Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
E-mail: camilascissors@gmail.com
Weight: 140 lbs - 63.5 kg
Physique: Athletic
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First off setting up a session with Camila was quick, simple and easy. I emailed Camila ahead of her visit to D.C. and she promptly replied. Her communication was friendly and it was obvious she really cared about knowing EXACTLY what I wanted in a session. After just a few emails we had a date and time set. The session itself was Perfect!! I've had many fantasy wrestling sessions with several different women from Session Girls and Camila was by far my favorite and most memorable. When I arrived at the hotel Camila greeted me with a warm friendly hug and instantly had me at ease. She was wearing a robe but quickly she seductively disrobed revealing the outfit I had requested her to wear...a black bodysuit leotard with black nylons. OMG 😱 Camila is smoking HOT!!! She has the body of a fitness model and is drop dead gorgeous! A true exotic beauty.
The moment she knew I was ready to wrestle she pounced. Her quickness shocked me and she REALLY knows her moves! I'm 6'1 200lbs and pretty athletic, but I can honestly say Camila completely out wrestled me. And she made it seem effortless. She had so many different ways to pin me down and make me feel helpless.The more I would struggle to escape the more she seemed to enjoy it! Camila has the absolute most dominating style of wrestling I've ever seen or experienced. She wore me down with some of the most suffocating reverse headscissors imaginable (ALL her reviews are TRUE! lol). I was close to dreamland a few times, but each time Camila would loosen her grip just enough to keep me trapped but still awake. She pretty much let me know she could knock me out anytime she wanted...and that really drove me crazy! The whole time she was squeezing me into submission she would talk to me... taunting me, smiling and clearly enjoying being in control. Once I was worn down and unable to put up much resistance, Camila smoothly transitioned from hold to hold. At one point she started using her feet to add to my humiliation... trampling, covering my mouth and nose, rubbing my face and even putting her foot in my mouth! She ended with smothering facesitting until I couldn't handle any more. I was completely and thoroughly dominated. I was humbled and humiliated...and I absolutely LOVED EVERY SECOND!!!!! Camila is an amazing wrestler and an even better person. I would HIGHLY recommend Camila to anyone who enjoys session wrestling. I will definitely see her again if she ever comes back to the east coast. She gave me my ultimate fantasy wrestling session.


Had a session booked with her, but then she didn't want to go through with it because I didn't have a reference and canceled the booking. Understandable, but I wish that was explained in her profile before I wasted my time.


I canceled and returned your deposit!
You gave me two references, and they didn't know about you!
You can talk, but tell the truth!


Had a session with Camila in Boston this past saturday and it was a 10/10! When she opened the door she was in a white robe and I was extremely nervous (I have had a few sessions but always get the jitters when I first walk in).

She was so warm and assured me that "she is a good girl". We spoke a little and then she began the domination. Straight into a grapevine and boy oh boy was I in for a treat. She was so strong, sensual, dominant, and playful from start to finish.

She moved effortlessly from hold to hold and I can tell she enjoys putting men in her place as she whispers "you are my boy toy" while choking you out. She can easily KO but I am not into that. She definitely pushed be right to the limit and seeing her smile as she did it was amazing!

Will be repeating next time she is in Boston for sure! Take care- sub262!


Had session with Camila in DC a couple of days ago. All I can say is that she is amazing! She is drop dead gorgeous and a very sweet woman. She easily dominated me with a sensual session, face sitting, scissors, breast and hand smother all the while whispering to me that I am just her boy toy:) Also, after such a dominant victory I was forced to worship her beautiful feet. I highly recommend her.


Her legs are much stronger than the last time we met in Dallas, ended up catching her again in North Carolina, and man, i know she wanted to put me to sleep in her reverse headscissor but I started begging because her legs are way too strong!


While in Vegas on business, I decided to book a session with the beautiful Camila. Well, am I ever glad I did! When she first walked in the room, I immediately was attracted to her and couldn't wait to get started. She is absolutely gorgeous and very personable. It only got better when she changed into a very sexy lace one piece and we began wrestling. I have been doing sessions for a while now and let me tell you, this lady can wrestle. Her scissors take your breath away and her ground game is very strong with rear naked chokes, grapevines and she loves school girl pins. She has a sensational body and her smothers are pure delight. One of the best parts of the session was hearing her whisper trash talk in my ear while I winced in pain. In the end she thoroughly had me beat and sat on my chest as she did a victory pose. Pure Ecstasy! Trust me, do not miss an opportunity to meet and wrestle this Brazilian beauty you will be glad you did just like I am :)


Recently had a fun time during a one-hour pin/tickle session with Camila. She is very friendly and warm which I appreciate very much in a wrestler, but also very strong! Even though it was just an hour, I left exhausted and was sore for a couple days after. She also has a mean pair of leg scissors for those looking to be squeezed.


Camila is great for a fantasy wrestling session. She is strong, beautiful, and "gets it". She has a fantastic butt and knows how to use it. I couldn't resist her holds, nor did I want to ;) Highly recommended.


I was fortunate enough to session again with the astounding beauty that is Camila. I only check this site for travel updates in my town, once every few weeks, so I was incredibly happy to see that I caught her in time to set up a session when she was visiting. She's still as beautiful in person as she is in her profile pictures.

I'm not sure if Camila got stronger...or if yours truly got weaker because I found myself unable to escape any hold or move she got me in--more so this time than our first session. Her strength is unmatched--I question if she's not superhuman or even supernatural. Not only is she got at dissecting you, physically. She also has a thing for some low-key verbal humiliation. I tapped out so many times, she began teasing me for the amount of times I'd given up to her.

