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Height: 5'7” - 170 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
Age: 29

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Come join me on the mats. You won’t know what’s hit you. I am extremely fit, quick, agile, fucking flexible & energetic. On top of all that I am jolly good fun! Check my wrestling testimonials here; If you think can take me on, you are wrong, but of course, you should come find out for yourself. My private central London studio is fitted with high quality mats so we can really go all out. I love to travel. If you are not from UK, dont cry. Just cover my flights & expenses & I will have you in a rear naked choke in no time. Simple! I love to get a sweat on, I love to feel you wiggle & squirm, I love to hear you shriek as I bend your body into ways it shouldn’t, I love to see you tremble when you realise you are on a loosing streak, with no place to go but trapped in-between my thighs. I am an expert in role-play. No role is too outlandish pour moi! I will lead you into a new world, & there is no going back. I love a weird & whacky unexplored role-play scenario. This is your chance to get creative. Send me your outrageously kinky ideas for a role-play wrestling session with me. Through my technique, flexibility, strength & natural ability, I will remove your desire to fight back. I do not wrestle topless or nude. Any reasonable wardrobe requests will be considered. NO sexual activities. That means NO sex, NO BJ, NO hand relief. NO intimate body worship. kNOw your place. Ciao losers! 

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02-11-2019 02-28-2019 Chiang Mai Thailand
03-01-2019 03-03-2019 Bangkok Thailand
03-05-2019 03-16-2019 Bali Indonesia

Stunningly beautiful, and unbelievably muscular and strong: a real brute without the body builder physique. I never thought a dominatrix would ever be so well-versed at wrestling holds, pressure points, and have such an uncanny ability to wipe the floor with a 185 pound man without breaking a sweat. Both her legs and arms are rock solid. Anastaxia has the ability to have you tapping in seconds whether it be via scissor holds, smothers, arm bars, or other tricks of the trade, if you dare let her invoke her dominatrix skill sets. Highly recommended- but make sure you express to her your limits, or you will be potentially very sorry and in a lot of pain for days to come!


Appreciating full well the annoyance of a session review devolving into some flowery and over-the-top encomium to its subject, let me just say that Goddess Anastaxia is nothing short of awesome, in the word's most literal sense.

Ana's correspondence prior to our session can be summed up as friendly and timely. I had made a small outfit request and arrived to her hotel room (very upscale, clean) to find that Ana not only remembered my request but had assembled several options for me to choose from. As she proceeded to find out more about my interests in her charming accent, it quickly became apparent that Ana is one singularly cool and down-to-earth girl -- the exact kind of girl you'd love to spend an hour hanging out with and getting pummeled by.

I requested a semi-comp session and Ana exceeded all my expectations. What makes Ana so unique as a wrestler is her combination of flexibility, power and fluidity. No matter the position, her legs were always a split-second away from attacking my arms and neck, often in acrobatic and laws-of-anatomy-defying holds. With less skilled girls, semi-comp sessions can sometimes be rather slow-paced, if not static. Not so with Ana, who was able to roll and contort from one move to the next, for minutes on end, until I (inevitably) found myself tapping.

It's tempting to relay all the worn acclaims we find in session reviews (she's more beautiful than her photos, she's not clock watcher, etc.) because they all apply with equal force to Ana, but what it really comes down to is that a session with Ana is an experience with someone at the top of her craft -- a natural athleticism matched with a bewitching personality that makes for the kind of female domination that brings guys to the session scene in the first place.

So if you've been skimming this review and want the bottom line: don't pass up the opportunity to see this girl if you ever get one. I know I sure won't.


An absolutely terrific wrestler...strong, skilled and agile. I've been doing mixed wrestling for 15 years and she's up there near the top. Pretty much controls the pace of the match with her legs.
Did manage to get her in a couple of headlocks - most women give up in that situation - but she Just powered her way out of them with her incredible arm and hand strength.

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