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I have been wrestling for about three years now and absolutely LOVE it!! I have worked for lots of different wrestling/ cat fighting websites and have done everything from fantasy to semi competitive, as well as belly punching & scissorholds. My scissorholds are my biggest strength and I have been know to bring men to tears and ko's :-)

I love doing fantasy matches, role-playing, belly punching, and scissorhold sessions with men!!! I also offer semi-competitive sessions with guys too! If you want a beautiful, strong woman with super strong legs and amazing DD's to session with, I'm your girl :-)

When in Philadelphia, I generally session at a local dungeon (where I am a domme) and provide my own mats for the session in a very open and spacious room. In Pittsburgh, I am in the process of looking for space to use but hotels are fine as long as you provide references or allow me to be escorted to the session (my escort does not need to be present during the session).

I travel extensively so check out my travel page often to know if I'm coming to your city :-)

email me at to schedule

Services Offered


Contrary to what her profile says, she no longer does semi-competitive wrestling. She still does fantasy wrestling, however, and she is quite good at it. She is also very professional and will respond quickly to inquiries. If you are in her area and are looking for a fantasy wrestling session, by all means, check her out.


Wow. It's so rare to find someone who's interests and passions are so closely aligned. Carissa and I shared 3 hours that went by like mere minutes. She looks way better than her photos, and her legs are a complete surprise. Once trapped, she has more control in which muscles she flexes than anyone I've ever seen. Beyond the wrestling (her chokes are quite wicked when she wants them to be), we did an interrogation scene. This girl knows her bondage! It took her minutes, with me resisting, to have me quite inescapably tied. Imagine being completely unable to tap and having two steel bars pressed against your neck. She is completely amazing. A gorgeous perfectionist who's skill and passions will leave you breathless and your mind and body completely under her control.


I did my first ever session with Carissa today. From the minute I walked in she immediately made me feel comfortable and I knew I made the right choice. We started with some armwrestling and bicep flexing. .. she is incredibly strong for her size. We moved on to some wrestling and scissor holds. Her legs are incredible and she wasn't even squeezing nearly as hard as she could have! Carissa was great to talk to, fun to be with and made my first time unforgettable. I wouldn't hesitate to see her again!

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