bettie brickhouse

bettie brickhouse


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Member for over 5 years
Last logged in: 11/15/2018


Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 250 lbs - 113.4 kg
Physique: BBW
Age: 25

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About Me

I am a young, strong, experienced mixed session wrestler, Pro Domme, and Sugar Baby. I am a lifestyler, meaning that I am heavily involved in the BDSM community and that I am a Dominant woman for pleasure, not just for business. However, I keep the two very separate, as I do charge for My services. My session wrestling info is on top, and my Pro Domme info is further down the page. 

If you are interested in my session wrestling services:

*I can flip a 285 lb tire, and I can deadlift 150+ lbs.

*I perform both fantasy and semi-competitive wrestling. I define fantasy wrestling as my partner letting me win, and the session being more about overpowering you, versus a semi-competitive session will involve the other person fighting back, at least somewhat. I will still win, of course, unless you have been wrestling your whole life, or you are a weightlifter.

*I have evening and weekend availability for local sessions.

*I am available for travel, but you have to make a deposit in advance so I know you are not a time waster.

*I am now using the beautiful Safa Wardas wrestling studio in Chicago, and we do offer doubles!

*If you see something on my travel schedule, that does not mean I will definitely go. These are events/places I would like to attend, and I am waiting to secure a deposit in your city. So make it worthwhile!


If you are interested in my ProDomme/FinDom services:

*I am very experienced, and can offer references, and people to vouch for Me. I do not need to do this. I do it because I enjoy humiliating sissy boys, and ending up with money in My account.

*Because of this, I do not deal with time-wasters. If you are just a pathetic pay pig, you will need to pay me tribute before we start speaking. I accept money in the form of gift cards and the Cash app ($BettieBrickhouse)

*If you are interested in a session with Me, then send Me a message and make it worth My while. Explain to Me what you have to offer, why I should session with you, and why I should trust that you arent wasting my time.

*I do occasionally take on longer-term slaves, if you really impress Me, and make it worthwhile.

*I enjoy sissification, impact play, humiliation, pet play, furniture, foot play, and more. I am not really into pissing on slave boys, but that is because My piss is worth more than you. If you want it that bad, you will pay for it.

*I have many Women that I can call on to Dominate you with Me.

*I have weeknight and weekend availability currently, and am available for travel.


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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
11-27-2018 11-29-2018 Los Angeles California United States
12-01-2018 12-03-2018 San Jose California United States
12-07-2018 12-10-2018 Denver Colorado United States
12-22-2018 12-25-2018 Louisville Kentucky United States
01-18-2019 01-21-2019 Dallas Texas United States
01-25-2019 01-28-2019 Phoenix Arizona United States
02-08-2019 02-10-2019 Kalamazoo Michigan United States
03-14-2019 03-17-2019 New Orleans Louisiana United States
04-12-2019 04-15-2019 Austin Texas United States
04-18-2019 04-21-2019 Atlanta Georgia United States
If you are interested in a session even if you do not know the specific date or time I recommend emailing me and sending a deposit. If I do not get a deposit at least two weeks in advance I will likely cancel the trip.

Bettie is so much fun to do a semi-competitive session with. She is really competitive and loves dominating. She destroyed me even as i did everything to try to turn things around. I just loved how much she enjoyed kicking my ass. Can’t wait to face her again.


After a year, I finally had a session with Bettie Brickhouse and it exceeded expections. I'm a big guy(currently 6' 265-270 lbs) and of the 4 sessions I've had before I've faced exclusively heavyweights(from 215 lbs to 280 lbs) all 6 feet tall. While I've lost a few falls, I've always been the stronger. My session with Bettie was the first time in a session where I didn't feel stronger. When I first met her, she seemed small for her size. But as we grinder and struggled, she seemed bigger and bigger wnd I felt more intimidated. While I won most falls, I really had to work for them and there were a lot of stalemates. After a decently long break to recover we got back to it and she immediately won a fall, and after that we traded back and forth. The only thing she lacks is some technical skill which I believe will come. But if you want a classic pin match with a big, strong woman? She is the best.


I originally tried to set up a session with Bettie at the beginning of the year when I was visiting Chicago, but the timing just didn't work out for us. When she posted that she was interested in coming within driving distance of me if she had a pre-booked session, I took her up on it -- she scheduled the trip, I paid for the session, and everything went smoothly. I mention that part so that you can be more confident providing a deposit and so that you know if she's expressed interest in coming to your area, you should definitely contact her if you're interested in booking a wrestling match.

She's not a martial artist, so if you're looking for someone that's highly trained in BJJ, you'll want to find someone else. If, on the other hand, you like big, strong girls who like to wrestle (and are pretty good at it), then Bettie is a very good choice. I did a semi-comp session, and while I was able to make her work for her wins, she didn't have much trouble tossing me around and pinning me down. She's very friendly (unless you've asked her not be) and she has fun with the sessions while doing her best to make sure you do as well. I very much hope to get the chance for a rematch in the future.

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