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Height: 5'10 - 178 cm
Weight: 170 lbs - 77.1 kg
Physique: Slim
Age: 39

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Hi Guys I hope with all the amzing women here you decide to see me . I have been doing sessions for almost a year now and have learned so much. I will be starting BJJ classes in October. I love all types of sessions , I feel each has something different to enjoy. But since I get what is my favorite session all the time I will tell you my top 2. 

1. Boxing- I offer one sided boxing but have gotten slighlty into semi comp boxing but am not ready to say I offer it . Depends on the guy . I LOVE to punch and I am not afraid to take a punch so dont let my pretty face fool you. Just working on my defense some before I offer it. 

2. Role Play. I was always into acting from a young age, high school and local theater. So I have a lot of fun with your creative and fun ideas. 


OFFERING CUSTOM VIDEOS email for rates. 


Travel I love love love my job and the opportunity it gives me to travel all over. If you are interested in me coming to our city please email me and I will get there eventually. There is always the option to sponsor me. 

Any questions please email or text me. Cant wait to see you

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United States Greensboro North Carolina 06-10-2018 06-11-2018
United States Baltimore Maryland 06-11-2018 06-12-2018
When traveling I host in my hotel room. Anything else please email questions. If wanting to see me from cities not listed please just ask!!! I plan on traveling and if there is interest I will make it there.


I've had quite a few sessions in the past. While they were for the most part enjoyable, none of them ended up being quite exactly what I was wanting. I always wanted a session that felt as if we were in an actual pro-style squash match in which I'm playing the role of the hapless jobber while the girl is playing the role of the star being made to look dominant. After finding out about Chloe Cummings, I decided to take a chance on her, thinking she might provide a session to my specifications. And am I ever glad that I did! We took a few minutes before we started talking it over and I could tell that she was actively listening to what I wanted. As for the session itself: her wrestling skills are unbelievable! She performed the widest variety of moves I've ever had in a session. It was so fluid; there was not a single moment in which it felt dull or redundant. I also told her to insult me during it for purposes of effect. She did so with perfect timing throughout the session, which is all the more amazing considering when we were out of character, I could tell that she's a genuinely sweet person. Obviously, I strongly recommend her for anyone who wants a wrestling domination session. But of course, I have no doubt that she's great in boxing sessions and other types of sessions as well. In addition, I have every reason to believe that she would customize it however you want-within the bounds of good taste, of course. If you're thinking about any kind of session and you're in or near the Pittsburgh area (or a city that she's visiting at a given time), do yourself a favor and contact her for one NOW! You will get your money's worth. If end up even the least bit disappointed afterwards, I suggest checking your pulse!


I had my first session with anyone ever with Chloe, a fantasy boxing session, and she certainly set the bar high for any other future sessions. Chloe was extremely friendly, personable, easy on the eyes and very open to making the session a fantastic one. It also should be mentioned that communication with Chloe was fantastic as all replies were quick and answered every question I had and made me feel comfortable walking into the session. Highly recommend having a session with her if she's in your area as I plan to session with her again.

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