Location: Moscow,
E-mail: amritawrestler@gmail.com
Travel Phone: 79268604652
Height: 5'9” - 175 cm
Weight: 165 lbs - 74.8 kg
Physique: Athletic
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Can't wait to see Amrita here at the Hungary event at 28th of March in Budapest. I hope she will have a match there with Izabella Mendez , would be great watch those 2 fighting eachother.


Met Amrita in Oslo in December and she is incredibly strong.
I have no experience with wrestling or other fighting, but am fascinated by meeting strong ladies. She played with me exactly as she wanted, and was in complete control all the time. She lay down on her back and let me try to hold her down. She turned me around without the opportunity to prevent it. We also tried rope wrestling, and she tied me up without me being able to stop her.
Will meet her again when I get the opportunity.
I am 184 cm and weigh 80 kg, am normally trained.

Amrita Wrestler

Glad to bring you such bright emotions)) See you next time)


Shes a professional. She comes prepared, both in the clothing request and wrestling type.

She breaks the barrier extremely quickly and makes you feel comfortable from start.

She is very respectful towards your needs and theres never any questions since she know what you want.

Her english is excellent and she is very street smart.

I highly recommend her! she is not new to this. She knows what shes doing and there are never any surprises. She is very discreet. I appreciated her way of doing things from the email to leaving after the session.

Amrita Wrestler

😊 Thank you)


So, on 11/11/2019 I had my very first wrestling session. It was a semi-competitive session in Brussels with Amrita.

Communication via E-mail was swift and setting up the session with her was easy. When I met her, I was a bit nervous at first. But she was friendly and patient and there was a lot of mutual respect, which immediately putted my mind at ease.

When we started to wrestle, it was clear that she really enjoys doing so. And she’s also very good at it! She doesn’t formally train at a wrestling or bjj club, but trust me that she really knows her stuff! I outweigh her by a lot (I weigh 104kg, which is 229lbs), but my weight advantage was rather useless.
Round after round I tried to defend myself, but each time I ended up tapping sooner or later. She applied her holds safely but confidently, gradually increasing the pressure to secure the submission.

There was also plenty of variety and she caught me with different armbars, RNC’s, scissors, guillotine chokes, triangles, figure fours etc…
What’s also impressive, is her level of fitness and endurance. I knew I was out of shape, but Amrita showed me exactly HOW out of shape and out of tune with my own body I am! I was sweating a lot during the session and needed many breaks to drink and recover for a bit, while she went the entire 2 hours without drinking a single drop of water. It has motivated me to start exercising and taking better care of my body!

She is also an intelligent woman and an interesting conversationalist, so I sometimes couldn’t decide if I would rather wrestle her or just talk a bit more. Luckily there was time for both!

I had a lot of fun and I left the session exhausted, but with a big smile on my face.
So in conclusion, Amrita is a high quality person who offers a high quality service and you owe it to yourself to book a session with her if you have the chance!


just met Amrita from Moscow. What a nice surprise. Very nice not a physique of bodybuilder but a delightful beautiful woman. What strength is hidden behind its appearance. Scissors varied and so powerful. My neck surrounds by these long legs and especially a bodyscissor devastating. I had to abandon constantly and she kept her grip until my limit. All this in a cordial atmosphere and exchanges during the breaks that she granted me. Very nice session and do not hesitate to meet her


During my short visit in Moscow on the first week of September
I met Amrita in person for the first time. I have to admit,
I was nervous before the session, but she made our
encounter very easy.

I had a session with ladies from Moscow Mixed Wrestling Club
the day before, where I was told that among them Amrita informally
known as "Killer" and that she can be really quick in her
wrestling moves. These ladies were not killers, but still
I hadn't fully recovered up to the our session with Amrita,
so when she attacked me - indeed, very quickly - I decided at first
that I asked for too much. But Amrita estimated situation immediately
and switched at relatively easy fantasy wrestling domination mode.

I honestly think that even if I were not beaten the day before,
our session still would go that course. In fact, I think that
holds for majority of not very trainded men.

In my view, there are some remarkable things about her.

First, she never did systematically bjj-training, however,
her transitions from hold to hold were very smooth. In her words,
she just followed her intuition.

Second, she is tall (by women standards) but she doesn't possess
sharped body like Nika Wrestler from mentioned Moscow MW Club,
and in her words she never did weights training for too long.
And yet she is remarkably strong.

She is also very inventive in her holds. Of course, she applied
on me a standart toolbox including pins, reverse headscissors
and such, but most of her moves very either somewhat unusual
interpretation of well-known holds or really unusual ones.

She enjoys dominate wrestling matches, so her opponent who happens
to find himself in her pin can also enjoy her charming smile.


I met Amrita last year in vienna.

She is extremely strong and a real beauty. We also enjoyed really nice talking between fighting.
Further more she has some of the most beautiful feet I ever had the honor to explore during a wrestling session.
I can only highly recommend her and hope that she will visit vienna again soon!


