Location: Padova,
E-mail: biancaifw@gmail.com
Height: 5'6” - 168 cm
Weight: 130 lbs - 59 kg
Physique: Athletic
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At this moment in contact with Italian Female Wrestling , if it's possible that my wife and my 3 daughters can be participate at one of the Italian female wrestling parties this year , idea is My wife Famke 52yr vs IFW Bianca 32yr , My daughter Silvia 26yr vs IFW Giorgia 26yr , My daughter Harriet 24yr vs IFW Sabrina 23yr and my daughter Linda 19yr vs IFW Aura 22yr.


@Henk, wat een familie 😂 ! Al die worstelende vrouwen, zijn ze ook te boeken ?


I have had multiple sessions with Bianca. First she is absolutely gorgeous with a petite but strong frame. Her personality is amazing both on and off the mat. She go from shit talking you the mat to having you laugh in between rounds.

Our matches are always competitive and she never disappoints. She has a desire to win and will always try her hardest to accomplish that. Her scissors will have you tapping in seconds if she wants you to or she will slowly put the pressure on so she can show her strength. She is nimble and quick, but also enjoys testing your pure strength. She takes losses as a learning experience and comes back the next round with more fire.

I have sessioned with many big names and believe Bianca belongs there. She is great for anyone looking for competitive match!


Bianca is a fantastic lady and an incredible addition to the European female wrestling scene..
A very attractive, striking lady with piercing eyes and a vibrant, lively presence.
She has a very sexy, firmly muscled body with a powerful set of thighs and perfectly shaped butt.
Wrestling her is an incredible experience... She can be rough and aggessive, or equally is up for a more straight sporting match...
A hugely determined & tough minded lady, she will work hard and methodically to get the point and to dominate you.. She also can be more sadistic if that is your preference.
Off the mat she is an intelligent, warm, and genuine lady who is very welcoming and a pleasure to engage with.
Meet this vibrant Italian beauty, wrestle with her, and enjoy the incredible experience!


Bianca has a very aesthetically pleasing body with a beautiful smile. 😍 She's very strong and can make you submit easily. I've had several great sessions with her and highly recommend her. My only warning is do not wrestle her when injured, she really shows no mercy! 😳😳😳 I will be sure to have more sessions with her when not injured 😍


I'm sorry wrote bad reviews from her , being Italian .
Me and her see a friday evenong during her tours .
We had booking at 7:30pm to location ( bad location ) seeing photos the location .
I'm arrived at 7pm , advice her i'm arrived . She wrote me : Can we see saturday afternoon ?, but she knew i can't on saturday .
So ask me we can see 30 minutes as first meeting for start see first time , respect one hour .
So in that moment was surprise from her , because she consider professional session wrestler .
I ask you read this review : Who forgot a booking with person took appointment weeks before . Fortunately i not go to her country . If i did 250 km for not see her .
I hope this situation not happen to your's .
She not try contact me for ask me if i'm interest to her for a session , i will interest meet her . Maybe she aspect i return contact her after bad experience . Maybe she need contact me .
I'm ready for return meet her , after bad experience , for next time do good review to her .

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