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bettie brickhouse


Location: Chicago, Illinois
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Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 215 lbs - 97.5 kg
Physique: Curvy
Age: 25

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About Me

I am a young, strong, experienced mixed session wrestler, FinDom, and ProDomme. I am a lifestyler, meaning that Im heavily involved in the BDSM community and that I am a Dominant woman for pleasure, not just for business. However, I keep the two very separate, as I do charge for My services. My session wrestling info is on top, and my ProDomme info is further down the page. Edit: I am now filming fetish clips with other girls. If there is something youd like to see, let me know now! I will be selling them on clips4sale! I am also a cam girl on Chaturbate, MFC, and Streammate.

If you are interested in my session wrestling services:

*I can flip a 285 lb tire, and I can deadlift 150+ lbs.

*I perform both fantasy and semi-competitive wrestling. I define fantasy wrestling as my partner letting me win, and the session being more about overpowering you, versus a semi-competitive session will involve the other person fighting back, at least somewhat. Ill still win, of course, unless youve been wrestling your whole life, or youre a weightlifter.

*I have a 5 message policy. If we cant figure out a session in 5 messages each or less, then I stop messaging back. Youre not worth my time. Therefore, I suggest you make that first email you send me worthwhile -- give me your stats, what youre looking for, what kind of outfit you want me in, and suggested dates.

*I have almost unlimited availability for local sessions.

*I rent the dungeon space for local sessions, so we have access to wrestling mats, furniture, water, bathrooms, etc.

*I have a few other females that might be available to do 2-on-1 matches, but they are not as experienced as me.

*I am available for travel, but you have to make a deposit in advance so I know youre not a time waster.

*If you see something on my travel schedule, that doesnt mean Im necessarily going. These are events/places Id like to go, and Im waiting to see if I can schedule a session in your city. So make it worthwhile!

*I will end up referring you to the dungeon I work for if you want to set up a session here in Chicago, as they do the scheduling.


If you are interested in my ProDomme/FinDom services:

*I am very experienced, and can offer references, and people to vouch for Me. I dont need to do this. I do it because I enjoy humiliating sissy boys, and ending up with money in My account.

*Because of this, I dont deal with time-wasters. If youre a pathetic pay pig, you will need to pay me tribute before we start speaking.

*If you are interested in a session with Me, then send Me a message and make it worth My while. Explain to Me what you have to offer, why I should session with you, and why you arent a time waster.

*I rent the local dungeon space for sessions, and I do travel frequently. Locally, I have access to all of the furniture, and plenty of toys.

*There will never be anything sexual during O/our sessions. I do enjoy CBT, but I will not get you off in any way, shape, or form. you will do that on your own time. Strap-on play is a separate deal.

*I do occasionally take on longer-term slaves, if you really impress Me, and make it worthwhile.

*I enjoy sissification, impact play, humiliation, pet play, furniture, foot play, and more. Im not really into pissing on slave boys, but thats because My piss is worth more than you. If you want it that bad, youll pay for it.

*I have many Women that I can call on to Dominate you with Me.

*I have unlimited availability currently, and am available for travel.


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Country City State Date Begins Date Ends
United States Memphis Tennessee 05-11-2018 05-14-2018
United States Kansas City Missouri 06-13-2018 06-16-2018
United States Bowling Green Ohio 06-23-2018 06-24-2018
United States Denver Colorado 06-29-2018 07-02-2018
United States Indianapolis Indiana 07-07-2018 07-08-2018
United States San Francisco California 07-13-2018 07-16-2018
United States Coopers Lake Pennsylvania 08-04-2018 08-11-2018
Canada Montreal 08-30-2018 09-02-2018


For the person who said that I flaked — I texted him at 10:30 in the morning after getting into a car crash (I was a passenger). Our appointment was at 8pm that evening, but I was 3 hours from the site, and there was a trip to the police station and hospital involved. I don’t think that makes me “not a pro.”


She flaked on us... Had a confirmed appointment another model waiting and no Bettie. At least she texted and told us what happened but then she also texted that "I never flake"...
The day turned intot real shit show for all those involved. Tried to reschedule and no reply. Not a pro....

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