I was in Tel Aviv for meetings and noticed that Amrita is visiting town. I decided to try her. I was astonished. First of all - she looks great. You have to see her, she is beautiful, feminine and her body looks strong. Second - she is strong like a bull. I am 181 cm and 85 kg and I couldn't move her from her position. She is the most powerful woman I ever met. And third - she is very skilled. Not only she easily outwrestle me, after 20 minutes she brought me to a point that phisically I couldn't resist her anymore, and mentally I just wanted her to do with me whatever she likes. From that point she started to dominate me with her body, scissoring, smothering and twisting my body in ways that I didn't know he can be twisted. At the end she gave me Thai massage. That helped me to end the session relaxed. Out of the session she is friendly, funny and inteligent. During the session she is a tiger. If you are looking for a real alpha female, a true goddess, without a question book a session with her. Can't wait to meet her again.


Cairo Egypt 10.5.2019
it is my lucky day .. I had a dream since my teenage to wrestle a beautiful,Strong lady like what I see in movies and websites .. today I got more than I dreamed .. Amrita .. she is my dream girl .. she is more than beautiful .. her photos here is not good enough ..she is very beautiful in real .. I never thought this cute girl to be strong .. she is tall and smoking hot in her sporty outfit .... I doubted this girl can even catch me once .. I am 50 kgms more than her (125 kgms)
First I challenged her in arm wrestling ... It takes me more than a minute to get her down with right arm .. damn .. she is really strong but I beat her .. I thought she is another sweet potato must softening myself to feel some challenge .. left hand takes more time I think it is draw but I cheated and push her down after stop :) and I got my punishment later :)
Now time to wrestle .. I know she can't stand against me .. but what happened this day was a flawless domination .. Amrita can kill me bared hands .. what I remember is my screaming and begging for mercy .. first 5 minutes she forced me to submit 3 times .. head scissor, squeezing my trunk , armbar .. all the fight she dominates me completely and really .. I can't believe what happened ..she is real monster But smoking hot monster .. her arms and thighs works as squeezing machine ..I can bet she can break a watermelon between her iron thighs .. first 30 minutes it was 14-0 ... I stop counting my loses .. I was as a lamb in slaughter,s hands .. finally she feels mercy and gave me rest ..give me cup of water and lift my 125 kgs heavyweight over her back as her school bag walking inside room easily ..I was her training bag ..I think she want say to me stop crying little man and catch your breath don't die here :)
It was complete domination and humiliation .. Amrita is the strongest woman in world plus she is smoking hot .. thanks Amrita for this great day .. you are my dream girl .. lots of love and respect ..wanna meet you again ..and sorry for make you late in airport, hope you catch your plane but may be it is god punishment cos you destroyed me completely :D
I needs a week rest ..all my muscles screams in pain and needs spare neck :)
I Love You :)

Amrita Wrestler

Thanks for your sincere review. It was really nice opportunity to mash my body)
P.S. Don't even dream, I have cheked-in 2 minutes before closing XD


يا هلا بيك أخوي. والله نفس التجربة عندي. :) واحد ما يقدر يقاوم. :) أتمنّى لك تتصارع معها مرّة ثانية. الله يوفقك.

Amrita Wrestler

Athanas, you're amazing. Thanks )))


Sundry weeks ago a resplendent opportunity was bestowed upon me. I stumbled upon Amrita's profile on ''sessiongirls.com''. I managed to contact her via ''VK'' (can be described as the Russian version of Facebook). Her response was swift and most gratifying. Conducting correspondence with her was a pleasure. She consented to undertake a trip to Sofia, Bulgaria's capital city (where I am currently residing), in order for us to fulfill our plans for a competitive wrestling session. I can doubtlessly state that she's utterly trustworthy, especially regarding financial affairs, so she won't lead anyone astray. I procured and sent her a sufficient ammount of money, so that she could purchase flight tickets (consequently she sent me a photo of the tickets as proof, although I had no such request). Everything went according to our plan. On the eleventh of March (Monday), after having picked her up from the airport, I took her to her temporary abode. We didn't commence wrestling at once. We took a walk, talked and so on. She is so bloody comely, attractive and fair, and one can't help but notice how abundant the knowledge (history, culture, psychology and linguistics) she possesses is. A spiritual and amiable person, as well. The session itself was miraculous. We wrestled competitively with a few brakes. I put much effort in it, endeavoured to take the upper hand, yet most times failed. Although I have no wrestling background whatsoever, our session resulted in the recognition of her bodily, spiritual and mental might and wrestling skills and dexterity. She is tall and has developed an amazing strong (and in the same time quite mild) and flexible body. She is also audacious, spry, fast, provocative, challenging, defiant and intelligent. Actually, one needn't be too meticulous to discover, that she is usually also full of tranquility and can't be easily infuriated. If you're granted the opportunity, go ahead! You shan't rue the day you wrestle Amrita.

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