Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Height: 5'10” - 178 cm
Weight: 170 lbs - 77.1 kg
Physique: Curvy

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Hi Guys I hope with all the amzing women here you decide to see me . I have been doing sessions for almost a year now and have learned so much. I will be starting BJJ classes in October. I love all types of sessions , I feel each has something different to enjoy. 

 OFFERING CUSTOM VIDEOS email for rates. 


Travel I love love love my job and the opportunity it gives me to travel all over. If you are interested in me coming to our city please email me and I will get there eventually. There is always the option to sponsor me. 

Any questions please email or text me. Cant wait to see you

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Date Begins Date Ends City State Country
08-19-2018 08-21-2018 Toronto Canada
08-22-2018 08-23-2018 Albany New York United States
08-23-2018 08-24-2018 Boston Massachusetts United States
08-24-2018 08-25-2018 Hartford Connecticut United States
08-25-2018 08-26-2018 Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania United States
09-06-2018 09-07-2018 Buffalo New York United States
09-10-2018 09-11-2018 Atlanta Georgia United States
09-11-2018 09-12-2018 Denver Colorado United States
09-12-2018 09-13-2018 Omaha Nebraska United States
09-13-2018 09-14-2018 Chicago Illinois United States
09-14-2018 09-15-2018 Detroit Michigan United States
09-26-2018 09-27-2018 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
09-27-2018 09-29-2018 Baltimore Maryland United States
09-29-2018 10-30-2018 Richmond Virginia United States
09-30-2018 10-01-2018 Hendersonville North Carolina United States
10-01-2018 10-02-2018 Washington DC District of Columbia United States
10-07-2018 10-08-2018 Des Moines Iowa United States
When traveling I host in my hotel room. Anything else please email questions. If wanting to see me from cities not listed please just ask!!! I plan on traveling and if there is interest I will make it there.

08/20/2018 - Sys2

Just had a session with Chloe in Toronto and had an amazing time. Chloe takes everything you want in a session into account and creates the most perfect session. She's a powerhouse wrestling, incredibly powerful and very stunning. She keeps the session upbeat and keeps you comfortable. Highly recommend sessioning with her when she's in town!


First off, those eyes, her gorgeous greenish brown eyes and beautiful girl next door smile will disarm you. She’s like the very hot sister of your best friend, who once put a beat down on your friend right in front of you, and you spend the rest of your life fantasizing how it could have been you getter by held down and squeezed by her.

Well you can! And you should!!! Chloe is an absolute dream girl, responds almost immediately to your session request, and she’ll sensually dominate you in more ways than you dreamed possible. I expected her to be strong, but nowhere near as strong as she is. She was using 50% or less of her power and still had me tapping. I’d hate to make her mad, because 100% would be a hospital trip, or worse.

She’s tanned, toned, but still curvaceous, which is a huge plus for me. We call ladies like Chloe “country strong” in the southern US. Strong enough to wrestle most men down and make them cry, but soft and feminine, not bulging with muscles.

You DEFINITELY need to see Chloe if you’re into wrestling your dream girl, and most likely she’s coming to a town near you. She is a sweet, smart, hard working lady!

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