If I haven't said it before, Camila's legs are her strongest asset. Once she's got you stuck, it's a wrap. Your only choice is to tap out or pass out. To give you an example of how strong her legs are, I actually got a good back crack from one of her side bodyscissors. Camila is so incredibly fun and energetic to work with, I was shocked at how quickly time went by. Even in defeat, she leaves you wanting more--which is what sessioning should be all about anyway.

Overall, I can say endless things about Camila, but it'd never end. She's ridiculously easy on the eyes, so gentle-hearted, and incredibly patient and helpful when it comes to questions and inquiries about setting up sessions. She's the total package inside and out and she remains on my top priority list when it comes to sessions. If you get the chance, you MUST set up a session with her when she visits your town. She'll give you an experience I feel very others on this site can give you


I recently had my first session with Camilla, and not only was it my first session with her, it was my first overall session. All I can say is wow! She welcomed me into the room with her warm, gentle-hearted persona and innocent smile to ease my nervousness. She guided me on to the bed and immediately took me by surprise when she tackled me down.

Let me just say it now. Unless you were gifted with supernatural/superhuman strength at birth or have the muscles of Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger combined, it is impossible to escape any of her holds. This girl's got strength! I inquired about semi-comp prior to the session (she doesn't offer it) and she teased me plenty of times about it throughout the session, sarcastically asking why I'd think about doing semi-comp with her. Love it! She'll occasionally whisper into your ear in Portuguese, I believe, in the sexiest way possible--demanding you tell her she's the boss with her soft but thick Brazilian accent. If you're into ASMR, you'll very much enjoy her whispering in your ear, while you lie helpless in her clutch.

Our session was fantasy wrestling with a mix of tickle wrestling and body/foot worship. Her legs are like pythons and are her greatest weapon, so expect her to wrap herself around you with various head/bodyscissors. I'm convinced she can pop heads like grapes with her headscissors. You can also ensure yourself, you'll be victimized by her pins. Whether it's a grapevine, crossbody, or school girl.

Camilla is not ticklish, so if you choose tickle wrestling, your efforts to get a tickle submission over her will be met with failure. Overall, Camilla is absolutely amazing and has built a tremendous reputation for someone who's only been in this line of work for a year. She's incredibly gentle and innocent with her approach, a teaser, and an overall A+ butt kicker who will expose your weakness in a heartbeat.

I will most definitely be looking to work with her again whether she visits or whether I have to fly to her myself. She's AMAZING! Everyone needs to make Camilla a top priority to session with at least once. You're truly missing out if you haven't worked with this astounding beauty at least once!


Camila is fantastic. Strong, pretty and loves to dominate. Had a domination wrestling session with intense foot and muscle worship. Her legs are like steel. It's super hot when she's got you pinned in a grapevine, you can't move an inch and she's whispering in your ear in this sexy Brazilian accent that you're her "boy toy" and "muscle slave." WOW!


Recently had semi comp session in Vegas with Camila, and it was AWESOME. Classic "looks even better in person." She tailored things to my preferences and seemed to really genuinely enjoy dominating, forcing submissions, and watching me squirm ineffectively. Good technical grappling, though I don't think fully competitive sessions are her thing (by preference, not by inability). Smothers, pins, grapevines, lots of headscissors, and chokes. If you're into ko's, she's a dream. Sweet girl. Amazing session. Highly recommended.


First timer experience.
Just finished a session with the lovely Camila today, I’m pretty strong, so I thought, my upper strength was no match for her lower body, if I was between her legs, it was game over, her thighs swallowed my whole head,.GOD her smile is so contiguous because I kept smiling too, I lost how many times I was smothered, squeezed, times I tapped, and turned into a pretzel. She’s a gem. Can’t wait to session with her again! I’m a happy guy! Recommend!!


I had a session with Camila that was amazing. She is very strong, particularly in her legs, and she has good jiu-jitsu. She is trained by the great Yasmin, one of the legends of session wrestling. Clearly, she's been trained well.

Camilla's upper body strength is not going to match that of most men. She has extremely strong legs and is a blue belt in BJJ, and knows what she is doing.

The thing that is best about her is how much fun she's having. It was disarming to be pinned down and look up and see her smiling face. She's beautiful with a killer body and an A+ attitude. She's having fun and is attentive to making certain you do, as well.

It was one of the best sessions I've had, without question, and it won't be the last.


I honestly didn't believe the reviews for Camila were true. They were too good. To my delight, the session was everything I wanted and so much more. Camila is incredibly sweet, charismatic, and has a welcoming presence. She has a sexy mean streak that left me begging for more. She is in amazing shape with great stamina, and left me tired out. From start to finish it was a wonderful experience. Funny, smart, and beautiful the only regret I have is that I didn't have more time to spend with her.


Sampling her power in the Bay Area put me in my place. Maybe new but definitely beautiful, strong and willing to deliver pain with her amazing body(she might hold back with enough begging and a good enough massage). She is enjoyable to session with, always laughing, having fun and not a clockwatcher. Her pictures don't do her justice either. But beware because beneath that stunning veneer lies a tigress ready to pounce with the power and attitude to back it up. Whether it be scissors, chokeholds or facesitting, she will make you tap out and beg. While in session she gives you her full attention so there is no reprieve or escape unless she grants it to you.


Camila is a very strong, fit and sexy woman! Don't let her good looks fool you! She is very strong, has some MMA training and has legs of steel that can make you tap out quickly! Oh, did I mention that ass? Guys, treat her right. She is a true gem in the session world. I will definitely repeat the next time I am in Las Vegas.

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