to see her again!!

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