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Height: 5'5 - 165 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic

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I am new at this but completely got hooked into fetishes and scissors play after a personal relationship with someone who introduced me to all of that. I miss it so here I am in a journey to meet new victims of my new passion. I have been hitting the gym hard so you better watch it! :)

No Sexual activities of any kind. This is supposed to be clean fun!

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I recently had my first session with Camilla, and not only was it my first session with her, it was my first overall session. All I can say is wow! She welcomed me into the room with her warm, gentle-hearted persona and innocent smile to ease my nervousness. She guided me on to the bed and immediately took me by surprise when she tackled me down.

Let me just say it now. Unless you were gifted with supernatural/superhuman strength at birth or have the muscles of Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger combined, it is impossible to escape any of her holds. This girl's got strength! I inquired about semi-comp prior to the session (she doesn't offer it) and she teased me plenty of times about it throughout the session, sarcastically asking why I'd think about doing semi-comp with her. Love it! She'll occasionally whisper into your ear in Portuguese, I believe, in the sexiest way possible--demanding you tell her she's the boss with her soft but thick Brazilian accent. If you're into ASMR, you'll very much enjoy her whispering in your ear, while you lie helpless in her clutch.

Our session was fantasy wrestling with a mix of tickle wrestling and body/foot worship. Her legs are like pythons and are her greatest weapon, so expect her to wrap herself around you with various head/bodyscissors. I'm convinced she can pop heads like grapes with her headscissors. You can also ensure yourself, you'll be victimized by her pins. Whether it's a grapevine, crossbody, or school girl.

Camilla is not ticklish, so if you choose tickle wrestling, your efforts to get a tickle submission over her will be met with failure. Overall, Camilla is absolutely amazing and has built a tremendous reputation for someone who's only been in this line of work for a year. She's incredibly gentle and innocent with her approach, a teaser, and an overall A+ butt kicker who will expose your weakness in a heartbeat.

I will most definitely be looking to work with her again whether she visits or whether I have to fly to her myself. She's AMAZING! Everyone needs to make Camilla a top priority to session with at least once. You're truly missing out if you haven't worked with this astounding beauty at least once!


Camila is fantastic. Strong, pretty and loves to dominate. Had a domination wrestling session with intense foot and muscle worship. Her legs are like steel. It's super hot when she's got you pinned in a grapevine, you can't move an inch and she's whispering in your ear in this sexy Brazilian accent that you're her "boy toy" and "muscle slave." WOW!


Recently had semi comp session in Vegas with Camila, and it was AWESOME. Classic "looks even better in person." She tailored things to my preferences and seemed to really genuinely enjoy dominating, forcing submissions, and watching me squirm ineffectively. Good technical grappling, though I don't think fully competitive sessions are her thing (by preference, not by inability). Smothers, pins, grapevines, lots of headscissors, and chokes. If you're into ko's, she's a dream. Sweet girl. Amazing session. Highly recommended.

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