Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Height: 5'5 - 165 cm
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic

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I am new at this but completely got hooked into fetishes and scissors play after a personal relationship with someone who introduced me to all of that. I miss it so here I am in a journey to meet new victims of my new passion. I have been hitting the gym hard so you better watch it! :)

No Sexual activities of any kind. This is supposed to be clean fun!

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
01-18-2019 01-20-2019 Newark New Jersey United States
01-20-2019 01-21-2019 Boston Massachusetts United States

Recently had a fun time during a one-hour pin/tickle session with Camila. She is very friendly and warm which I appreciate very much in a wrestler, but also very strong! Even though it was just an hour, I left exhausted and was sore for a couple days after. She also has a mean pair of leg scissors for those looking to be squeezed.


Camila is great for a fantasy wrestling session. She is strong, beautiful, and "gets it". She has a fantastic butt and knows how to use it. I couldn't resist her holds, nor did I want to ;) Highly recommended.


I was fortunate enough to session again with the astounding beauty that is Camila. I only check this site for travel updates in my town, once every few weeks, so I was incredibly happy to see that I caught her in time to set up a session when she was visiting. She's still as beautiful in person as she is in her profile pictures.

I'm not sure if Camila got stronger...or if yours truly got weaker because I found myself unable to escape any hold or move she got me in--more so this time than our first session. Her strength is unmatched--I question if she's not superhuman or even supernatural. Not only is she got at dissecting you, physically. She also has a thing for some low-key verbal humiliation. I tapped out so many times, she began teasing me for the amount of times I'd given up to her.

If I haven't said it before, Camila's legs are her strongest asset. Once she's got you stuck, it's a wrap. Your only choice is to tap out or pass out. To give you an example of how strong her legs are, I actually got a good back crack from one of her side bodyscissors. Camila is so incredibly fun and energetic to work with, I was shocked at how quickly time went by. Even in defeat, she leaves you wanting more--which is what sessioning should be all about anyway.

Overall, I can say endless things about Camila, but it'd never end. She's ridiculously easy on the eyes, so gentle-hearted, and incredibly patient and helpful when it comes to questions and inquiries about setting up sessions. She's the total package inside and out and she remains on my top priority list when it comes to sessions. If you get the chance, you MUST set up a session with her when she visits your town. She'll give you an experience I feel very others on this site can give you

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